Investigation Reveals How Bill Gates Controlled The Global COVID Response

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The unlikely pairing of Politico and WELT has produced a seven month investigation into Bill Gates’ role in directing global COVID policy. We outline what this investigation concluded in the video below.

The evidence is incredibly revealing towards the concept that yes, money, power and influence have incredible impact on public policy. This as opposed to democracy or the thought of doing what’s in the best interesting of the public or world as a whole (nature included.)

Interestingly, this investigation, now out for 6 days publicly, has not been touched by major media. It’s as if it doesn’t exist. Perhaps this is because it reveals how badly major media failed in understanding what was happening during the pandemic. Perhaps it’s because Bill Gates has given large sums of money to major media outlets.

Another way to look at it: maybe some in major media have become so turned off by obviously evidence-less apocalypse theories about Bill Gates that now they don’t think all related to that has been debunked.

Either way, people are not hearing about this story.

People have been asking questions around why Bill Gates has had so much influence over the COVID response throughout the pandemic. They were often called conspiracy theorists.

It’s also true that many took these theories overboard. And in that, this is why it remains important to allow uncertainty and curiosity to remain when we are making sense of our world. We must keep a grounded and respectful approach to dialogue and not get sucked deeply into the apocalypse theories that ultra conspiratorial thinking can produce.

I say this because now that the proof is here about what Bill Gates has been up to, it is going to be much harder for mass culture to accept this or even pay attention to this given how much noise there was around the emerging signal that something was wrong with Bill Gates’ involvement in the COVID response.

This story is important to examine because it helps break the illusion that good faith and democracy runs our world towards ‘what’s best for all.’ It reveals where the problems in our society truly are, and how we can go about solving them by addressing the deep structural and systemic issues incentivizing the actions taking place. It also begs us to question what overwhelming worldviews drive the creation of our society. For those inspired to create positive change in our world, this educates us on where to apply efforts.

Our challenges aren’t simply about a group of greedy people we need to remove, it’s instead a worldview and system that creates an inevitability where people will dominate others to gain ultimate power and influence over them. This is the learned habit of our culture.

Below is a video breaking down the investigation followed by some commentary on how we can identify what the true challenges with our current societal systems are and how they cannot produce the results of a thriving society that we assume they can.

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