Another Renowned Academic Has Facebook Account Suspended For Spreading Covid “Misinformation”

In Brief

  • The Facts:
    • Renowned British cardiologist, academic and evidence-based medicine expert Dr. Aseem Malhotra has had his account suspended by Facebook following multiple social media posts about Covid vaccines.

    • He is one of many who have been subjected to this type of treatment by Big Tech companies.

  • Reflect On:
    • What gives big government, big tech and big pharmaceutical companies the right to censor and ridicule information that opposes their interests?

    • Why do we give so much power to these institutions to the point where they can stifle free speech?

    • What are we to do about what is considered misinformation today but is no longer misinformation months later?

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Renowned British cardiologist, academic and evidence-based medicine expert Dr. Aseem Malhotra has been suspended by tech giant Facebook for three days following multiple social media posts about Covid vaccines.

He has also been criticized and “fact checked” by third party social media fact checkers for publishing a two-part article in the Journal of Insulin Resistance—of which Malhotra is an editor— calling for a global pause of mRNA vaccines. Part 1 of the article claimed to provide evidence that the likelihood of serious adverse events in the non-elderly population might be higher than the benefits of vaccination. The article defined the risks as “deeply concerning, especially in relation to cardiovascular safety”.

It’s one of many papers to raise these concerns, and it’s why multiple countries like Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and more refuse recommend COVID-19 vaccines for some age groups.

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When it comes to Malhotra’s recent suspension, it was for sharing a post by Florida’s Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo, who released new guidance for Covid vaccines last week. The guidance included a recommendation against men aged 18-39 years taking the Covid vaccine due to apparent cardiac-related issues associated with the jab.

The Department of Health release claimed an 84% increase had been found in the relative incidence of cardiac-related death among males in this age group within 28 days following mRNA vaccination. That followed what the agency described as analysis through a self-controlled case-series.

His post could have indeed been very misleading and untrue with regards to the “84” percent number. It’s not quite clear how he arrived at that conclusion based on the analysis that was provided.

Right or Wrong. Nobody Has The Right To Completely Halt Discussion.

Ladapo’s analysis came under intense public scrutiny and resulted in Twitter temporarily blocking his post with various members of the medical community challenging his findings. His “84 percent” claim was replaced with the following tweet,

Ladapo tweeted in response to all the criticisms that, “I love the discussion that we’ve stimulated… Isn’t it great when we discuss science transparently instead of trying to cancel one another?”

This was a great point. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong, what matters most is bringing light to the fact that “fact checking” is only going in one direction. Malhotra has become the latest victim.

It is however important to point out that many are concerned about the specific issues pointed out by these experts. All of the data that’s been accumulated throughout the pandemic has many academics in the field coming to concerning conclusions. .

Marty Makary, M.D., M.P.H., a Johns Hopkins professor and public policy researcher retweeted one of Ladapo’s posts,

Doctors, scientists and thousands of other academics in the field have been silenced, ridiculed and completely ignored throughout this entire pandemic if their views oppose what’s disseminated into the collective mind via government/public health agencies.

Why are they so afraid of discussion? Why do they feel the need to censor and shut down any type of discussion that calls into question official government policy?

Science is not black and white, it requires discussion, critical thinking, critical questioning and deep analysis. Throughout the pandemic we’ve been given a one-sided black and white view of all things Covid, without a proper, open and transparent look at information that counters this view. Science has become extremely politicized.

This has been an issue throughout the pandemic and well before it. As early as May 2021, Facebook removed 16 million pieces of its content and added warnings to around 167 million. YouTube removed more than 850 000 videos related to “dangerous or misleading covid-19 medical information.”

Below is a segment we put out regarding this issue as far back as June 2021, for reference.

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