Autopsy Results From People Who Died Unexpectedly Within Days of COVID-19 Vaccination

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A recent paper published in Clinical Cardiology on November 27, 2022 titled “Autopsy-based histopathological characterization of myocarditis after anti-SARS-CoV-2-vaccination” describes the autopsy findings and common characteristics of myocarditis in untreated persons who received the COVID-19 vaccination.

The researchers explain,

“Standardized autopsies were performed on 25 persons who had died unexpectedly and within 20 days after anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination. In four patients who received a mRNA vaccination, we identified acute (epi-)myocarditis without detection of another significant disease or health constellation that may have caused an unexpected death. Histology showed patchy interstitial myocardial T-lymphocytic infiltration, predominantly of the CD4 positive subset, associated with mild myocyte damage. Overall, autopsy findings indicated death due to acute arrhythmogenic cardiac failure. Thus, myocarditis can be a potentially lethal complication following mRNA-based anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination.”

In this particular paper, they describe the cardiac autopsy findings in five persons who died unexpectedly within seven days following COVID-19 vaccination. They point out the high likelihood that these deaths were a result of the vaccine, and explain why.

“Our findings establish the histological phenotype of lethal vaccination-associated myocarditis.”

The data on the autopsies were obtained from the COVID autopsy and biomaterial registry Baden-Württemberg. It’s a federal state registry that contains autopsy, clinical and pathological data as well as tissue samples from patients who have died from what appears to be COVID-19 infection (which has also been shown to induce myocardial deaths and complications in some), as well as persons who have died briefly after COVID-19 vaccination.

Many of the autopsies revealed other causes of death. There were 35 examined originally, and 10 were excluded where the cause of death was determined to be due to pre-existing illnesses.

As far as the remaining 25 bodies, the researchers explain their results,

“Cardiac autopsy findings consistent with (epi-)myocarditis were found in five cases of the remaining 25 bodies found unexpectedly dead at home within 20 days following SARS-CoV-2 vaccination… Three of the deceased persons were women, two men. Median age at death was 58 years (range 46–75 years). Four persons died after the first vaccine jab, the remaining case after the second dose. All persons died within the first week following vaccination (mean 2.5 days, median 2 days). Clinical findings, blood tests, ECGs or imaging data were not available as deceased persons did not seek medical attention prior to death. Person 1 was found dead 12 h after the vaccination. A witness described a rattling breath shortly before discovering circulatory failure. Person 2 complained about nausea and was found dead soon thereafter. Resuscitation was started immediately but without success, respectively. The other persons were found dead at home without available information about terminal symptoms. According to the available information provided at the time of autopsies, none of the deceased persons had SARS-CoV-2 infection prior to vaccination and nasopharyngeal swabs were negative in all cases.”

What’s interesting about these specific cases, as the paper points out, is that all cases lacked significant coronary heart disease, acute or chronic manifestations of ischaemic heart disease, manifestations of cardiomyopathy or other signs of a pre-existing, clinically relevant heart disease. Therefore there were no pre-existing cardiac conditions that these people were already suffering from. They had healthy hearts.

The paper also cites several other studies pointing to the fact that many cases of myocarditis following COVID-19 vaccination have been published, but that the majority of them reported showed a mild version of the issue, with resolution of symptoms without treatment. That does not imply that these cases are not serious and that these people will not suffer adverse health outcomes later on in life.

A number of top cardiologists — such as Dr. Aseem Malhotra, Dr. John Mandrola, Dr. Amy Kontorovich, and Dr. Venk Murthy — have publicly spoken out against minimization of vaccine-induced myocarditis. They feel the message being portrayed by Big Media and government is suggesting myocarditis is not a big deal, and not something to be considered so serious.

According to Dr. Kontorovich, professor of Medicine and Cardiology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai,

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“[M]any of those affected are young people who were previously healthy and are now on three or more heart medications and potentially out of work due to symptoms, even if their heart function is ‘back to normal.’”

University of Michigan cardiologist Dr.Venk Murthy has also noted,

“People with myocarditis are usually counseled to limit activity, placed on 1 or more meds and are at lifetime increased risk of cardiac complications. This can have profound consequences.” “[They] are typically told to limit activity for several months, sometimes longer. This means no sports. Some kids are told not to carry books to school.”

