Authentic UFO Experience Caught On Camera By University Professor & His Research Students

Unexplained Ariel phenomenon taken from taken by the Hessadalen Interactive Observatory at Ostfold University College.

In Brief

  • The Facts:
    • Erling P. Strand, a Computer Science professor at Østfold University College, managed to capture an authentic UFO experience on camera.

    • The experience took place while Strand and his students were conducting research on the Hessdalen light phenomena.

    • This strange and intriguing phenomena has been studied by scientists for years.

  • Reflect On:
    • UFOs are no longer taboo.

    • Why do we need and rely on governments to verify the reality of certain things?

    • Should we really be relying on these entities for truth and accurate information when there have been so many examples of deception? Don't expect governments to provide a holistic explanation of the UFO phenomenon.

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The sightings in the video and pictures below comes from Erling P. Strand, an assistant professor in the Faculty of Computer Sciences at Østfold University College, Remmen in Halden.

The footage was taken by the Hessdalen Interactive Observatory at Østfold University College. This particular observatory has captured and documented many strange anomalies that seem to plague the area.

As far as I know, it’s the only official 24 hour UFO observatory in the world (except for our governments, of course). Radar and cameras have tracked and filmed numerous inexplicable phenomena in this area, with the fastest one recorded at an astonishing 30,000 km per hour.

Landings have also been reported, and conclusive evidence showing earth samples have also been taken. The observatory sits on the SKARVAN mountain top at 975m altitude. The observatory consists of 3 containers equipped with sun-cells and methanol fuel cell for power supply. It has kitchen, toilet and accommodation for 4 researchers at all seasons. In this subarctic area, temperatures can fall below -30 Celcius and wind speed can pass 32m/s during winter storms. 

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“The light phenomena here in Hessdalen, Norway started in late ’81 with a lot of sightings. At the most it was 20 sightings a week. The local people here started to see the light down in the valley, sometimes close to their houses, and they were wondering, what could this be?”

Erling P. Strand, The Day Before Disclosure

One week during September 2007, a major survey was carried out by the university scientists assisted by students with several observation units. On the fourth night of the survey, something special happened. Below is footage taken from the film The Day Before Disclosurewritten and produced by Filmaker Terje Toftenes.

The film has footage of multiple instances documented by the observatory as well as more information on this particular area of Norway. You can find more at the observatory’s website and see some examples published later in the article.

The first bit you see in the video is what showed up when Strand and his students were conducting research. Although it’s dark, you can hear the excitement of Strand as well as the students as they scream with joy. The second piece of footage within the clip below, where it cuts to shortly after, is another incident that was filmed by the observatory.

In August 2000 a team of Italian physics scientists, working in collaboration with Norwegian colleagues from Østfold College, carried out an instrumental expedition in Hessdalen (Norway). The mission was aimed at studying unexplained anomalous atmospheric luminous phenomena occurring in the Hessdalen valley. It was just the first of a series of future scientific missions planned by the joint Italian-Norwegian EMBLA Project.

Their work was published here. Below is one example of a variety of phenomena they witnessed.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2022-08-29-at-2.38.30-PM-1024x418.png

Below are some images shared in the publication:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2022-08-29-at-2.48.58-PM-867x1024.png
Figure 6. Pulsating light sighted from Aspåskjölen (TYPE 1). ABOVE. The present image is the result of summation of 15 (1/25 sec) close video frames (video acquired by J. Monari and processed by M. Teodorani). BELOW LEFT. This frame was obtained when the light, which shows a saturated core, was at the maximum intensity (video acquired by J. Monari and processed by J. Monari and M. Teodorani). BELOW RIGHT. 3-D Point Spread Function of the same light at maximum.

Below is a picture of students and scientists examining a two ton piece of turf that was cut out in the area using laser precision. It was lifted and placed a few meters away. There was no sign of machinery or people.

Source: The Day Before Disclosure

Below is another picture from the observatory, also used as as the cover photo for this article. It’s one of many that continue to be completely unexplained to this day.

The Takeaway

What kind of implications are to come from the realization that we are not alone, and that we’ve been visited by beings from elsewhere for a long time? These questions truly leave no aspect of humanity untouched, and it’s interesting to reflect on how sheltered we’ve been from so many topics, not just limited to UFOlogy.

Ultimately, this sheltering from the truth ends up hindering our willingness to learn about these subjects, and perhaps gather the expansion of consciousness that comes with them.

We have been conditioned to live our life, accept things the way they are, and ignore any information that challenges our beliefs despite evidence presented. There is something for us to discover here, perhaps about ourselves or about the nature of reality. Not long from now, it will be us traversing through the stars, stumbling upon other civilizations who may look up in awe.

That being said, imagine making contact with a civilization that have a large portion of their people unwilling to accept your existence. What if they labeled you as demons, or violent? What if they were aggressive towards you? Would you want to make contact?

Are we a civilization that other, perhaps peaceful ones, would want to interact with? Something to think about.

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