The Parallels Between 9/11 & COVID | Richard Gage & Dr. Madhava Setty

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Today we’ll be offering a unique presentation (video below) and exercise in sensemaking that looks at parallel between the COVID19 narrative and the 9/11 narrative. Two events that have had a huge impact only how our society functions, as well as collective consciousness.

Anytime we actively engage in sensemaking we have to look at the multiple layers that make up what is happening in our reality. Facts, human condition, culture, how we make meaning etc.

In this presentation we are going to be focusing on facts and evidence surrounding both of these major events, and how they may have been ignored in larger societal conversation.

First will be Richard Gage. He is an architect of 30 years from the San Francisco Bay Area, a member of the American Institute of Architects, and the founder and former CEO of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (now independent).

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He, along with his courageous wife and assistant Gail, continues to lead the charge toward a real investigation into the destruction of all 3 World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11 with 8 video podcasts per month on RichardGage911:UNLEASHED!, periodic conferences such as 9/11CON and the 9/11 Truth Film Festival, a dozen TV & radio interviews and multiple speaking engagements per month.

He has delivered the live multimedia presentation “9/11: Blueprint for Truth” more than 600 times in dozens of foreign countries, and 110 American cities to audiences of 100 to 4,000. He has also appeared in more than 600 radio and television interviews.

Next will be Dr Madhava Setty.

Dr. Setty is a board certified anesthesiologist and has held various leadership positions in his clinical practice. Prior to his training in anesthesiology at the University of Pennsylvania and medical education (Baylor College of Medicine), he spent six years in the aerospace and defense industry as an engineer.

Dr. Setty also holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from (M.I.T.).

He is author of the book “Woke. An Anesthesiologist’s View,” a systematic examination of the breadth and depth of the bias that exists in the media, our trusted scientific institutions, and our own minds.

By nature we will also examine how this has impacted our collective culture.

I hope you enjoy this unique presentation.

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