For The First Time In History, Vaccine Experts, Doctors & Scientists Were Labelled As “Anti-Vaxxers”

Dr. Martin Kulldorff, Dr. Sunetra Gupta and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya

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The COVID pandemic marked the first time in history when renowned vaccine experts, developers, scientists and doctors were labelled as “anti-vaxxers” en masse.

Anti-vaxxer is a derogatory term that is used to ridicule anybody who questions vaccine safety and efficacy. Those who label other people as anti-vaxxers often do not understand the concerns people have with vaccinations, nor look at their cited research. In the end, they neither respond to nor acknowledge their concerns appropriately.

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Mainstream media articles are rampant with the term, along with “conspiracy theory” and “nut jobs.” Given the prevalence of ridicule in mainstream culture, it’s no wonder why so many ‘intelligent’ and ‘politically correct’ people are completely unaware of legitimate science and concerns that have been raised by these experts about COVID vaccinations.

There are countless examples of experts that have been labelled with these terms. I recently published an article about Dr. Kerryn Phelps, an advisory board member and conjoint professor at the NICM Health Research Institute, and former head of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) regarding her concerns. I would estimate, based on my research, that tens of thousands of experts in the field have raised various concerns with COVID inoculations, and as a result, many have also lost their employment, careers, and their raison d’être.

Dr. Martin Kulldorff, for example, is an epidemiologist and biostatistician. He is a Professor of Medicine at Harvard University (on leave) and a renowned vaccine expert. He, along with Sunetra Gupta, an infectious disease epidemiologist at the at the University of Oxford and Dr Jay Bhattacharya (MD, PhD), a professor of medicine at Stanford University (the creators of The Great Barrington Declaration) were given this label.

Dr. Joseph Fraiman, an emergency medicine physician in New Orleans, Dr, Peter Doshi, a senior editor at the British Medical Journal and associate professor of pharmaceutical health services research at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy where he teaches students how to properly and carefully evaluate medical literature, and Dr Robert M. Kaplan, a renowned professor of medicine at Stanford university who served as Chief Science Officer at the US Agency for Health Care Research and Quality (AHRQ) and Associate Director of the National Institutes of Health, have also all been subjected to the same label.

The three mentioned above, along with four of their colleagues were labelled as such when they published a paper in the journal vaccine outlining the results & implications on serious adverse events of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.  Their analysis showed that mRNA vaccines were associated with 1 additional serious adverse event for every 800 people vaccinated. 

I could probably list a minimum of 1000 examples. Here in Canada, Eric T. Payne, MD, PMH, Pediatric Neurocritical Care & Epilepsy, Alberta Children’s Hospital Assistant Professor of Pediatrics & Neurology, the University of Calgary, Dr. Byram Bridle, a viral immunologist, vaccine developer and expert, Associate Professor at the University of Guelph, and Dr. Steven Pelech, a professor of Immunology and Neurology at the University of British Columbia  are a few examples that come to mind.

Tracy Beth Høeg, M.D., Ph.D., consultant epidemiologist with the Florida Department of Health, PM&R physician in Northern California and Marty Makary, M.D., M.P.H., a Johns Hopkins professor and public policy researcher also suffered the same fate, especially after they published a piece showing that some CDC, FDA & NIH scientists were embarrassed by lack of science guiding covid vaccine policy.

Do you truly believe that all of these academics, who were well respected prior to the pandemic, all of a sudden became conspiracy theorist, anti vaccine, nut jobs?

“They should immediately be warning people about this safety signal that we found, and they should immediately be replicating our analysis — the data are indicating there’s increased risk at a level that is much higher than has previously been realized…

It was very unfortunate, that from the beginning, what was presented to us by public health officials was a picture of great certainty…but the reality was that there were extremely important unknowns.”

Dr. Peter Doshi

A Way Forward

Have we lost our humanity? As we’ve moved through the pandemic, friendships have been lost, families divided, and our ability to have effective and peaceful conversations with those we disagree with has disappeared. People seem more concerned with being ‘right’ and finding information that confirms their political affiliation or bias instead of being passionate about finding truth.

I myself have experienced this. I’ve looked for information to confirm what I believe without necessarily rigorously exploring both sides. It can be difficult habit to break, but one we must. But I am aware of my habit, and I seek out information that contradicts what I believe and it helps me gain a more balanced and accurate understanding of truth, if there is such a thing.

Sure, if someone is going around claiming that vaccines kill everybody, and that they are extremely dangerous (without context), and part of an intentional global agenda to make people sick and depopulate the planet, these labels may be appropriate. Evidence to go along with these claims would be important.

Unfortunately, governments and mainstream media tend to focus on these more extreme statements and feelings, instead of, again, addressing and bringing light to the very real and very legitimate concerns that have been brought up regarding COVID inoculations. Statements like the extreme ones above provide more fuel to justify censorship of real concerns, along with the passing of bills that intend to muzzle experts in the field, like what California is attempting to do.

If you are out there and are concerned about COVID vaccination, be sure to use good information and data to support your point, there’s more than enough out there. Truly look at what the above scientists have brought forth in terms of COVID vaccine concerns. Can it really all be thrown away as nonsense?

If you want to know why I personally didn’t get vaccinated, and take a look at the legitimate data I used to make that decision, I go more in depth here.

Before we give any value to the term “anti-vaxxer,” perhaps seek out and find out why so many of these people are raising cause for concern. How would the perception of the masses be shifted if these concerns were brought to light via mainstream media? How can those who rely on government, politicians and mainstream media for information ever become aware of these concerns? There is more than enough peer-reviewed scientific literature to go around, but when it’s not given the light of day, or “not on the news,” it’s virtually unknown.

Meanwhile, papers that claim those who chose not to get vaccinated are more prone to car accidents make headlines everywhere. What’s wrong with this picture? Do you see how mainstream culture is shaping public perception in an inaccurate way?

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