John Mack “The Dalai Lama on Why Aliens Come To Earth”

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John Edward Mack was an American psychiatrist, writer, professor and the head of the department of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He had a long and particular interest in the UFO phenomenon, as well as people who claimed to have had experiences with non human beings.

Like myself, he has spent years studying the phenomenon, and has examined some very intriguing contact cases. One in particular is the Ariel school incident in Zimbabwe which took place in 1994. Mack was heavily involved in this case.

More than 60 children had an encounter with an object as well as what appeared to be non human beings. All of them told the exact same story, drew incredibly similar pictures, and received the same messages regarding the potential future of our planet.

Throughout his career, Mack sought the opinion of various scientists, astronomers, as well as spiritual and religious leaders about the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrials. Below are his words regarding the perspective of the Dalai Lama, taken from his interview in the documentary, The Dalai Lama Renaissance.” 

“…If one were to put oneself in the position of an alien or some visitor from outer space and look at the earth they would see that what we were about was destroying the greenery and the life of the planet and making it into a desert, that seems to be what we’re good at, or what we’re doing…It may be, and I have some evidence for this from the communications the aliens have brought to the people that I work with, that those beings are very aware of this desertification of the planet, and they tell us, they show the people who’ve had these experiences these incredibly beautiful images of the planet…and then they show that juxtapose with scenes of utter destruction, forests destroyed by acid rain, and rivers polluted where the fish won’t live. And so the beings convey through those images to the experiencers that we are in fact destroying life on the planet. They don’t pull any punches about that they’re very direct…

His (The Dalai Lama) explanation of why these beings were coming here now was they were disturbed by what was happening in the earth that in some sense we were destroying their, their home, in whatever dimension that might be whether it’s physical on the earth or in another dimension. So they were coming here as part of a process to wake us up to what we were doing, and that, that view for me has been confirmed over and over again by people that I’ve interviewed.

…In fact when we were here he classified intelligent life in the cosmos in three categories: beings like us that have form that are embodied. Second were beings that have form where they’re not embodied, and third is beings that have no form.”

John Mack. Clip #1 & Clip #2

I’ve come across one other instance of the Dalai Lama sharing his thoughts on the phenomenon. He once stated that, if eventually, some visitors come that don’t originate on earth that we should not look upon them as different. That everything is interconnected, we are all one, and we can see everything and everyone else as another facet of ourselves.

Obviously there are many that would disagree with the views shared above. Humans have a variety of different belief systems, some that would categorize any other non human entity as demonic, for example. If I had the capability of visiting another world and I discovered that many would react and perceive me unfavourably, I probably wouldn’t make my existence known to the masses.

In this sense, humanity doesn’t seem to be ready. This is a common theme throughout history. New discoveries regarding the nature of our reality are always met with fierce criticism and psychological barriers especially if they conflict with what we currently believe, only to be accepted decades down the road.

Breaking Down Mack’s Words, From A UFO Researchers Perspective

The view that beings from other worlds or dimensions, even in the ‘same location as earth’ or even inside of the earth, is not novel for a UFO researcher like myself to come across. That said I know it might sound crazy for someone who is not familiar with the topic.

Furthermore, Mack expresses one of several central facts about the tens and thousands of people who have shared their supposed contact stories, and that’s the fact that some of these beings are and have been expressing concerns about the well-being of our planet. Either these people over the past several decades share the same psychological issues that involve the same hallucinations, they are all copying each others stories, or some of their stories are very real.

There is no other way to explain the corroboration that is seen from examining thousands of these stories from people who don’t know each other, yet share strikingly similar encounters.

While some images of our future from these encounters are beautiful, some are not. Experiencers claim that beings conveyed pictures and depictions of a beautiful, lush, green planet earth where all life is thriving, followed by horrid and frightening images of destruction and death. These are quite common and are reported in each decade of research.

For example, in 1988, a gentleman by the name Amaury Rivera woke up in his car on an unfamiliar deserted gravel road in Puerto Rico, unsure of why he was there. Shortly after waking up, he witnessed a fascinating moment between a UFO and military planes, and managed to snap a photo (as seen below). This came instantly after his contact experience, where he and several others were ‘taken’ and shown amazing scenarios that could play out on planet earth, as well as unthinkable devastating ones. You can read more about that story in great detail, here.

Further corroborating these stories of care and concern for the well being of our planet by these ‘otherworldly beings’ are verified military whistleblower testimonies.

For example, Colonel Ross Dedrickson, who had a long stint with the US Atomic Energy Commission, stated that the main concern of the extraterrestrials was the preservation of our planet. They also stated that that what we are doing here on our planet, like nuclear weapons testing for example, adversely affects them in some way.

The list of examples is quite long, but my goal here is to get across that concern for planet earth is a central and common theme within the lore of ufology. I’ve come across thousands of examples in my 15 plus years of research in the field. The common theme is our relationship with the plant and how we are treating it, rather than a ‘saviour’ type portrayal, it’s more so one of humans needing to grow up, accept the responsibility and change if we want to thrive in the future.

That being said, this does not mean that seemingly malevolent stories are also not present. We do see this within UFO lore. One would have to spend several years diving deep in to this topic with proper research to really understand how vast, expansive and confusing it is.

One of my main concerns with the topic going mainstream is the idea of ‘government’ disclosure. Relying on any branch of the government to relay the depth of this phenomenon with any accuracy and provide a holistic view of the phenomenon and what is known is not something I see happening. Governments, unfortunately, have a long track record of deception and misinformation for the purpose of serving their own interests.

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