From The Holocaust To Gaza – A Massive Lesson That Taught Me How We All Need To Be Aware Of Our Own Bias

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In 2008, when I was going through a very low period, a life coach and friend, Freeman Michaels, listened to my dark view of the world, which I justified with my parents’ experiences in WWII, and he suggested that perhaps my “path” was to help “heal the Holocaust.”

At the time, I was appalled by the suggestion. I felt strongly that my parents’ story was extremely powerful and needed to be heard, and it was certainly not up to me to “heal.”

Later, in my work with Michael Jeffreys we discussed the work of Eckhart Tolle, and his insight that the victim “story” can have just as powerful a hold on one’s perceptual reality as the more common notion of the Ego as self-aggrandizing and achievement oriented.

This time it landed, and I began to notice the price I had paid for using my parents’ experiences as a filter for my entire life; it made me realize why I had felt so alienated and separate for such a long time. Gradually I healed, found community, continued to live “normally” and moved on.

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A great deal has happened for me in the past six years, including writing and covering conferences in the area of spirituality for Collective Evolution, so when the Gaza conflict flared up, I tried to remain conscious of how I might be triggered and affected. One aspect as an American that stunned me was how fortunate and yet insulated we are from such savagery—except of course when our soldiers come home from one of our wars. At one point I noticed myself blissfully changing the channel from the carnage on CNN to watch a tennis match from DC.

But of course I watched both the media coverage and the threads on social media, and because of my background, I became more and more troubled by the hatred expressed on both sides.

How Differing Views Led To The Loss Of A Friend

I might add at this point that my father, who survived the war in a concentration camp in Czechoslovakia, was given a trip to Israel when he retired in 1980. When he returned he expressed a profound disillusionment with the Israelis’ treatment of the Arabs living within their borders, saying that he was appalled that those who had suffered such mistreatment could now mistreat others so badly.

So it was from this perspective that the other night I tried to engage some pro-Palestinian people on social media—specifically the opinions expressed by Bernhard Guenther, a film maker and speaker whose documentaries I had seen and whose work I generally appreciated.  Among other aspects, Bernhard is well versed and quotes the work of Gurdjieff, whose ideas I also greatly admire.

In my overture I suggested to Bernhard that at this point, from the Palestinian perspective, it would seem that the existence of Israel is a “done deal” – they aren’t going anywhere. From a realistic perspective, rather than spending millions on armaments to destroy Israel, wouldn’t it make more sense to build infrastructure, schools, hospitals and businesses to improve their own lives?

I was immediately attacked for my Zionist brainwashing and I can even understand that if you are made to live in squalor in a very densely confined area with such limited resources, you are angry and see it as an occupation and will do whatever you can for liberation.

Bernhard and his folks insisted I read a long diatribe on the history of the region. I reviewed it and suggested that perhaps the “story” might be dropped and that the entire situation be viewed as closely as possible from the present. At this point I was derided for being someone who reads and follows Eckhart Tolle, which is true.

But let me summarize their position as I understand it. I am familiar with it to the extent that it is also a big part of David Icke’s compelling work, in which he blames Zionists as being part of a worldwide control system; when I first heard that it triggered me too—because “Zionist” is a code word for dirty Jew.

But here is the story as I understand it. Wealthy Jewish bankers wanted a Jewish homeland (they were true Zionists) and when Germany was winning World War I, they promised Britain (which controlled Palestine) that if Britain promised them a Jewish state, then America would enter the war and Germany would be defeated.  The understanding between Britain and Baron von Rothschild is known as the Balfour Declaration.  I knew of this vaguely before I read Bernhard’s version.

When Germany was defeated it was humiliated by the peace terms and went through a horrible economic depression; of course the knowledge of the Balfour incident gave Hitler ammunition for his anti-Semitism and we know that story quite well.

So the displacement of the Palestinians, which took place after WWII, is the result of a Zionist effort going back to the 19th century, and that is justification for wanting Israel gone today. But as I suggested – Israelis are not going to be moved to Miami beach. They have achieved an economic miracle in the desert and their neighbors might be better served by following their lead; massive aid has been promised for such an effort on numerous occasions, as I understand it.

At this point I was thoroughly denounced as a Zionist dupe by Bernhard and his friends. I went and read his material again, which suggested that much of what we know of Germany’s role in WWII has been distorted. Of course as a German himself, Bernhard is also ultra-sensitive to these issues and accused me of betraying my biases.

This did trigger me, and brought up my background to Bernhard, and asked him to clarify what has been distorted. Of course this explained my “conditioning” to them completely, and I was banned from the conversation and unfriended on Facebook.

Last night I went through their material again and found a video by a documentarian who suggested that claims of gas chambers at Auschwitz were “exaggerated” and even “unproven.” This infuriated me, because in fact my mother was selected for slave labor at Auschwitz while her parents were gassed. So I wanted an answer to my question: “What happened to my grandparents?”  Did they drop mysteriously off the planet around 1943?

I knew what happened to them from my mother’s memoirs and from a precise oral history which came from my parents. The oral tradition seems quite compelling to me—it transcends the bull I see on the Internet by a wide margin—especially when I heard it first hand from my own parents.

They weren’t burning coal at Auschwitz. And those bodies they showed bulldozed on the newsreels after WWII weren’t mannequins from a department store.

A Full-Circle Perspective From My Mother’s Memoir

Before my mother’s death she dedicated herself to following such Holocaust deniers and revisionists to keep the FACTS alive. I have published her memoir for all who are interested; in it she describes how the Germans killed not just Jews, but all dissidents including gypsies and homosexuals.

Her story is not so much about the horrors which were well documented–but rather of the psychological toll such an experience takes and how difficult it is to return to “normal” life.

So hers is “the story” as I understand it, and the story I have worked through with the help of my teachers.

And NOW, I can see that from the Palestinian perspective, certainly, the situation in Gaza resembles what happened during WWII. What we have is an ancient clash of belief systems that can only be reconciled by good faith on both sides. I am still deeply disturbed to have been “unfriended” and insulted by people whom I approached in good faith and whose position I wanted to understand.

