Ottawa Police Warn Truckers To Leave or Face Criminal Charges

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Ottawa police have begun handing out warning leaflets to truckers and other protestors stating that if they don’t leave immediately, they will face criminal charges.

This news comes after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau evoked the Emergency Measures Act for the first time in Canadian history to help stop the protests. Prior to this, the Canadian government and legacy media falsely labelled these protests as racist, extremist and made up of a “fringe” minority who hold “unacceptable views.”

The fact that many, and possibly the majority of Canadians want COVID mandates to end has not really been mentioned.

The notice cites the Emergencies Act saying it allows for the prohibition to travel to, from or within specific areas. The leaflet also warns that any charges or convictions may lead to denial when trying to cross the U.S. border, and says the demonstrators are committing mischief.

The Pulse has been at the scene in Ottawa and we can tell you this is not the case. It’s an extremely peaceful gathering with no signs of “terrorism” or “extremism.” The Canadian government and legacy media has been completely lying and using these lies as the basis for evoking more measures to get rid of the protestors.

This letter, shared below, seems to be the latest tactic among freezing funding meant for the convoy by expanding the meaning “terrorist financancing,” raiding gas and food storage areas for truckers and more.

Despite all this, the convoy remains and is determined to stay until all mandates are done away with across Canada.

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Below is the letter that police are currently circulating. Be sure to check back with us for updates.

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