Exclusive: Man Believes Mom’s COVID Treatment In Hospital Responsible For Her Death

Shaun Patterson and his 69 year old mother, Judith Patterson, before her passing.

In Brief

  • The Facts:
    • A woman’s health dramatically declined after being given a Moderna vaccine in hospital while recovering from COVID.

    • She died a week later after being taken off a ventilator and given fentanyl.

    • Health Canada suggests not getting a vaccine for at least 3 months after previous infection, although it lets the provinces decide policy.

  • Reflect On:
    • If the science is settled, why is there such a dramatic discrepancy between health policy even within the same country?

    • Would introducing a vaccine that signals someone's cells to produce the spike protein that they are still recovering from make sense for their health and well being?

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A son is seeking answers and legal support after his mother was recovering in hospital from COVID-19, and breathing without a ventilator on her own for 12 days when she was given the Moderna vaccine. Within the week she was back on a ventilator.

Shaun Patterson took his 69 year old mother, Judith Patterson to the local hospital on Nov. 12, 2021 because she was having difficulty breathing. At this time she was fully aware and able to advocate for herself. She wanted to be supported with oxygen, antibiotics and steroids, but held off on ventilation due to the toll it can take on one’s body.

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The hospital seemed to be pushing for an immediate transfer to a bigger facility three hours away, as well as intubation (being on a ventilator).

“We said, no, we’re not interested in going that route. Let’s keep her here. Keep her on the oxygen. Keep her on antibiotics. Keep her on the steroids for her lungs. And the doctor told us, and I quote, ‘if you turn down sending her to Trail [hospital name] so she could be intubated, then we’re going to prepare your mum for her natural death here.”

Shaun Patterson

At this point Shaun Patterson was not allowed to be in physical contact with his mother or at the hospital. At first he was told it was because he was unvaccinated. Then he was told it was because he was exposed to his mother who likely had COVID-19.

Within 24 hours after being admitted Judith Patterson agreed to be moved to the larger hospital. Shaun Patterson called as his mother was arriving at the new location to check in and see how she was doing.

“The doctor says, ‘oh, your mom just got here. But according to the file that the doctor sent me, I expected somebody coming in on their deathbed, and she doesn’t look like a lady who’s dying.” 

Shaun Patterson

Hours after arrival at the new location she was put into a medically-induced coma and intubated, while Shaun Patterson quarantined for 14 days. Throughout this time he would video call to check in on his mother, talk to medical staff, and get as much information as possible about her progress.

From Nov. 13, 2021 to Dec. 2, 2021 Judith Patterson was on a ventilator with a high levels of ventilation pressure needed.

Overnight on Dec 2, 2021 her condition began to get progressively better as the ventilator pressure needed dropped from twelve to eight. A patient can be taken off of a ventilator when the pressure level is five or less.

Although the recovery was going to be a long road, Shaun Patterson believed everything was going in the right direction when his mother was taken off the ventilator on Dec. 12, 2021. She was still taking oxygen but her lungs were working on their own.

Then on Christmas Shaun Patterson had a video call with his mother where she shared that she was given the Moderna vaccine, and showed him the swollen red injection site on her arm.

“She called me the day after and she’s like ‘they gave me Moderna, they told me if I didn’t take this vaccine that I wouldn’t make it.’ Omicron would get [kill] her’ is what she told me.”

Shaun Patterson

The Moderna COVID vaccine signals your cells to produce spike proteins. And like a flu shot, COVID vaccines are meant for one strain of the virus, so they do not have the same protection against other variants, like Omicron.

Shaun Patterson remembers his mother declining quickly after being vaccinated and her medical records stated that the oxygen level she now required went up. By Dec. 28, 2021 she was back on the ventilator.

Unfortunately, Judith Patterson never recovered after receiving the Moderna vaccine, and on Jan. 1, 2022, she was taken off the ventilator and given fentanyl by a nurse as her son Shaun Patterson was by her side. She died within minutes.

The autopsy report read COVID, heart failure and myocarditis as her causes of death.

This is where things get a bit tricky to sort out.

On the official Government of Canada website it suggests that a vaccine can be taken three months after COVID-19 infection, but for Judith Patterson , it was given while she was still recovering.


That said, the Canadian Federal government states each province is allowed to follow their own policy. In British Columbia, where Judith Patterson was being treated, they state:

If you’ve recently had a positive COVID-19 test result, you can wait up to 3 months for your booster dose or get it any time after your symptoms have passed. It is not harmful to get vaccinated and it will give you a good boost to your protection. 

For contrast, the province right next to British Columbia is Alberta, and their provincial website states;

Q: Is there a mandatory waiting period between recovering from COVID-19 and receiving the vaccine?

A: Yes. It is recommended to wait eight weeks after a COVID-19 infection before beginning or completing a primary series of vaccine.

It is recommended to wait three months after a COVID-19 infection before getting a booster dose.

Province of Alberta Health Services website.

There are a couple obvious problems here. If governments are following the science, why is there such a variance in recommendations for how long to wait after infection before giving a vaccine?

Secondly, what does it mean to be recovered? Should the patient be out of hospital? Or just have their symptoms disappear? Judith Patterson was getting better and had a negative COVID test, but was she still technically recovering from the illness? Where does natural immunity play into this given it is shown to be just as strong as vaccine induced protection?

“Why are they giving her the vaccine, after she’s been riddled with antibiotics. Riddled with medications, her lungs are already in bad enough shape as they are. And then as soon as they gave her the vaccination, she was on more oxygen than she had been on the whole freaking time.”

Shaun Patterson

If hospital staff considered Judith Patterson to be COVID symptom free and “recovered”, therefore able to receive the vaccine, then was the Moderna vaccine what drove her to become very ill after receiving it? Can it be said that it was linked to her cause of death?

Or perhaps she was not fully recovered from COVID-19 and so she should not have been given the vaccine to begin with. Either way, one must question whether medical malpractice is at play here in Judith Patterson’s case.

One of the main reasons the family wanted to avoid intubation was because there is a high death rate once someone is put on a ventilator. Further, recovery once one is off a ventilator is extremely challenging. The belief is that when people are so close to death, the ventilator is the last option.

However, as seen with Judith Patterson, she was coherent, and talking. Was the ventilator really necessary at that moment?

If the vaccine is not responsible for her death, it is potentially the result of the ventilator damage. Why is hospital protocol pushing so hard for this treatment right away for patients?

This reveals the potential implications of a lack of scientific standards around COVID-19 treatment and care.

From intubation to vaccination and finally her death, Shaun Patterson has been looking through the medical records finding that what he was told, what he remembers, and what is in the records at times do not align.

The Pulse reached to the hospital to ask why in this hospital record there is a note that says “please remove from MAR” in reference to the vaccine being removed from the Medication Administration Record ( MAR.) Although the vaccine administration was found on the MAR, Shaun Patterson was wondering why a note like this would be written to begin with.

The hospital did not respond for an interview or comment.

Shaun Patterson is now raising money to further investigate what took place in regards to his mother’s treatment and death, as well to cover the costs associated with her death and the time he has spent researching. If you wish to support his efforts you can do so on his GoFundMe.

There have been many families coming forward with similar stories. A Facebook group called C19 Families and Victims of the System has been started with weekly meeting for people to support each other and share information.

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