According to cardiologist Aseem Malhotra,

“Although vaccine-induced myocarditis is not often fatal in young adults, MRI scans reveal that, of the ones admitted to hospital, approximately 80% have some degree of myocardial damage. It is like suffering a small heart attack and sustaining some – likely permanent – heart muscle injury. It is uncertain how this will play out in the longer-term, including if, and to what degree, it will increase the risk of poor quality of life or potentially more serious heart rhythm disturbances in the future.”

The researchers point out that in rare instances individuals required intensive care support or even died from acute heart failure following COVID-19 vaccination.

No real definitive conclusions can be drawn from this study due to the fact that the cohort size was very small. If more autopsies were available, it would have been better. Even examining the autopsies of let’s say, 1000 deaths within a few months of vaccination would have been quite intriguing to see. Unfortunately, the time to perform such studies has passed. The researchers, because of the small size of the study, cannot make any conclusions regarding the incidence rates of death by myocarditis via COVID-19 vaccination or an estimation of risk compared to COVID-19 infection. It’s just not possible.

The risk of death and complications by myocarditis from a COVID-19 infection, although rare, may be greater than the risk of death and complications via myocarditis from a COVID-19 vaccination, which may also be classified as a rare event. We already know that COVID-19 infection and other related viruses pose a risk of myocarditis. There is plenty of data showing this. I however, believe that the vaccine poses a much greater risk for people under the age of 50. I will explain how I came to this conclusion later on in the article.

It’s a topic heavily debated within the scientific community and medical experts across the globe. One thing that can be said with certainty however, is that both COVID-19 infection and vaccination have caused cases of mild and severe myocarditis, with some infections and vaccinations leading to death.

The last autopsy report of this kind that I came across was done by three pathologists who published a piece in the journal, Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine regarding their examination of autopsies conducted of two teenage boys who died days after receiving Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. According to the three pathologists, two of whom are medical examiners, “The myocardial injury seen in these post-vaccine hearts is different from typical myocarditis.” They concluded the vaccine was responsible.

There are also concerning reports from the Vaccine Adverse Events Report System (VAERS) that are never really included in official ‘data’ which include autopsy reports as well. For example, a 15-year-old boy who died six days after receiving his first dose (Pfizer). The VAERS report (I.D. 1764974) states that the previously healthy teen ‘was in his usual state of good health. Five days after the vaccine, he complained of shoulder pain. He was playing with two friends at a community pond, swinging from a rope swing, flipping in the air, and landing in the water feet first. He surfaced, laughed, told his friends “Wow, that hurt!”, then swam towards the shore, underwater as was his usual routine. The friends became worried when he did not reemerge. This occurred within a couple of weeks of vaccination.

His body was retrieved by local authorities more than an hour later. The autopsy revealed ‘small foci of myocardial inflammation.’

There are other reports like this in the VAERS database.

24-year-old New York college student George Watts Jr. died on October 27, 2021, due to complications related to the Pfizer Covid-19 shots he took in August and September. It was revealed that the Bradford County Coroner’s Office listed the COVID vaccine as the cause of death.

These are a few of many examples.

Then there were other signals throughout the pandemic. For example, in April 2022 a study published in the Journal Nature under Scientific Reports titled “Increased emergency cardiovascular events among under-40 population in Israel during vaccine rollout and third COVID-19 wave” was one of many to raise safety concerns about COVID-19 vaccines.

Dr. Madhava Setty points out that independent investigator John Beaudoin, Sr. analyzed nearly seven years of Massachusetts death certificates he obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Beaudoin’s findings demonstrate that the COVID-19 death toll in Massachusetts was largely confined to a short window of time in 2020, and that COVID-19 deaths in 2020 resulted from pulmonary causes — in contrast to COVID-19 deaths in 2021, which were more closely linked to illnesses of the heart and blood.

There is no reasonable way to explain how SARS-CoV-2 dramatically changed the way it attacks and kills human beings and why it did so at precisely the time the experimental mRNA inoculations were deployed. You can read more about that story here.

This is why, for me at least, I chose to go beyond the data and factor in other concerning findings and research to determine for myself what is really going on from my perspective and what the best decision for me really is.

The concerning thing is, during the pandemic at least, many people were coerced with travel and employment restrictions to take the jab. Given all of the uncertainty with regards to the shot, which was promoted as completely safe and effective for everyone, this was very immoral and unethical.