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At the same time I cannot help but be greatly disappointed by an inability to have an honest dialog on these issues precisely because I have been open to dropping my own sense of outrage, only to find that the other sides’ sense of outrage inevitably trumps mine. I am writing in the hope that those who live in the blessed freedom and relative peace here can avoid the pitfalls on both sides and figure out pragmatic solutions to the problems we face.

But I will also say that there is such a thing as relative truth—and I will end with this story.

When my mother was selected to work at Auschwitz, she dropped her eyeglasses and they broke. She fumbled her way into the crowded barracks, where she shared a wooden “bunk” with eight others, and found an old pair of glasses held together by string, which allowed her to work, survive and eventually give birth to me.  The story is in her memoirs.

Years later I found a wonderful therapist with whom to work through my demons, and whose father had also been a survivor. Interestingly from the perspective of this piece, she also worked in the Arab territories as a trauma counselor on a volunteer basis. When she helped me with my anxiety via Skype (she was over there) as I sat in fear on my couch in the comfort of my living room, I could hear bombs and gunshots going off behind her over her microphone.

When we worked through my issues in her office, however, and I told her my mother’s story of the glasses, she told me that he had taken her daughter to Auschwitz, and on the “tour” they had found an old pair of glasses in the dirt. That is a moment I will never forget. It still gives me chills and goosebumps, because it speaks to the reality of a much wider perspective which we will all need to take if humanity is to survive, much less evolve, into a truly conscious life form.

From my current perspective, all we have is the present moment in which to live honorably and productively; I am sorry if my admiration for Eckhart Tolle and his ilk overrides my desire to be “right.”

I urge those who participate online in forums like this to examine their own biases as they would those of others, and to work consciously toward a different quality of life, for the short time that we’re “here.”

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  1. I have the same background as you. I make artwork about the intergenerational transfer of trauma using solely discarded clothing as my medium. The castoffs represent discarded humanity to which I give new life. My war-traumatized parents did the best they could. However, without extensive psychotherapy, whatever one has experienced in life is passed on to others. That explains why Israelis can be seen as cruel. My dad was mistreated, experienced abuse, and so he maltreated his wife and children, was emotionally abusive. His immediate family members became the outlet for his wartime pent up anger.

    When exhibiting in mainstream art museums and galleries I never mention the Holocaust as the impetus for my artwork. I have only brought it up when attempting to get the work shown in Jewish institutions. Jewish museums do not want to portray the survivors in any negative light and so issues like the psychological toll such an experience took and how difficult it was to return to “normal” life is ignored. See my artwork at

    1. Thank you Linda. I will visit your web site. My mother availed herself of psychotherapy but it was my own therapist who helped me understand emotions that made no sense.
      I don’t generally bring it up either but when these asshole deniers show their hideous faces I need to react.
      I understand that there is much suffering in Palestine and I acknowledged in the article — my father expressed empathy when he visited Israel.
      Unfortunately the only solution that they seem to be open to accepting is the ones the Nazis tried to impose as final — and Israel, for now, isn’t going anywhere.
      It’s time in my opinion that everyone availed themselves of the wonders of technology and rebuilt their own countries without the bile and hatred of stories about grievances of the past.

  2. Thanks for the article. I know enough about the history of the region to be dangerous, so the links helped me understand. I had an escaped German Jew science teacher in the 60s who dwelled on Hitler’s use of Jews as scapegoats. That it was payback for the Jews convincing the Americans to join the war is new to me. I take it that somehow that translates into today’s Hamas attacks. That seems a stretch because alliances were not unusual then nor are they now.

    Many Arab leaders have said they want Israel destroyed, and apparently fund Hamas in that regard as a harassment campaign until someone gets the balls to do serious harm. Egypt and others tried and got their butts kicked to the curb.

    Knowing that the USA has a mutual defense pact with Israel keeps some at bay but that probably doesn’t affect the thinking of terrorists. Sadly, Obama’s near repudiation of that commitment probably encourages short term aggressors and terrorists. Indeed, I see current attacks as a test to see what the US response might be. However, the next president might be less inclined to turn a cold shoulder to the problem.

    I find your Mom’s memoirs refreshing compared to the whining and sniveling on CE about GE food, vaccines, nuclear anything and make-believe power sources. Compare that to simply being thankful to escape from a place where a government sent you to die by starvation and exhaustion if not disease, poison, bullet or buried alive. It puts a finer point on things.

    1. That the jews talked the US into joining the WWII was cartainly news. Seems like scapegoating to me. Ever heard of Pearl Harbor?

      1. Johan: I wasn’t clear: The allegation is that the Jews talked the US into WWI, not II. It is a comment on the author Tom Bunzel’s paragraph here:

        “But here is the story as I understand it. Wealthy Jewish bankers wanted a Jewish homeland (they were true Zionists) and when Germany was winning World War I, they promised Britain (which controlled Palestine) that if Britain promised them a Jewish state, then America would enter the war and Germany would be defeated. The understanding between Britain and Baron von Rothschild is known as the Balfour Declaration. I knew of this vaguely before I read Bernhard’s version.”

        1. Ok, I see. Still seems strange, though. Could a few jewish bankers (altough powerful) be the only reason the US entered the WWI? I couldn’t find any mention of this on Wikipedia. It more seems that the British were manouvering for jewish support in the US and in the world. Probably influential jewish people then turned to the US government and pressed them to enter the war. The Wikipedia page:

          mentions the Balfour declaration as one of several reasons the US vote swung in favour of entering the war. Most jews were in favour of the Germans but the prospect of a jewish state helped to change their mind. Naturally the german sinkings of american ships, especially the Lusitania, contributed to the jewish community changing its mind. On a side note I suspect the main reason for the US entering WWI was the same reason as always when the US goes to war: business considerations. But that’s another thread.

          1. Johan: I think it goes back to scapegoating. Read the first paragraphs of the book “Holocaust”

            The four tier caste system in E. Europe drove a lot of prejudice, and I assume the upper tiers used propaganda to pass responsibility for any bad news to the bottom of the pile: Jews. It’s fascinating how the Jews worked their way into banking, government, university, science and engineering, then got the blame for totally unrelated events from knuckle draggers. German Jews fought British and Russian Jews and died as war heroes in proportion to their participation in war, but were still hated when it came time for a scapegoat. That is irrational, indiscriminate thinking.

