Mainstream Journalists Confused As Government Flips COVID Script

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In the video below I go over a telling moment in culture as government policy changes and it reveals their past deception. The lack of complex thinking in mainstream journalism is becoming more evident as governments begin to back track on their simplistic and reductionist narratives around COVID.

We are in a society where we are also reducing all of our examination of our world to only logical thought, causing us to fail in connecting with each other as complex beings. This is a concerning and ‘sleepy’ trend our society is on.

One point I forgot to make in this video that I typically do is that there is more to life than simply looking at tiny changes in more or less deaths via health policy. How do we value or quantify what it means to live life? Have experiences? Maintain community etc? Humans are complex beings.

Billions of people have no problem assuming a very tiny uptick in risk of death to have an experience – experience matters. Experience that is deeply lost via lockdowns and restrictions.

Government does not take this into consideration and thus this non ‘left-brain’ side of being human gets lost.

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