Below are some of the reasons to me, in my opinion, COVID-19 vaccines are far more dangerous than the infection itself, especially for someone who is under the age of 50. But let me be clear, to make the statement that COVID-19 vaccines are “far more dangerous” than the vaccine itself is simply an opinion, one that I cannot definitavely prove. That being said, it’s ok, it’s my opinion and my right to have that opinion, share it freely and explain how I arrived at that conclusion should remain.

Why I Took My Chances With COVID-19 Infection & Not The Vaccine

One of the main reasons for me is the fact, as I’ve mentioned many times before, that vaccine injury reporting systems from across the world have logged millions of serious adverse reactions (hospitalizations, disabilities and death). These are recorded in the World Health Organization (WHO) VigiAccess system, and the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, among others (VAERS). There are also dozens of social media pages documenting the experiences of those who perceive themselves to be vaccine injured. Despite the fact that social media pages like this cannot be included in any type of ‘official data’, it’s quite concerning to me nonetheless. Furthermore, approximately 50 percent of vaccine injuries reported to VAERS in the last 30 years are all from COVID vaccines. Systems like the ones mentioned above have never seen such an influx of reports in human history. To me, this is extremely significant, and there are good reasons why these reports shouldn’t be ignored.

Sure, one is not able to determine whether the vaccine was actually the real cause of all these events, we simply don’t know. Self-reporting systems of adverse events are known to have self-reporting bias and both under and over-reporting problems. They are still quite eye opening however and do present concerning safety signals that seem to be ignored within the mainstream. Many papers I’ve read throughout the years have also claimed that a very small percent of actual injuries are reported and accepted in to these systems, so that’s another red flag for me. How this happens, I am not sure, but I recently came across an interview with Dr. Eric T. Payne, a Paediatric Neurologist, Alberta Children’s Hospital & University of Calgary. He explained that potential vaccine injuries aren’t even being reported to injury reporting systems, and that the basic idea and possibility of even reporting a complication due to a COVID-19 vaccine is being completely scrapped at hospitals in Canada.

I couple the information above with some published data as well. For example, an international group of eminent academics and physicians went back and analyzed safety data from the original clinical trials that were the backbone of the FDA’s decision to authorize the mRNA vaccines in December 2020.  It was published in the peer-reviewed journalVaccine in September 2022. The analysis showed that mRNA vaccines were associated with 1 additional serious adverse event for every 800 people vaccinated. 

Then, you have all of the eminent experts and academics in this area that have raised cause for concern. There seem to be hundreds like Dr. Peter Doshi, Senior Editor at the British Medical Journal and one of of the authors of the paper mentioned above.

All of these concerns, from my perspective, seem to emphasize a greater risk from COVID-19 vaccines than any risks associated with COVID-19 infection. Perhaps that’s because the risks associated with COVID-19 infection have been a bit overblown given people’s chances of hospitalization and death from infection. Lockdowns, mandates and mass hysteria also pushed the fear alarm bells a little more. The risks associated with COVID-19 infection are and were given to the masses every single day, while any discussion around the data that suggested any type of risk via the COVID-19 vaccines was simply not had.

I much more prefer the protection natural immunity can provide, which has an excellent track record for various viruses, including COVID. This was another reason.

My second main concern was the lack of bio-distribution data during the emergency approval of COVID shots. Bio-distribution refers to the examination and study of where the vaccine and its ingredients go once injected into the body. A May 2021 article published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) by Dr. Peter Doshi shows this was a concern.

Doshi explained,

“Pfizer and Moderna did not respond to The BMJ’s questions regarding why no biodistribution studies were conducted on their novel mRNA products, and none of the companies, nor the FDA, would say whether new biodistribution studies will be required prior to licensure.”

 Data has also shown that the contents of the vaccine, in animal studies, did not stay at the injection site, and that one major site of distribution was the liver, among various other organs. As a result, the animals that received the Pfizer injection experienced adverse effects. The vaccine contents are distributed by what are called Lipid Nanoparticles (LNP), and it has been shown that empty LNP without mRNA does not result in any significant liver injury.

So to add to my concerns above, we now have mechanisms of action that are concerning, and we don’t know what this means. For me to take this product, I would have to be certain of what this means and what the implications of this are, if any.