            Related more to the posts from others is this: Jews were herded into concentration camps. Why? Many died. Why? How they died seems to be in question: starvation, lice, hanging, being shot or poison gas. From some of the posts it seems that the poison gas is the only criminal behavior. I call bullshit. Their neighbors sent them off, ransacked their homes for loot and appropriated their wealth. It continued along the way until the last step when their friends tore the gold fillings from their skulls. The caste system at work.

            Allied postwar movies show well-fed Germans working in the camps burying bodies and tending the survivors. To me that seems evidence that allied bombing had nothing to do with the starvation and disease: It was the German plan to get as much work out of them as possible before they died, sort of a freebie on the road to judenfrei. That said, it doesn’t matter to me if it was the death of one Jew, tramp or gypsie or 6 million: It was wrong on so many levels the ‘how’ seems irrelevant. It was simply greed in the guise of the caste system.

            Hitler’s Mein Kompf spelled out his hatred but not the reason for it. The Germans rallied around that and put his words into action.

            It is fascinating how a book title “Holocaust’ has become a proper noun and one word summarizes world events. I agree with some of the deniers, it might not be deadly accurate, it was probably embellished, and movie companies may have milked it beyond recognition. But if any part is true it had to be hell in earth for the victims who’s sole crime was picking the wrong parents.

          2. “Business considerations” is an astute comment.
            WWI seems to be the watershed event that signalled the end of the monarchies and the birth of corporations and Communism.

            The world was a bit simpler before. Since then it has gotten inordinantly complex.

      2. You misunderstand. The Balfour document was about WWI, not WWII. That is their contention – that the Jews talked America into helping England in WW ONE in return for a promise of the Jewish state which was fulfilled after WWII.
        There is no question that Germany suffered greatly after WWI.
        Of course Pearl Harbor prompted American entry into WWII, but you must recall that many prominent Americans were also pro German then and wanted to remain neutral – including Charles Lindbergh and Thomas Watson (head of IBM) and Henry Ford and Joseph Kennedy.

  3. Israelis began massacring the Palestinians in 1948: with weapons supplied by the British, and they have never stopped.

    It is perfectly plain – to anyone with even half a brain – that the Zionists that control Israel (not the Israelis themselves: who are just pawns in the game like everyone else): who have deliberately derailed every attempt at launching a ‘peace process’, are going to perpetrate a holocaust against the Palestinians. Many would argue that this process has already begun. (I am prepared to predict that this process will begin in earnest when the IDF takes delivery of B52 bombers from the US.)

    You say the Palestinians should spend their money on infrastructure to improve their own lives. Why would they do this? So they can watch the IDF destroy it?

    I do not advocate the rolling back of the state of Israel – this would cause more problems than it solved. What I would advocate is the immediate suspension of Israel’s membership of the UN. Israel has to be forced to the negotiating table.

    1. The Palestinian are obsessed with the destruction of Israel since 1948 when 4 different Arab nations combined forces to destroy Israel.. Actually if you read the history books you will find out that there isn’t anything called Palestinians. Some of the so called Palestinians lived in Jordan and some were in Egypt.

      1. Palestine (and, ergo, the Palestinians) acquired it’s (their) name from the Roman Emperor Augustus (originally Octavian: Julius Caesars’ nephew). It was inspired by the palace that Herod the Great: a client king of the Romans, built for himself. Roman military engineers were impressed by the palace because they thought it to be unassailable. The name Palestine would, of course, at the time have referred to a larger area than that covered by the name today and may well have included parts of Jordan and Egypt. (The separate kingdoms of Israel and Judah were once absorbed by Egypt and would have become part of the Greek Empire when Alexander of Macedonia conquered the entire region.) The point I am making here is that the Jews hadn’t ruled in the land of Palestine in the centuries leading up to the Roman era diaspora. For centuries they were ruled by the Egyptians, then the Greeks and finally the Romans.

        You should also bear these historical facts in mind. When the Israelites arrived in the land of Canaan it was already populated by the Canaanites. The Greeks called the Canaanites the Phoenicians and the Romans referred to the same people as the Palestinians. Ergo the Palestinians have occupied the region for many thousands of years – much longer than the nomadic sheepherders that would come to be known as the Jews.

        Also – when the Jews began driving the Palestinians off their lands in 1948, they were able to do so because the Palestinians had very few weapons – and those they did have were confiscated by the British.

        So – to repeat – the Jews began massacring the Palestinians in 1948 and they have never, since, stopped.

  4. Never is there a mention of the muslim world’s close ties with the nazis. There was great admiration for the kind of state that the nazis created and the legacy of their teachings can still be heard in the muslim world.

    For instance, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem visited Germany and was greatly impressed. and also muslims formed their own SS batallion:

    Read about the many and thriving ties to nazism here:

    The germans also visited the east and Persia (1935) and the leader of that country was so impressed by the nazis teachings that he changed the name to Iran – “The land of the Aryans”:

    After the war several high ranking nazis escaped to Egypt and befriended the Muslim Brotherhood that spread their teachings over the muslim world. From here comes the really vitriolic version of antisemitism altough few muslims knows that their views really comes from nazism.

    I think one could argue that the muslims were working for the same sort of society as the nazis, i.e a “judenfrei” society. And that loosing Palestine to the Israelis was a small price to pay for their collaboration.

    The palestines has suffered greatly under all wars with Israel. War is always a great tragedy. But don’t forget that Hamas and other muslim terrorist organisations prime goal is to destroy Israel and kill all jews. Which country wouldn’t defend itself against the onslaught of religious extremists with a partly nazi ideology? Especially if that country’s inhabitants had first hand memories of what nazi rule really meant themselves?

    Considering the development in the muslim countries today and their inability to create peace even amongst themselves, you have to ask yourself how much a villian Isreal really is compared to the states that surrounds her. The death toll and the terror in Gaza, altough tragic, is far greater in the warring states around Israel than in Gaza itself. I think that once again the jews are made scapegoats, this time for all that has gone wrong in the muslim world.

