China Says They’ve Been “Overwhelmed” With “Rapidly Mounting Sightings” of UFOs

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In Brief

  • The Facts:
    • The People’s Republic of China announced last year that there has been an increase of mysterious and unexplained aircraft in Chinese airspace.

    • They, like several other countries have established official programs to study the phenomenon.

    • Evidence does suggest, however, that governments have been studying the phenomenon for decades.

  • Reflect On:
    • UFOs have been studied and observed for years. Why is the U.S. and other governments claiming that they will only now start to study it?

    • What should we make of the data that's been collected over the past several decades when it's not even being acknowledged?

    • Can we trust an "official" explanation about the phenomenon from such sources?

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Some proponents of the theory that UFOs are secret military craft from foreign nations fail to realize that dozens of governments are dealing with the “UFO” issue, and have been for decades.

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported in June 2021 that Chinese analysts “have been overwhelmed in recent years by rapidly mounting sighting reports from a wide range of military and civilian sources” by what the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) are calling “unidentified air conditions.” 

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Once again, as we’ve been seeing the United States, the mainstream perspective of the phenomenon and the nature in which it’s being reported has taken the tone of ‘a problem.’

“The frequent occurrence of unidentified air conditions in recent years … brings severe challenges to air defence security of our country,”

Chen Li of the PLA’s Air Force Early Warning Academy, in a 2019 report cited by SCMP. 

What if looking at the phenomenon through the lens of it being some sort of threat is in fact the problem? This is not to assume their nature and purpose, but it’s simply putting more focus on our reaction to the phenomenon, which is important. Are we the aggressors? Multiple cases and encounters suggest that may be the case.

Is the protocol to shoot first and ask questions after?

That being said, nobody can deny that there are air safety issue concerns here. But the vast majority of UFO encounters with human aircraft, be it civilian or military, perform evasive maneuvers to avoid our own aircraft. This is what’s been reported for decades, and that is made clear by going through the literature that describes military and civilian encounters with UFOs.

The United States congress also seems to use a threat language, they did so in the Intelligence Authorization Act for fiscal year 2023,

“At a time when cross- domain trans medium threats to United States national security are expanding exponentially, the Committee is disappointed with the slow pace of DoD-led efforts to establish the office to address those threats and to replace the former Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force as required in Section 1683 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022.”

Transmedium objects are those that are capable of flying at tremendous speeds both in the air and through the water. Many UFOs are observed doing this.

The United States Navy recently expressed that releasing their classified videos they have in their possession of UFOs would be a threat to national security.

This topic has been shrouded in secrecy since the 1940’s, should we expect much to change? If we look at other topics and/or actions that have been justified under the guise of ‘national security’, it doesn’t paint a really trustworthy picture. Mass surveillance is a great example. It was once considered a conspiracy theory until NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden provided proof of just how vast and global it really is, and what kind of intrusive surveillance technology is being used.

All of this was justified under the claim that it (mass surveillance) was necessary to protect citizens.

History is chock full of example where our ‘safety’ and ‘national security’ has been used as a mask to cover our eyes to very immoral and unethical actions that governments partake in. Whether it be arming and assisting the very same terrorist organizations they claim to be fighting themselves, or something else. Why do we imprison people, like Julian Assange, for exposing war crimes?

It’s not for national security. It’s to maintain a monopoly of power, wealth, and as NSA whistleblower William Binney said, “total population control.”

So, if we have governments and political systems that seem to incentivize immoral and unethical behaviour, one that thrives off of secrecy, perception manipulation and the retention of power, as well as a history of disseminating propaganda, then why should we expect anything different when it comes to the topic of UFOs?

A few UFO researchers have warned against the threat perspective. Renowned UFO researcher, scientist, mathematician, and astrophysicist Dr. Jacques Vallée made an appearance on the Joe Rogan show in late 2020 stating just that.

Thousands of contact stories, which are closely associated with UFOs, share stories that are benevolent in nature. That being said, there are some what appear to be malevolent stories as well.

The fact remains, the phenomenon has been documented for thousands of years throughout art, the introduction of the printing press and more. An “invasion” type of scenario doesn’t seem to probable given the fact that it probably would have happened by now.

This topic is so vast and leaves no aspect of humanity untouched. What we are likely to receive from governments is a watered down sanitized version of it, not a holistic, open and transparent revelation that shares all that is represented of this phenomenon and its nature. But that’s just my opinion.

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