Novak Djokovic: I’m Not Anti-Vax But Will Sacrifice Trophies If Told To Get Jab

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In the interview below by the BBC’s Amol Rajan, Novak Djokovic discusses his decision to remain unvaccinated as a professional tennis player.

Notable moment: Interviewer Amol Rajan in disbelieve as Djokovic says he would give up being the best tennis player ever to avoid getting a COVID vaccine he feels is not right for his body as an elite athlete. Djokovic says he is choosing his principles of maintaining his bodies health over any tennis title. Rajan’s disbelief suggests a lot about where our priorities are as a culture, and also likely illustrates the lack of balanced research he has done on the subject of COVID vaccine injury. Conversely, some might think Djokovic has an ‘irrational fear’ of this vaccine, but there is much reason for him to be concerned. Further, a look at the science shows vaccine mandates are unscientific, especially for someone who has had COVID like Djokovic has.

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