75 % of US Children Have Had COVID, So Why Push Them To Get Vaccinated?

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In Brief

  • The Facts:
    • A new CDC study shows that around 75% of American children have already had covid.

    • That means that they have strong natural immunity that protects them from covid infections as they get older.

    • Despite this, the CDC, the FDA and other government agencies are pushing all of them to get vaccinated.

  • Reflect On:
    • Why has health policy failed to include the science of natural immunity?

    • Why was it ignored, and sometimes even labelled a "conspiracy" early on in the pandemic?

    • Do governments and big pharma really have the best interests of humanity at heart? Or are they motivated by something else?

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A new CDC study shows that approximately 75 percent of American children have already had COVID-19. This means they have strong natural immunity that protects them from re-infection as they age. They also have protection from severe symptoms if they do happen to become reinfected. Despite this fact, the CDC and the FDA as well as other government agencies are around the world are still pushing for all children to be vaccinated? But why?

I’ve written quite a bit about the science that’s been published about natural immunity. The last example was a JAMA study published on Feb 3, 2022 titled “Prevalence and Durability of SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies Among Unvaccinated US Adults by History of COVID-19.” It found evidence of natural immunity to COVID in unvaccinated healthy US adults up to 20 months after confirmed COVID-19 infection, which is far greater than the protection any COVID-19 vaccine has been shown to provide.

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But this data throughout the pandemic has not fit the narrative. One of the authors of that study, Dr. Marty Makary from Johns Hopkins, said it himself after the study was censored.

“Big tech was not happy about our JAMA study on natural immunity. LinkedIn took it down (censored my post below). The data doesn’t fit the narrative.”

Dr. Marty Makary

Another recent paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine had similar results. Protection was measures 18 months after infection, and the lead author of that study.  Dr. Laith Jamal Abu Raddad, told me in an email that “natural immunity against severe COVID-19 will last substantially longer, perhaps even for a lifetime (as we see for other common cold coronaviruses.)”

In a peer-reviewed article published in the journal Science Immunology on Jan. 25, 2022 scientists from Oregon Health & Science University showed in raw data that antibodies derived from previous COVID infection are at least 10 times more potent than that generated by vaccination alone.

Epidemiologist, vaccine experts and former Harvard Medical Professor Martin Kulldorff explains,

“What does this mean? We know that natural immunity after covid recovery provides excellent protection against future infections, and while covid will be with us for the rest of our lives, it will be something that our immune system will cope with in the way it is handling the other four widely circulating coronaviruses.

It means that we are now transitioning from the pandemic stage to the endemic stage, and we will eventually reach herd immunity, the end point of every pandemic no matter what strategy is used.

Given these numbers, why are the CDC, the FDA and the government pushing hard for all children to get vaccinated against covid? Why are some schools and universities mandating covid vaccines for children and young adults? The majority already have superior natural immunity. “

Dr. Martin Kulldorff

Even if a child has not has COVID-19, their risk of dying and/or being hospitalized from it is extremely small. Their chances of survival are nearly 100 percent according to estimated infection/fatality numbers. Children have a greater risk of dying from a  range of other causes  like motor vehicle accidents, drowning, homicide, suicide, drug overdoses or cancer. Multiple countries, like Finald for example, have not even had any deaths from COVID-19 amongst the younger population. Furthermore, COVID vaccines do not halt the transmission of the virus.

“The CDC, the FDA, schools, and universities are pushing COVID vaccines without having shown any benefit to the majority of children who have already had COVID. It is stunning how these institutions have abandoned 2,500 years of knowledge about natural immunity.”

Dr. Martin Kulldorff

What about the risks and injuries associated with the vaccines that have been exposed throughout the pandemic?

It’s truly hard to make sense of what’s happened during COVID-19. We’ve experienced catastrophic mandates that did more harm than good, the censorship and ridicule of science that doesn’t fit the narrative and demonizing those who have been willing to ask important questions.

This, and more, should make it quite clear that the measures governments have taken during the pandemic were not about human health or trying to control the pandemic as we were told, but for ulterior motives. That in itself is another discussion, one that exposes just how corrupt agencies that are tasked with looking out for the best interests of the citizenry have become.

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