The CDC Just Quietly & Dramatically Changed Their Claims About mRNA Vaccine Safety

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Remember when there was great discussion around the idea that the spike protein from COVID vaccinations may last longer in the body than the 48 hours claimed by experts?

This was what the CDC was claiming for quite some time, all the way up until July 2022. Here is what that looked like:

Wayback machine archived screenshot.

But now it says this:

What it currently states on the CDC website.

You can see they have removed the piece about spike proteins lasting in the body and staying near the injection site.

The mRNA and the spike protein do not last long in the body.

– Our cells break down mRNA from these vaccines and get rid of it within a few days after vaccination.

– Scientists estimate that the spike protein, like other proteins our bodies create, may stay in the body up to a few weeks.

I want you to note that the CDC claims their latest update was July 15, 2022. But this chunk they removed was in there all the way up until July 22, 2022 when they quietly changed it. You can see this in the screenshot from the Wayback machine.

Yet the CDC did not update their “last updated” notice to reflect this change. This leads us to our first question ”Does this seem like transparent behaviour from a regulator who is literally, in many ways, guiding the entire world when it comes to COVID vaccines?”

So why is this change about the spike protein important? Let’s first recall that the initial story was that spike protein from mRNA vaccines remains localized at the injection site, and that the spike protein was rapidly cleared from the body to avoid long lasting effects and possible damage.

These ideas were primary considerations when regulators were looking to approve these vaccines and claim they were safe and ready for Emergency Use Authorization.

Yet now the CDC has removed their claims around these two facts, ultimately not wanting to stand behind those statements any longer. Why now? Who knows.

The truth is there were claims of potential issues related to the spike protein and where it ended up in the body all the way back in early 2021 before and just after Emergency Use Authorizations were given.

We can recall when Dr Byram Bridle was saying that spike proteins may be having a damaging effect on the body and that they are not staying at the injection site.

Good news was had us all covered with “the facts,” stating:

“There is no evidence to indicate that the spike proteins generated by human cells following vaccination are a toxin or that they circulate in the body and damage tissues, contrary to what a Canadian virus immunologist recently claimed.”

Obviously in this case they left out the part that stated there was no evidence that proteins don’t move throughout the body and damage tissues. Something we know now.

And what was FactCheck.orgs source? The CDC of course. The same people who are now stealth editing their work to cover up their negligence around this exact issue. They state:

“According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the “most intensive safety monitoring in U.S. history” has found that most of the reported side effects after COVID-19 vaccination are minor, such as pain at the injection site or fever. Severe adverse reactions to the vaccines have been rare.”

That’s it. Debunked just like that. Couple that with the statement claiming “there’s no evidence” and you have the public thinking these claims have actually been debunked when they in fact have not even been addressed.

Yet here we are a year and a half later and the CDC is quietly removing their claims around this very issue.

You can see why this is problematic, but let’s keep going.

Here’s how doctors and scientists have been trying to provide evidence to back their concerns on this issue.

In March 2022 a paper came out discussing observations that show the spike protein doesn’t stay at the injection site. You’ll note when I go through this piece that they are referring to observations made before and in and around the time Emergency Use Authorization was given. which means regulators knew this before they approved it. This was known through animal testing, but was never disclosed to the public.

Let’s read:

“Biodistribution studies are fundamental to determine in which tissues and organs an injected compound travels and accumulates. To the author’s knowledge, up to now, such evaluation has not been carried out on humans for any of the emergency use approved COVID-19 vaccines. […] a pharmacokinetic study performed by Pfizer for the Japanese regulatory agency shows that the LNPs display an off-target distribution on rodents, accumulating in organs such as the spleen, liver, pituitary gland, thyroid, ovaries and in other tissues.5 Similarly, the results of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) assessment reports show an off-target distribution of the LNPs used by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna, in the liver and other organs of rodents.”

Now some people have been claiming that these rodent studies were not that great and therefore we can’t trust the results. But signals are still there that suggest the spike protein doesn’t stay at the injection site and regulators are doing nothing to understand what’s going on.

Think of it this way, if there was no issue at all, why would the CDC remove these claims from their website? It seems more than likely that evidence we may not be privy to doesn’t back their claims very well.

So to summarize here. The CDC has now somewhat aligned it’s views with what ‘anti-vaxxers’ have been saying since early 2021. That we don’t know enough about these injections, we are unsure what the spike protein does in the body and where it ends up.

We’ve had 2 pieces of content removed from YouTube for discussing these very facts back in 2021 and early 2022. Both of which are now being acknowledged by the CDC as not being false.

I want to be fair and acknowledge that these vaccines have done some good, which we have covered in countless videos on this channel, but we must ask at what cost?

We also must acknowledge that this type of work from the CDC has been the source for things like vaccine mandates that have cost people their livelihoods, friends ability to live life fully.

Now that you can see the lack of science behind their claims and their lack of transparency, does the CDC seem trustworthy to you?

Herein lies one of the biggest issues we’ve been trying to raise awareness about since early on in the pandemic.

The fact checkers go to authority, which is the CDC, but the CDC is often wrong and are not listening to the signals doctors and scientists are putting forth and observing. Instead, we are censoring and ridiculing these scientists. Then we watch as the CDC, time and time again, changes their tune to match the scientists that have been censored.

This pattern suggests we cannot trust the CDC nor fact checkers as they are negligent and incomplete in their work.

Mainstream media is also not holding these institutions accountable which leaves us in a collective sensemaking crisis because the vast majority of the public is simply taking their cues from mainstream media and authority figures like the CDC.

But again, like many things, I believe this is an evolutionary pressure that pushes us towards better things. The veil gets lifted, people see more clearly, and in the end we are challenged to develop skills of better collective sensemaking and questioning to make it through this chaos.

So if we cannot trust these authority figures, what do we do? We have to learn how to discern other sources, discuss information effectively, and dialogue amongst each other respectfully.

Simply put, get your information from multiple media sources. I don’t care if you watch mainstream or alternative, grab from multiple sources and attempt to question what you hear. There is just as much bunk in the alternative space as there is in the mainstream space so get a mix going.

Look at the information presented and seek to understand or question the facts, don’t assassinate the source simply because you don’t like them.

When you dialogue with people about these topics, ask questions, seek clarity on what people are saying and what their position is. Don’t assume. The truth is if you are TOO SURE of your position you’ve probably just blinded yourself.

And of course by all means, join our membership called the Explorer Lounge. We have a ton of community dialogue, sensemaking sessions and even a course to help us improve our awareness around bias and improve critical thinking.


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mRNA from vaccination can remain in body for 8 weeks’s fact check on Dr. Byram Bridle

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