    Btw, I am not paid by the Mossad, the Shin Bet or any other jewish organisation. Not everything is a jewish conspiracy backed by the CIA…

      1. There was a lot of people that admired fascism (or corporatism as Mussolini insisted it should be called) back in those days. There was Edward and Mrs Simpson for instance.

        We should also remember that Prescott Bush (father of George senior) was arrested twice for helping German Industrialists to move their money out of Germany. He set up the Union Bank of New York with funds provided by the Thyssen industrial corporation. He would hardly have done this if he wasn’t an admirer of fascism would he?

        Are all of these guilty by association then?

        1. You advance the subject of guilt by association, but just because something looks like something else, it doesn’t have to be the same thing. It’s association is irrelevant. The question of the above peoples guilt or not should be discussed in another thread. Here we discuss nazism in the muslim world.

          I fail to see what you trying to argue here: do you mean that the fact many people admired nazism before and during WWII somewhat lessens the the role it played (and maybe plays) in the musim world? That the muslim world’s ties with the nazis wasn’t anything special, since everybody was doing it anyway? And that it has no bearing on todays situation in the Middle East? At least you have to agree that the muslim terror organisations goal to kill all jews is something despicable in itself? Israel entertains no policy to kill all palestinians as far as I know. Even if the treatment of the palestine people is unacceptable there is no goal to exterminate them.

          I think that muslim nazism is well worth looking into, since its implications today are little discussed. A good start would be the Muslim Brotherhood, who is a prominent organisation in the Middle East and whose ideology is strongly influenced by nazi thinking. It seems the idea of a muslim Caliphate based wholly on the teachings of the Quran in many respects resembles the nazi dream of a ”judenrein” society, governed by a myth about how the world is.

        2. IBM’s President Thomas Watson received a medal from Hitler.
          Their machines counted the slave laborers and made the trains more efficient. Eugenics was the foundation of modern genetic sequencing continued by Mengele and others in the camps as experiments on twins.

          Corporations are not always fascist or corrupt but power does corrupt as does money. We can see this on Wall Street.

          1. Thyssen, who makes the escalators in subways everywhere in Europe, constructed the gas chambers. BASF, the tape manufacturer, the Zyklon-B gas, the nazi uniforms were made by clothes designer Hugo Boss. All companys active today. The nazis visited Sweden’s (then) world famous race “science” institute and came home with new ideas. Altough some were deemed to extreme even for them… Everyone was in it back then.

            And now fascism is on the rebound in Europe and only the communists are fighting it and getting slaughtered in the press for doing so. Everyone else is fat and lazy and talks about how democratic processes will solve the problem. This defaitism and unwillingness to take action is leading down a very dark path indeed. It’s not only the nazis that has learned nothing from history but our society seems to have forgotten too. And on top of that the muslim extremists with their nazi-like ideology. And a Russia turning more and more undemocratic. A rude awakening may lay in wait for us all. It’s not too late and it never will be, I think. But the measures needed to stop this madness further down the road will be severe. And cost more lives than were we to stop it now.

          2. Hi Johan

            You forgot to mention that the Union Bank of New York was set up by Prescott Bush using money provided by the Thyssen industrial dynasty. Otherwise I agree with every word you say – apart from your assertion that there isn’t way to stop all this – there is a way: it’s called The Universal Peace Petition.

            You can sign this petition by following this link:


            Please sign and support this petition.

            Many thanks.

            peace love & respect

            peter dunn

  5. “They weren’t burning coal at Auschwitz. And those bodies they showed bulldozed on the newsreels after WWII weren’t mannequins from a department store.”

    That is a most interesting statement. If they weren’t burning coal, how did they cremate the millions of bodies?

    Regarding the piles of bodies, there are a few points well worth considering:

    * The photographs we all saw of the bodies were taken at the end of the war when the camps were liberated. This is a crucial point because, as the allied pressure increased upon the Germans, the Germans were forced to consolidate the prisoners into the remaining camps under their control. This caused, in some cases, severe overcrowding. This problem was made worse by the fact that the allies bombed German supply routes which were used to transport medical supplies and other goods to the camps. Now add Typhus to the mix (deadly disease carried by lice), which reached epidemic proportions throughout parts of Europe during the war, and you have conditions which are ripe for the spread of disease in camps which are overcrowded and lack proper food and medical supplies. Because of the bombing of the supply routes, many/most of these deaths can be directly attributed to the allies.

    * Many hundreds of autopsies were preformed by Dr. Charles Larson at Dachau and approximately 20 other camps. The results of his findings were not allowed to be presented as evidence at the Nuremberg show trials, probably because he never once found any evidence of cyanide poisoning, which would have been present as a result of exposure to hydrogen cyanide (HCN) gas produced from Zyklon-B pellets. As a matter of fact, Dr. Larson commented that there was little evidence of brutality by the Germans at all and that the vast majority of the deaths were attributable to starvation and disease, mainly Typhus.

    * Visitors arriving at Auschwitz prior to 1989 would have seen a memorial plaque near the entrance which stated that 4 million people died at the hands of the Nazi murders between 1940 and 1945. After 1989 however, the number of deaths was officially reduced by Franciszek Piper (museum director) to 1.1 million and the old plaque was replaced with a new one which states that 1.5 million died, which is of course .3 million more than the number stated on the museums own website. Although the death toll has been officially reduced by ~3 million, why is the 6 million figure still repeated? Furthermore, what is not told to the public, is that these deaths are a result of all causes, including disease of which Typhus was the primary killer.

