Canada Budgets $105 Million For Digital ID – Collaboration With World Economic Forum

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A project first announced in 2018 by the Canadian Government is now making news again as a new document has revealed Canada is spending $105.3 Million on the project over 5 years.

In this video we explore the nature of how governments are making very impactful decisions these days and leaving the public with no say.

There are a number of changes occurring in our technological landscape that have huge philosophical and value based implications around our privacy and what it means to be human. It’s imperative we embrace a notion around how to have discussion about these subjects and not simply let government steam roll these conversations.

Video Sources

The Government Canada Announce Project in 2018

Globe & Mail Article About Pearson Biometric Project in 2016

KTDI Main Website

KTDI White Paper

New Document Disclosing The Budget

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