Twitter Files: Don’t Get ‘Blackpilled’

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Are some of us stuck in an ever pessimistic rut about the state of the world that we can never see the possibility of change? How would we know if this was true or untrue about ourselves?

This question is important as we explore the Twitter Files because these revelations at hand are being made available by a billionaire with a ton of power and influence over society and culture. How are we to discern the actions of Elon Musk?

Disclaimer, it saddens me to some extent that I have to keep saying this but, no, I’m not telling you to trust Elon Musk, I’m simply saying let’s take a breath and think critically.

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First, here is a video clip from my latest podcast episode on the subject, then I want to share one more thing to think about.

Bottom line is, if we are stuck in narrative capture of some sort, we may not see things too clearly. How would we know if we are stuck in narrative capture?

Another quick development to consider here. Elon Musk recently called the World Economic Forum “an unelected world government.” Currently, the annual WEF Davos meeting is in full swing, and Musk tweeted the following in response to a video talking about ‘systems and public trust.’

It’s no doubt what the words say, but people will inevitably have theories about Musk’s intentions here. After all, it will be brought up that he was a WEF Young Global Leader graduate. Is this all theatre to make it seem like Musk is pushing distrust in the WEF so as to keep people interested in him? Sure, make the argument, but don’t get stuck seeing that as the only option.

There are still questions to explore here:

  1. Is it possible Musk doesn’t agree with this training as a Young Global Leader? Could he have changed his mind? Could he have gone rogue?
  2. Does being trained as a Young Global Leader automatically make you guilty of being part of the agenda?
  3. Musk wasn’t invited to this years World Economic Forum. Why? Part of the plan to deceive and distance? Or do their ideologies not align? How can we know?
  4. It’s common for some people to say “Elon bought Twitter to destroy it.” But the Twitter Files revealed Twitter had HUGE problems with censorship and corruption in the past. Twitter is also used more now than in the past. So how does this narrative fit thus far? Perhaps a year or two things could change, but certainly not at the moment. Now we’re just getting into speculating for the sake of it, not actually considered evidence.

The point is, we don’t gain much by forcing everything we see into our limited narrative without wondering whether we need to update what we think and feel. It also doesn’t help to avoid some of the facts we come across because we’re not sure what to do with them. Perhaps the simply picture of what’s true is more complex than we think.

For me personally, I tend to see shadow governments, deep states, and powerful interests more like the mafia. Multiple families playing a game and competing against one another. They agree to rules, but they do try to take one another out. They do fight for power at various moments. Could this be part of the story?

The challenge with the all out approach of just suggesting “it’s all a distraction, a game, an agenda, or theatre” is that it puts you in a position where deep down you feel people, especially of power, can never change. Well, if they have ultimate power and they or nothing can ever change, what’s the point then?

Do we not believe it is possible to create a better world? Are we really to suggest that having an open mind to positive change is really just being caught up in “hope-ium?”

To me, the general point is, you can have an optimistic outlook, be real about the state of our world, and think critically all at the same time. In fact, that may be what’s necessary to actually bring about meaningful change as I outline here.

Also be sure to listen to the entire podcast episode called “Ep. 33 | Twitter Files & Narrative Capture, Critical Thinking” here.

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