The Pulse introduces you to bold ideas & investigative journalism on current events, science, consciousness, solutions & more – inviting viewers to inquire how our current paradigms shape our society.

Our Story

After 15 years running a news and personal transformation brand, The Pulse was born from curious minds seeking to fill a void in modern media & journalism. Recognizing that political bias infects much of mainstream and independent media today, and that balance is missing in investigative inquiry, The Pulse looks to transparently bring a different discussion to the table that isn’t confined by lenses that divide or limit exploration.

Further, and true to mission, The Pulse is built on a new and evolutionary approach to media that can be seen as ‘trauma informed,’ although there’s no real word to define it quite yet. We not only seek to inform, but also radically solve challenges we face as humans, which means asking ‘why’ down to their core. This means personal transformation plays a role in our work and how we frame stories.


Over a decade of experience has led our team to put forth the idea that it isn’t through typical partisan media and our current political systems that we will create a better world, it’s through addressing the underlying paradigms and world views that create our society. This is why The Pulse brings it back to an “inquiry into how current paradigms shape our society.”

We operate under the core feeling that humanity is capable of living in a world where we can truly thrive. It’s not enough to simply wish for a better world, and it’s not enough to simply point at problems without examining what thinking is leading to them and what solutions can be built to move forward.

We feel that it isn’t through our existing political or market economic structures that we will create meaningful change. There is enough evidence to support this idea. We feel we must challenge ourselves out of dualistic and dominant thinking and into a wholistic understanding of the challenges we face.

We must examine what’s happening with journalistic integrity and rigor – beyond political bias and corporate interests, while simultaneously looking towards personal transformation.

Transparency is always important, and thus, The Pulse is an independent company, self funded by its founders. We stay up and running through support from our viewers, but make a strong commitment not to get stuck in simply providing what ‘our audience wants,’ but stick to what’s true and most serving to our mission.


To reach out to us for interviews, story ideas, corrections or other inquiries, please email us at contact@thepulse.one

Editorial Director/Writer: Joe Martino
Senior Writer: Arjun Walia
Creative Director: Ruby Peralta

Pradeep B. Deshpande, PhD
Madhava Setty, MD
David Helfrich
Richard Garner


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