    * There is no creditable evidence whatsoever for homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz/Birkenau. It was even admitted by Franciszek Piper when he was interviewed by David Cole (a Canadian Jew) that the gas chamber at the Auschwitz main camp was a Soviet reconstruction. Following are just a few of the multitude of problems worth considering…

    1 – Non-hermetically sealed enclosures with floor drains that were connected to other buildings. The plumbing would have acted as a conduit to carry the gas to these buildings and beyond, including, in the case of Auschwitz, a building used by the SS.
    2 – Absence of explosion-proof electrical fixtures (hydrogen cyanide gas is highly flammable) in almost all alleged homicidal gas chambers.
    3 – Enclosures with unbarred, breakable glass windows, yet we are asked to believe that the Jews were so scared and so submissive that not a single one of those alleged to have been gassed would try to break the glass while dying a horrible death from asphyxia.
    4 – Enclosures with flimsy wooden doors (with windows in some cases) that could not have possibly resisted a child trying to escape, much less a small room packed with “thousands” of people, as we are told. Some did not even have a lock on them, or could only be locked from the inside.
    5 – Enclosure doors which opened inward. This is a problem because once the people were exterminated — people which were packed like sardines in these “homicidal gas chambers” as we are told — how does one open the door to remove the bodies, especially when it is a household wooden door?
    6 – Absence of blue stains in alleged gas chambers. This blue staining is caused by repeated exposure to HCN gas and is clearly visible on non-homicidal (disinfection) gas chambers, even after 70 years of exposure to the weather, yet it cannot be found in enclosures said to have been used for homicidal purposes.

    This brings us to the problem of your grandmothers testimony, in which she apparently stated that some of her relations were gassed. There are a couple of possibilities why she would say this, one of which is that she, like many other former camp prisoners, learned of the existence of homicidal gas chambers only after the war and the propaganda was put in place. Did she ever state that she saw, with her own eyes, people entering a gas chamber and being killed? The very likely answer is no, she did not. Any other answer would be a lie.

    Photographs and film alone cannot reveal the cause of death, but years and years of violin music and propaganda can, even to those who were prisoners in the camps.

    For the record, i am not a member of, nor do i knowingly associate with, any person or organization which has ties to any race-based groups, nor am i racist myself. I have discovered what happened regarding Germany’s role in WW2, Hitler, and the alleged homicidal gas chambers of the camps as a result of over a decade of research and not being afraid of where the truth leads me.

    I’ll close with some rather interesting quotes…

    “Given the nonsense that is turned out daily by the Holocaust industry, the wonder is that there are so few skeptics.” — Norman Finkelstein, Jewish American political scientist, activist, professor and author, quoted from his book ‘The Holocaust Industry’

    “Care must be taken not to give a platform for deniers… or seek to disprove the deniers’ position through normal historical debate and rational argument” — Guidelines for Teaching about the Holocaust at the Stockholm International Forum, 2000

    “[…] there was a Holocaust, which is, by the way, more easily said than demonstrated.” — Is There a New Anti-Semitism? A Conversation with Raul Hilberg, considered to be the world’s preeminent scholar of the Holocaust

    “I describe incidents which may or may not have happened but which are true.” — Elie Wiesel — writer, professor, political activist, Nobel Laureate and alleged holocaust survivor — quoted from, Elie Wiesel: Conversations

    “It is easier to believe a lie one has heard a hundred times than a truth one has never heard before.” — Robert S. Lynd, American sociologist, The Passion of Labour (pg. 67)

    “These numbers do matter,” Hilberg said. “They also matter for the very simple reason … call it religious if you like.” — excerpt of an interview conducted with Raul Hilberg (considered by some to be the worlds preeminent holocaust historian), The Guardian, March 2001

    “We have no doubt about your bravery or devotion to your fatherland, nor do we believe that you are the monster described by your opponents.” — Mahatma Gandhi in a letter to Adolf Hitler, 1940

    “Whilst large sections of the German nation are struggling for the preservation of their race, we Jews fill Germany with our vociferations. We supply the press with articles on the subject of its Christmas and Easter. We ridicule the highest ideals of the German nation and profane the matters which it holds sacred.” — Dr. Manfred Reifer, well known leader of the German Jews, Czernowitzer Allegemeine Zeitung magazine, Sep., 1933

    “The [Nuremberg Trial was] the biggest legal farce in history… the legend about six million supposedly murdered Jews acquired a legal basis, even though the court did not have a single document signed by A. Hitler concerning the extermination of Jews…” — Rick Sanchez, former CNN correspondent, 2010

    “There is only one power which really counts. The power of political pressure. We Jews are the most powerful people on earth, because we have this power, and we know how to apply it.” — Vladimir Jabotinsky, Jewish Daily Bulletin, July 27, 1935

    I’ve never seen a President — I don’t care who he is — stand up to [the Jews] … They always get what they want. The Israelis know what is going on all the time. I got to the point where I wouldn’t write anything down. If the American people understood what a grip these people have got on our government, they would rise up in arms. — Admiral Thomas Moorer, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Richard H. Curtiss, A Changing Image: American Perceptions of the Arab-Israeli Dispute. American Educational Trust, 1986

    1. The evidence itself vociferates and is damning. As more time passes, I’m becoming more convinced that almost everything I had learned in school about Hitler, the Nazis, Nazism, the so-called Holocaust, and the like, is one of Hollywood’s most epic productions.

      I also want to emphasize that even Tom’s mother isn’t free from bias; I mean, memory is fallible and thus malleable; His mother’s memory is fallible and malleable. That isn’t to discount her memoirs, however, but rather to draw attention to the fact that even those who experienced firsthand the so-called Holocaust are susceptible to mixing up fact and fiction; just as those who experienced–and perhaps even survived–9/11 may have mixed up fiction with fact.

      1. I think the Jewish “holocaust” of WW2 was one of the last major subjects i chose to re-investigate because i thought it was the one subject for which the official story was essentially correct. You have all these years of programming, propaganda and lies that surfaces in the form of seemingly creditable multimillion dollar documentary films, school curriculum, books, etc., which most of us except at face value. When you combine with that the shear passion of the holocaust story, and consider what you’re up against as far as believers verses non-believers, it makes it a very difficult subject to tackle objectively.

        Had the holocaust been a story which was similar in context to the attack on the USS Liberty, or some other fairly isolated event, i don’t think i would bother recommending that anyone investigate it and i doubt i would have gone as far as i have in my pursuit of the truth. However the repercussions of this hoax make it anything but an isolated event (from a political perspective i mean). These repercussions have resulted in a global social meltdown of sorts in which nearly all those in the developed world are victims; victims of unethical/Zionist Jewish people who enjoy a tremendous degree of over-representation in every major area that directly affects our lives, including banking, entertainment, news, publishing companies, radio, law, etc.. This is not to say that Jewish people are primarily to blame for our troubles, for they are not! But their influence in the critical and key areas cannot be ignored by any open-minded individual. The Jewish people as a whole are victims as well of this 70 year old lie.