Spike Protein from COVID Vaccines vs Spike Protein From Natural Infection

Furthermore, differences between the ‘fake’ spike protein via the vaccine and the spike protein from natural infection also had me pondering.

The mRNA molecules via the vaccine have been deliberately manipulated and modified to become more stable once inside the cell. A “pseudouridine” molecule has been added to the mRNA to give it a longer half-life than normal mRNA. Therefore, the production of spike protein within the cell is not being turned off, and we don’t know for how long. The implications of this are not well understood, and it’s something that should be well understood, in my opinion, before mass administration.

It’s also important to mention that the spike protein that is being manufactured inside the cells can be excreted from the cells and can find its way into the blood stream. A study showed that spike protein could be detected in the blood of 11 of the 13 participants following vaccination with the Moderna mRNA vaccine. The potential danger of vaccination is yet to be fully understood or quantified, and the long term significance of the accumulation of mRNA-lipid nanoparticles in various organs, remains unknown. 

Dr. Bonnie Mallard, Professor, BSc, MSc, PhD from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, explains further,

“These are genetic vaccines, and so you get the recipe for the spike, you don’t get the spike protein, and so you’re given the recipe. And each individual, man woman or child, has their own metabolism, their own genetics and they will produce different amounts of spike. So, clearly, when you take a drug that you did not know what dose you were taking, and that every person was getting some different dose, I don’t think so.

And nobody knows that, and that’s the problem. So one, you don’t know the dose and it’s in lipid nano particles which we know deliver the message for spike throughout the body. And so normally for vaccines you want them to stay in the muscles and draining lymph-nodes. You don’t want the foreign protein to go everywhere and be widely distributed, particularly when the spike protein is not the same as the spike protein on the virus, it’s being modified, it’s synthetic and it has different characteristics and one of the characteristics it now seems that we’re coming to understand is that it stays in the circulation and in certain cells such as exosomes, little bubbles which allow communication between cells and non classical monocytes.

So the spike protein is staying around for extended periods of time, so we’ve got a foreign protein hanging around. And this could be one of the reasons that we now see if you look, even Ontario data, it’s the triple vaxxed that have the highest number of cases, if you look right now they actually have about double the cases (compared to the unvaccinated). And so now you need to ask yourself, if that was a child, and now they’re at a high risk of infection, why would we do that. But it also should be alarming for everyone to look at those statistics and they need to ask themselves the question, why is it, the more of these vaccines that a person gets, the more chance, the more likely it is they’re going to get COVID-19.

And this could be because of the effects on the immune system…These vaccines cause suppression of the innate immune system. And we talked about why the innate immune system is important, and one of the reasons are these type 1 interference which are critical for controlling viral infections, and it seems that these are adversely effected by these genetic vaccines.”

Stop The Shots Expert Video – Why is naturally acquired immunity the gold standard?

Again, these are a simply a few of multiple concerns that had and have me quite hesitant. I could share more but I think you get the point.

Last but not least, the vaccines are simply ineffective at stopping transmission the transmission the virus. To me, it appeared that efficacy of the vaccines was near zero when it came to this, although there can be an argument made for efficacy in preventing severe symptoms and death in the elderly more vulnerable population for a few months. I came to this conclusion by looking in to studies examining viral load differences between the vaccinated and unvaccinated early on in the pandemic, as well as the fact that some of the most highly vaccinated populations around the globe were experiencing the greatest outbreaks. You can read more about that as I’ve gone quite in-depth previously in articles both here, and here.

Concluding Remarks

It’s hard to believe that by explaining what I have explained above, someone would not understand and empathize with my perspective. I’ve come across a lot of vaccinated people that do, and a lot of vaccinated people that don’t. I think one of the main issues is a lack of access to proper, transparent and informed education. These days people are more concerned with what is politically correct rather than what is actually true.

Furthermore, I think legacy media and governments played a large role in not really providing a balanced, honest and transparent perspective regarding all things COVID-19. Instead, what we saw was the extreme ridicule, stigmatization and censorship of those who questioned what we were told. When this happens, it’s all those who rely on legacy media for information see and, as a result, they repeat and embody that message and take it out in to the real world. It was sad to see that families were broken up and friendships were lost over something like this. This is why I believe independent media is more important today than ever before.

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