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Big Tech is horrendous at trying to tackle the misinformation problem. And one issue is that average people don’t understand what’s actually happening behind the scenes.

Some might picture it in their minds as: YouTube is removing content that is false and dangerous. While others might think, YouTube deletes the truth they are trying to hide from the world. Both have some truth to it, but the reality is much different.

For those that know our story with YouTube, you know we have been plagued by getting caught up in AI driven mistakes on YouTube. Since we first launched, YouTube began deleting the odd video claiming they went against community standards related to “medical misinformation” – of course, the videos not only didn’t apply to their policies, but some were not about COVID nor medicine at all.

You see, at YouTube, they use AI and machines to censor most of the content they do. I imagine if you are whitelisted channel, like most mainstream media channels likely are, you never have to worry about machines wrongfully deciding your fate. But if you are an indie publication like us, look out, you’re about to get caught up in an endless sea of “YouTube mistakes” that constantly have you scratching your head.

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Thus far we have had about 9 videos removed from YouTube in the last year. Each of them did not go against YouTube’s standards at all. For those that know, this should mean we never have our channel back ever again. But we still have it because YouTube eventually admits they have made a mistake and gives us our channel back with an apology.

YouTube’s first apology.

You can watch this video for the whole story on that. But even after wrongfully deleting 4 pieces of content and our channel, YouTube kept going. Out of 11 total videos they have deleted they only reversed their decision twice on appeal.

As of last night, YouTube has once again blown it.

A video I uploaded to drafts last night was removed because it went against their “medical misinformation policy.” The video simply looks at a new paper that came out about vaccines, and called for a good faith and balanced effort from viewers to understand the many sides of the COVID argument. It calls out the damage being done by the ‘extreme anti-vax’ side of the equation and the ‘extreme covidian’ side of the equation.

Somehow, this got caught up in their AI and was removed, resulting in a 2 week ban and once again putting our account 1 strike away from deletion for the THIRD TIME. I’ve appealed the decision from YouTube’s broken AI systems, and thus far have heard nothing back.

Update: YouTube did not reverse their decision and is claiming the content goes against their medical misinformation policy. Note: YouTube does not explain their decision nor provide specifics, they simply make claims.

Without removing this decision, our company not only loses out on revenue and cannot reach our audience for 2 weeks, but we will also be walking on eggshells for the next 3 months waiting for these strikes to go away or else we could lose our channel – again.

The funny thing about walking on eggshells is that it doesn’t even seem to matter what you say or what your content is about. YouTube can ban you for anything as they do not even follow their own policies nor correctly review the content. Why have policies if you don’t stick to them or enact them in good faith?

This is important to note because people will say “well we live in a censorship era so YouTube will remove your videos that contain truth” But this is not what’s happening here. Machines are making bad judgements on videos and YouTube is not correcting the issue. Many channels exist on YouTube who never get strikes who are saying the exact same things. It’s a conundrum.

And oh yes, I’ve heard to calls to “move to Rumble.” That’s all fine, we have a channel there. But the people we are trying to reach are not on Rumble and give the platform little to no credibility. Not to mention the fact that being on Rumble is not really a viable platform for your business. Remember when Russel Brand claimed h was moving to Rumble? Did he? No, he just created a backup channel there and stayed on YouTube.

Any content creator knows moving to Rumble and giving up on YouTube is suicide for your voice and business. Audiences don’t know this, but creators do. This is why Russel Brand remains fully committed to YouTube.

For us, our goal is not to preach to the choir, it’s to engage and open the minds of people who are curious about questioning mainstream narratives. That’s our bread and butter, that’s who we engage the best. Those people are not on Rumble, they are on YouTube.

Not the mention the quality of dialogue on YouTube in the comment section vs Rumble is a night and day difference.

I invite you to watch the video below which has been posted ion our membership platform called the Explorer Lounge. This one is free for all to watch.

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