        Ernst Zundel summarized the reason for Hitlers ascension very well during an interview with an Israeli journalist when he said that Hitler was an organic outgrowth to Jewish behavior. What many overlook, or are simply unaware of, is that the Jewish people were kicked out of ~80 countries, and persecuted in as many more, PRIOR TO HITLER EVER TAKING HIS FIRST BREATH. Does anyone ask why? Like Zundel said in that same interview, before you consider what Germany did to the Jews, you must first ask what the Jews did to Germany, and this is a topic that most people are very unaware of. There were many reasons why Hitler wanted the Jews out of Europe and we see many of these exact same conditions in the U.S. and elsewhere today, including over representation in government, media and banking among them.

        Of course one of the profiteers of, and reasons for, the holocaust swindle is Israel, who is paid billions annually in reparations costs, U.S. tax dollars and military hardware. The persecution and genocide of Arabs in Gaza and elsewhere could not take place without “the holocaust”.

        Lastly i must stress that it is not the Jewish people at large who are to blame in my opinion, but rather ourselves for having allowed, and continuing to allow, a powerful few, Jewish or otherwise, to remain in control of the rest of us. Understanding the “holocaust” is one sure way to understand why we are in the sinking boat we are in and what can be done about it, and that’s why i think getting to the truth is important.

        1. There is a documentary that I recently saw, that was made by a Jew, which basically demonstrates the absurdity of “antisemitism” and actually shows how the youth of Israel are brainwashed into thinking that everybody is out to get them. It was fascinating. Here is a link: (but both copies suck lol) You might have already seen it. You’re totally right; Jews are not the problem, but rather a particular group of Jews or rather Zionists who are responsible for all sorts of atrocities.

          1. I was shocked–albeit I probably shouldn’t have been, considering an integral part of almost every government known to Earth is a program of disproportionately victimizing and priding its own citizens–and so saddened by the sight of Israel victimizing its youth and continually victimizing its own population by means of antisemitism. I am nevertheless relieved that not every ethnic nation of persons whom have been subjected to concentration camps and thus discrimination at one point or another in history has resorted to perpetuating a widespread agenda of victimization for political purpose and ends; of course the Japanese come to mind, as do the Palestinians. The Koreans, the Chinese, East Indians, the aboriginals of virtually every land likewise come to mind. Thanks for the link!

    2. Yes you are right – among those murdered were my father’s father – because many died of typhus in the “holding” camp – Terezin. For someone who is “not” a member of any race based organization you certainly spread a lot of bullshit.
      If you read my piece you would see that it was not my grandmother but my actual mother who was bludgeoned by a Nazi thug before she went to slave labor camp.
      I heard of her accounts first hand, how she was separated from her parents and beaten when she begged to go with them. How you can spread this trash is beyond me.
      Oh, only 1.5 million were murdered? Well that’s okay then isn’t it?
      Here take a look at these photographs–

      1. I fail to see how his comment or aspects of it are “bullshit”; Do you mind elaborating?

        Additionally, anybody with even a shred of humanity would cringe at the sight of dead bodies, let alone dead bodies piled atop one another. But I also fail to see how those photos verify the reality of Jews being gassed; or was that not your purpose for sharing those?

    3. I have to add another point – which is in response to the issue of whether my mother lied because she did not see people gassed with her own eyes.
      If you are herded into a barracks with many others to a bunk, and in shock from the train, I don’t think you’d go sightseeing around Auschwitz to investigate the crematoriums.
      So what do you think happened to my mother’s parents after they were forcefully separated from her? Do you think they were painlessly euthanized or sent to a resort in Montenegro?
      You have found a convenient focal point for your anger – the “Jews”. My father used to say, “the Jews and cyclists are to blame for everything.”
      I strongly suggest you look inside yourself for the hatred that you spew and attempt to heal. You have my sympathy.

      1. I’m not interested in your sympathy; i’m interested in the truth.

        The 1.5 million figure for Auschwitz is in dispute by the way, even according to their own website which lists 1.1 million. I think you missed my point however; that figure — whatever it may be — is for ALL deaths by ALL causes, the vast majority of which were caused by starvation and Typhus at the close of war according to the evidence, NOT by homicidal gas chambers or gun shot wounds or hangings or Nazi/SS brutality, not that all of these things, with the exception of the gas chambers, didn’t take place at times, but these appear to be isolated events and certainly not the norm.

        Should you decide to set aside your bias temporarily and take the time to research what many historians, scientists, technicians, scholars, authors and political figures — some of them Jewish — have to say regarding the so-called “death camps”, Hitler and Germany’s role in WW1 and WW2, i assure you that you will find that the truth is vastly different than the Hollywood version we have all been exposed to for decades.

        I should also say that it is not my intention to glorify the Nazi’s. There is no doubt that atrocities were committed by all sides, but after careful study there can also be no doubt that the German civilian population suffered far greater than we are led to believe. I am sure that many, like yourself, have lost family members as a result of Nazi/German brutality, but the point i am making does not center on individual loss or incidents which are a facet of any war, but rather on the overall picture of the course of the war and, particularly, whether there was a policy to exterminate the Jews. Again, after careful research, it will be clear to any open-minded person that there is no proof of any such policy. This is further reinforced by all of the evidence gathered by the aforementioned people.

