Police Start Arresting Peaceful Protestors In Ottawa To Shut Down Freedom Convoy

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Police have begun blocking entrances and routes to downtown Ottawa, as well as arresting protesters ahead of the long weekend. This comes after the police issued leaflets to truckers warning them they will face criminal charges. This push comes after the Canadian government evoked the Emergency Measures Act for the first time in Canadian history in response to these protests. The government also expanded the definition of “terrorist financing” to shut down any funds meant for the Freedom Convoy, and has also frozen the bank accounts of many who have contributed.

Prior to all of this, the Canadian government labelled these protests as racist, misogynistic, and violent. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau referred to them as a “fringe minority” who have “unacceptable views” while an Angus Reid poll actually shows the majority of Canadians want vaccine mandates to end.

We’ve been on the ground in Ottawa for the duration of these protests, and anybody who has been here will tell you that there is no violence, racism or extremism. These protests have been extremely peaceful and represent love, respect, unity and freedom. This is quite easy to see. The government is desperate to shut it down, and they’ve been lying about the nature of these protests ever since they began. Legacy media has perpetuated these lies, and viewers themselves then take on that very perception.

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Despite the fact that provincial mandates are being lifted across Canada, governments are not crediting themselves, but rather the measures they’ve taken to combat COVID. This coincides with evidence showing these measures actually harmed and killed more people remaining unacknowledged by governments and legacy media.

If we continue to give governments this much power, they will just use these measures in the near future for a new variant, or a new virus that emerges sometime within the next few years. Which may be why they continue to credit themselves.

The positive thing is that COVID has been a great catalyst for people to see how governments really operate, and how easy it is for them to deceive people.

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