“Free Energy”: When To Believe The Unbelievable

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Article co-authored with Sanjeev S. Aroskar.

“Therefore, massless Ether has got to be once again established. Then, there will be a meaningful understanding physics, meaningful understanding of metaphysics and meaningful understanding of spiritual processes.”

The Paramahamsa Tewari, former Executive Director, Nuclear Power Corporation, India

According to Saamkhya hypothesis, all creation is comprised of five principal elements [Prithvi (matter on Earth, Jal (water), Agni (fire, heat), Vayu (air), and Akash]. The fifth element, Akash, is, in turn, comprised of consciousness and energy. Some refer to Akash as massless Ether. This article attempts to show that cosmos is full of energy and that to attract it requires a process. The article explains how you can see and experience the cosmic energy. The article explains the concept of massless Ether and shows how that explanation sheds light on modern physics and spirituality.

Joe Martino published a fascinating story he called, Free Energy Generator that Works: Tewari demonstrates his over unity machine on ThePulse on July 1, 2022. Here, Paramahamsa Tewari demonstrates how his machine is producing more energy than what is supplied to it. At first glance, this seems highly improbable, but, in view of the fact that energy is abundant in the universe, Tewari’s claim needs to be studied thoroughly.

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In 2014, after a decade-long search into the meaning nothing and the nature of ultimate reality, science writer Amanda Gefter released her finding in her path-breaking book, “Trespassing on Einstein’s Lawn” (Bantam Books, 2014), concluding that the universe came out of nothing. For her book, Gefter interacted with some of the best brains in physics, including Stephen Hawking and John Archibald Wheeler, a colleague of Albert Einstein at Princeton. This short short video clip illustrates the gist of her findings. Ancient seers had known how creation happened eons ago.

Some 13.8 billion years ago, the nothingness of the void produced the energy phase of the big bang event, incredibly small, about the size of Plank’s length (10-33 cm in diameter), unbelievably hot, and immensely dense, which then created the universe. According to NASA, today, the universe comprises of 70% energy, 25% dark matter, like black holes, and 5% matter, like galaxies, stars and planets.

The universe may end one day but consciousness will remain for consciousness is eternal.

H.H. the Dalai Lama

Whatever is present in the universe today was already present in the energy phase of the big bang event, although not in manifest form. The cosmic energy is abundant, so, it should be possible to see it. Actually, we can. My guru, H. H. Guru Mahan taught us how to see the energy in 2011:

  1. On a sunny day, look at the sky at infinite distance not focusing on anything in particular. Let the Sun be on the opposite side so your line of sight is free from glare. Select a spot to view that is free of obstruction from trees, buildings, etc.
  2. Stare as far as your eyes can see without focusing on anything in particular for a few minutes without blinking your eyes. Of course, blink if you must. The whole experiment shouldn’t last more than five or so minutes.
  3. Do you see something the sky is full of?

Many readers will see it, but some won’t. Be open-minded with a willingness to think outside the box and you might see it. Some years ago, I asked Arvind Bhavasar, our software consultant, to do an experiment. Go out in the balcony of my apartment in Pune and attempt to see the energy and report back on what if anything he saw in the sky. He came back in the apartment and reported seeing the sky full of energy. Then, I asked him to produce a video clip depicting what he saw. That video clip is shown below.

This depiction is substantially similar to what we, and our friends and family have seen. Thus, this measurement stands corroborated.

Paramahamsa Tewari designed a piece of equipment to capture this energy demonstrating that the machine created more energy than the energy supplied to it. The confidence in Tewari’s work arises from the fact that a major industrial enterprise, KIRLOSKAR ELECTRIC in India designed and successfully operated the machine in their premises upon seeing a demonstration of it in Tewari’s premises.

We site two more examples of how this cosmic energy may be attracted for supporting life and for transforming energy into matter.

Energy in Support of Life

Given the four principal elements, it is not possible to create life. The missing element is Akash: energy & consciousness. The latter come into us when we come out of our mother’s womb and take our first breath and leave us when exhale for the last time. The time between the first inhalation and the last exhalation is lifespan.

This life-force energy remains within a band for much of our life and drops precipitously to a low value towards the end of life. Thus, it is advisable to keep our energy up as late in life as possible.

To explain this further, we all have trillions of cells. If we breakdown the cells into even smaller parts, we will find that they are made up of atoms. Atoms are not solid objects; they have protons and neutrons in their nuclei and electrons that orbit them. Thus, we all vibrating all the time.

Vibrations is light, not necessary visible light, but light along the entire electromagnetic spectrum, from infrared to ultraviolent. Our light characteristics are our fundamental nature. They tell us everything about us.

The vibrational signals are too weak for human perception with the five senses. For measurement purposes, they have to be stimulated and amplified.

In one approach, a harmless electrical current is applied to the fingers of our two hands, one at a time, and the finger’s response to this electrical stimulus is a burst of photons which are captured and analyzed to estimate our energy. See this video clip showing how the measurement is made.

Meditation is a process that can be used to capture the energy from the cosmos and enhance it in our body. Figure 1 depicts energy before-and-after meditation. Notice that the energy level has gone up after every meditation session. During the course of the day after meditation, the energy level dips again. It is extremely important to keep up with the meditation practice or else the downward trend could continue and that wouldn’t be supportive of life.

Relatedly, the Sanskrit name Pranayam literally literally means control of “Prana.” Prana includes two things: Oxygen and cosmic energy.

Let us do an experiment. please learn how to do Bhramari Pranayam. Pranayam means control of Prana (life-force)< and it is an integral part of the Ashthanga (Eight-step) yoga.

With your eyes closed, as you inhale, you may notice the presence of light. You will also notice that during inhalation, the intensity of that light increases. This is indicative of the fact that you are not only inhaling Oxygen, but also cosmic energy.

Transforming Energy from One Form into Another: W.A. “Bill” Tiller was an eminent Professor Emeritus and a former Chair of Materials Science and Engineering Department at Stanford University

Coming from a different perspective, Tiller recognized that energy was present in abundance and that it should be possible to take advantage of it. In particular, to transform energy into matter. Specifically, he showed that with the use meditation and his process, it was possible to change of pH of water without adding any chemicals. Visit the website, tillerfoundation.org.

A plot of pH vs time taken from Tiller’s site is shown in Figure 2. Note that the use of meditation implies the presence of spiritual processes.

Note that spiritual processes are implied in both of these examples as the use of meditation is involved.

These examples serve as corroborative evidence showing that Tewari was on the right track. We need not limit ourselves to renewables like solar, wind, geothermal; there is another source of abundant energy that is free if we only knew how to tap into it. The implications of his work are profound. Further research on a global scale is warranted. That may also be supportive of a more peaceful world.

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