        Also your mental picture of Auschwitz is grossly inaccurate according to the evidence and testimony of former prisoners who stated that they rarely saw the SS and were allowed to roam the camp freely to, for example, go to the theater, swimming pool, library, camp stores, post office or participate in a sporting event, sometimes along side the SS guards. These are facts for which testimony, photographs and physical evidence exists and they are easily verifiable by anyone willing to look. See here for example:

        THE AUSCHWITZ ALBUM – A Real-Life Look at What’s Hidden There

        A Brief History of Forensic Examinations of Auschwitz – Germar Rudolf

        An official Polish report on the Auschwitz ‘gas chambers’

        Auschwitz vs Science

        Carlo Mattogno – Auschwitz: Crematorium I and the Alleged Homicidal Gassings

        David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper, Director, Auschwitz State Museum

        Germar Rudolf – The Rudolf Report – Expert Report on Chemical and Technical Aspects of the Gas Chambers of Auschwitz

        Inside the Auschwitz Gas Chambers (Fred Leuchter)

        No Gas Chambers at Auschwitz according to this Eye Witness

        The Chemistry of Auschwitz by Richard J. Green

        If you wish to accuse me of spreading hate, and wish to hate me, that is fine. But so far you have attacked me and not the evidence i brought to the table. I can’t say that i blame you because, like you, i would have done the same to others 15 or so years ago when i was 110% certain that i knew the truth about the “holocaust” and the war. Knowing the truth put me on higher ground than anyone disputing my views because i had SEEN THE BODIES being thrown and bull-dozed into huge pits. I watched the entire World at War series on T.V.. I was taught about the “holocaust” in school. Of course 6 millkion Jews were gassed! To believe anything else is ludicrous!

        It was only after i set aside my ego and decided to take a fresh look at the issue with as much of an open mind as i could muster that i learned that i wasn’t on any moral high ground. I was wrong. About all of it.

        We all know — or most of us anyway — that propaganda plays a huge role in politics and government. We all know that governments lie. What makes you think they haven’t lied about Germany’s role in WW2?

        If your perspective is essentially correct, then what do you have to lose by putting it to the test?

        Click my signature for some study resources, or go to CODOH where they have a huge library of books and documents – all free.

        1. I don’t need to consult any other sources because I know that my mother told the truth and that she knew the truth. Besides what I described she was also a slave laborer and saw and heard from others who were liberated.

          How do I know she (and my father) told the Truth? I will tell you — because they showed me more love than anyone on this earth has ever known. Ever. When you know that depth of love, you don’t need historical accounts.

          You can use sophistry to question the videos and you can accuse me of hate. I have transcended these conversations but attempted to confront some of this dispassionately through this essay.

          Did you read the story of my mother and the eyeglasses?

          Let me tell you a story about my father – he went to the Nazis in Prague to request permission to immigrate for his first family.
          They threw him physically out of the window–they shouted, “Jews don’t travel, Jews die.”

          In Terezin a companion handed him a lit cigarette as a guard walked by. Smoking was prohibited and my father came this close to being shot. The guard decided to overlook it. My entire life came that close to never happening.

          My mother found three four leaf clovers on the day she was liberated. I still have them.

          Most important I still have the fervent connection in my heart to these two people – a bond so strong that no amount of misinformation or bullshit – yes bullshit – will ever defeat.

          I don’t hate you. I wish you peace and understanding — and I hope you can transcend your conditioning to the extent that I have transcended my own.

          1. Tom, it seems you’re misconstruing his position–again–most likely because this is a sensitive and very personal issue for you. I know this is not my place to interject, but isn’t the aim–using your own words–an honest dialogue?

  6. I actually just found out that supposedly Hitler had reached an agreement with Zionist leaders that allowed, over a number of years, roughly seventy thousand Jews to immigrate to Palestine with their wealth. I also just recently found out that Zionists had urged Jews globally to boycott German industries and production, while Germany’s economy was already suffering severely. There is actually a lot more mesmerizing tidbits of which I have become aware in the last week or so; mesmerizing because not even ten years ago I was indoctrinated in my high school history class that Hitler was the epitome of evil, in addition to having been hellbent on persecuting Jews without reason; yet to be entirely frank I can’t be sure whether or not, and or how much, I’m adding to that history doctrine of high school public education, fanciful and thus fictional notions that have been portrayed and repeated over and over and over again in Hollywood films. In fact, that was another reason for Hitler’s detestation of Jews: Jews had accounted for only a minuscule fraction of the entire German population, but because Jews dominated critical industries, such as media, print and otherwise, their representation in Germany was misleadingly disproportionate to the detriment of other races, if you will. Anyhow, there is a one of a kind documentary that had been put together by a guy who goes by the name Dennis Wise; unfortunately it’s six and a half hours long–I’m not sure if you have that kind of time, or your interest is piqued that much, but nonetheless here is a link for you or anybody else who might be interested: There is also a two hour long radio interview that Dennis Wise just took part in over at (the first hour is free for nonmembers):

    On another note, I’ve learned over and over and over again that it’s extremely difficult to come across persons on the web who are sincerely interested in conducting honest dialogues, so you’re not alone! Likewise, I enjoyed your article, albeit I enjoy most of what you write. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Appreciate that. If you recall in the original article I reacted to being asked to watch/read a bunch of similar stuff. My response is the same – right NOW what difference does any of this really make to those suffering.

      These are historical accounts or stories that have no end in terms of who is right or who perpetrated what first. Today, suffering can only be abated through compassion and technology–by providing services to those in need regardless of beliefs.

      Does it matter to someone infected whether Ebola comes from monkeys or aliens?

      1. Well, at the very end of your article “[you] urge those who participate online in forums like this to examine their own biases as they would those of others,” which is exactly what I’m doing “NOW.” Hence, questioning the idea of the Holocaust in the literal sense of the systematic mass slaughter of European Jews in Nazi concentration camps during World War II–the widespread bias in other words–that is perpetuated in the media and history doctrines of education systems internationally.

        Likewise, in the Bernhard Guenther documentary to which you have provided a link, it is emphasized that if and when we are capable of seeing the world more objectively–our history or historical accounts included–the greater the love to which we shall have access and are capable of embodying and enacting in our everyday lives, because “love in its truest sense means to see the world, oneself, and others, more objectively.” (11:30ish)

        It is about embracing the truth and raising awareness.

