Ottawa Police Maintain “A Bicycle Was Thrown” at A Horse Who Trampled Protesters

Ottawa interim police chief Steve Bell

In Brief

  • The Facts:
    • Ottawa Police horses trampled two individuals during Ottawa protests, one being an elderly indigenous woman who was taken to the hospital.

    • Interim police chief Steve Bell maintains that a bicycle was thrown and protesters were getting aggressive.

    • All video footage shows this is untrue.

  • Reflect On:

    Should we take the word of someone leading a show of force that unnecessarily harmed people? Or should we let our own eyes see the truth in plain video from multiple sources?

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The Ottawa Police sent in horses to push a line of protesters back at Mackenzie Avenue and Wellington St in Ottawa where protests were being held. As a journalist on the front lines I can tell you, these horses were massive and very powerful. A completely unnecessary use of force during a peaceful protest.

As the horses trotted in, an elderly indigenous woman was knocked off her walking scooter and hit the ground. Another man was trampled by the horse. Police claim there was a bicycle thrown at the horses which caused them to to trip. As an eye witness, there was no bicycle anywhere, only her walking scooter, and nothing was thrown.

You can watch the video footage here.

This has not stopped Ottawa police from repeatedly reporting there was a bicycle, even after pictures were sent to police showing more details about the incident. In fact, interim Ottawa police chief Steve Bell stated,

“Almost immediately there [were] tweets, there [were] pictures that had been photoshopped, out on social media that indicated people had died, that the horses had run over someone with a walker in the crowd.”

Interim police chief Steve Bell

Bell went on to say he would “check” into the idea that it was not a bicycle and get back to people. So far, even though the video and photo evidence is clear, the Ottawa Police have said nothing.

We have reached out to Ottawa Police multiple times for a statement and they continue to not answer. Police do maintain no one was injured, even though the elderly woman was taken to hospital and is recovering.

Woman trampled by police horses in Ottawa.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has modelled to citizens of Canada that it is OK to use force, not words and that it is OK to protect your decisions at all costs. It seems Ottawa police are following that lead, not wanting to take responsibility for their actions.

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