        You can’t effectively or appropriately treat somebody with Ebola if you’re under the impression that their symptoms are the result of a broken bone…

        I’m convinced that a big step forward in “healing the Holocaust” is discovering the truth and setting it free. And judging by the topic of your article, and certain statements therein, I thought you might be interested in the material to which I had provided links. Perpetuating this notion that Jews were gassed, that is seemingly becoming more and more unfounded as time passes, is futile if one hopes to “heal the Holocaust.” I mean, just because your mother was selected for slave labour at a Nazi concentration camp does not necessarily entail that gas chambers existed, let alone that your grandparents were gassed in said chambers. Again, that isn’t to say that your family hasn’t suffered severely, even unfairly, but is rather a plea to further investigate before jumping to conclusions and perpetuating what is most likely a fictional production constructed to suit very specific political ends. To be entirely frank, I think that of all people you or anybody else who has direct–or more personal–ties to such events would be even more interested in uncovering the truth regarding such events in order to overcome the “victim story” that “can have just as powerful a hold on one’s perceptual reality as the more common notion of the Ego,” a statement to which also my personal experience attests; yet I totally understand that by the same token this might be also a very difficult undertaking.

        Godspeed, my friend.

  7. I agree with you Tom. Thank you for those links to Freeman Michaels and Michael Jeffreys, very helpful. No matter how much we are ready for awakening and new spiritual awareness the big H is so ingrained in us it is hard not to have old fears reawakened by today’s current events.

    Did you see yesterday’s NY Times editorial “Why Jews are Worried” by Deborah Lipstadt?
    Also thank you for liking my facebook page.

    1. You’re most welcome. Michael also has an “awakening community” you may like.
      I may read that article, but I’m already worried enough–always have been.

  8. Also of mention is the Rothschild nwo agenda calling for the two world wars and the movement of the European Jewish lineage into Palestine to bring on the third.

    Do not forget the Kazar dna origin of most European Jewish lineage.

    “..peer reviewed John Hopkins genetic research has shown most Israelis have no ancient Hebrew Blood at all, but are Khazarians or Ashkenazis and that most Palestinians DO have ancient Hebrew Blood.”

    Orthodox Jews say they should not have a country until God redeems them.
    “The People of Israel oppose the so-called “State of Israel” “..the Torah forbids us to end the exile and establish a state and army until the Holy One, blessed He, in His Glory and Essence will redeem us. This is forbidden even if the state is conducted according to the law of the Torah because arising from the exile itself is forbidden, and we are required to remain under the rule of the nations of the world, as is explained in the book VAYOEL MOSHE. If we transgress this injunction, He will bring upon us (may we be spared) terrible punishment.”

    They are however, allowed to live peacefully in any nation, following that nations laws and abstain from politics. (Why I like these guys!)

    Arabs, Iran, Palestine, and semitic Orthodox Jews have lived together peacefully for these thousands of years.

    Jesus to John – Revelation 2:9 “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not, but are the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN”

    Jesus said.


    1. Steven: Yours is a satire, right?

      You claim: “Rothschild nwo agenda calling for the two world wars and the movement of the European Jewish lineage into Palestine to bring on the third.” Please provide references to this society of fortune tellers.

      The genetic thing is well debunked:

      Do you have evidence to support your claim: “The People of Israel oppose the so-called “State of Israel” In fact, based on their willingness to defend it, they think quite the opposite.

      You say: “Orthodox Jews say they should not have a country until God redeems them.” I don’t know what that means, but maybe they’ve been redeemed.

      You say “Arabs, Iran, Palestine, and semitic Orthodox Jews have lived together peacefully for these thousands of years.” Yup. German Jews too. Until the neighbors get a jones for Jewish stuff and kill them. Seriously dude, you haven’t been paying attention. Hasn’t Iran, Libya, Iraq, and a lot of other Arabs sworn the extermination of all Jews? There was this guy who wrote an antisemitic book Called Mein Kampf – his name escapes me – maybe you know who I’m talking about – he made it his life’s work to destroy that peacefullness.

      The ‘living peacefully in any nation’ hasn’t been true, because those nations haven’t been particularly peaceful toward the jews. Isn’t that the reason for the state of Isreal?

      The reference to Revelation 2:9 is out of context. Here’s the rest of the story: “Message to the Church in Smyrna 8″And to the angel of the church in Smyrna write: The first and the last, who was dead, and has come to life, says this: 9’I know your tribulation and your poverty (but you are rich), and the blasphemy by those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. 10’Do not fear what you are about to suffer. Behold, the devil is about to cast some of you into prison, so that you will be tested, and you will have tribulation for ten days. Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.…” Ref:

      IMHO one of the most important things in life is control. Liberty gives control to the individual and is one of the defining differences between socialism and capitalism. If living in a Jewish state/country give Jews control over their destinies maybe that’s a good thing.

  9. Hi Tom, I happened to come across your article today. I admire the openess in which you have endeavoured to approach this issue. I cannot put myself in your shoes, as I have no direct link to the Holocaust and am not Jewish. My only comment is based on your references to Ekhart Tolle. All knowledge / consciousness does indeed exist in the moment, and that is the measure of my viewpoint of the current Israel / Palestinian conflict. The situation has entered my line of sight slowly over the last few years, and I was straddling the fence of objectivity and found myself empathizing with both viewpoints. However that all changed in 2014. I realised that it is about distilling the issue at hand, and really ‘seeing’ what is happening. This is not about a group of people being asked to make the most of the same opportunities that have been offered to another, in to secure their own prosperity. This is the equivalent of the wealth / poverty argument. We don’t all have the same opportunities, and due to incomprehension and arrogance it’s difficult for many people sometimes to look outside their own life experiences to realise this.

    This is about a group of people who have been stripped of personal freedoms, controlled, systematically persecuted with violence, arbitrary arrests and imprisonment which includes children from the age of 12, torture, murder, collective punishment, destruction of homes and lives with bulldozers, an arpartheid wall segregating, restricting and prohibiting movement, denial of medical interventions and travel to receive treatment, restriction of foods, medicines, construction materials to rebuild after the razing of their lands and homes and the list just goes on and on. Watch Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor who was in the trenches during the July / August Massacre. The dehumanising of the worth of a Palestinian life is evident in Israels insistence that they were merely acting to defend themselves.

    This is now, and this is ALL that matters. This is not about attacking the Jewish faith, Jewish people or their history. It is about the rogue ideological madness that has gripped the State of Israel, which has to be stopped. There can be no hope of peace, while those on the outside place equanimity to the plight on both sides of the ‘fence’. There is no justification for the brutality, the incomparable military advantage and weaponry being used against the people of Gaza. This can not be defended from any ideological perspective, if the foundation is based on anything resembling humanity.

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