Ontario Govt. Wins Court Order To Freeze Freedom Convoy Funds On Give Send Go

In Brief

  • The Facts:
    • The Ontario Government has been granted a court order that freezes donation money to the Freedom Convoy.

    • The convoy organizers already turned to crypto to circumvent this issue. There they have raised 8 BTC so far or $351,000 USD.

  • Reflect On:

    Is this proving why cryptocurrency is such an important tool to adopt as it stops authoritarian governments from seizing money meant to hold them accountable?

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Today, the Ontario government won a court order blocking the use of “any and all monetary donations made through the Freedom Convoy 2022 and Adopt-a-Trucker campaign pages on the GiveSendGo online fundraising platform.”

Over $8 million dollars USD had been raised on Give Send Go. This was raised after over $10 million was raised through GoFundMe before it was shut down.

To be clear, the donated money on both platforms has not been seized, just frozen for the time being. In the days to come we will learn more about what will happen to the funds. The government of Ontario released the following statement.

The Ontario government called upon section 490.8 of the criminal code to get this order granted.

Freedom Convoy organizers saw this coming and began moving over to cryptocurrency to circumvent the issue. This is precisely one of the values of cryptocurrency, getting around the authoritarian hands of government when citizens begin to expose their wrongdoing. This is in part why governments speak so negatively about cryptocurrency.

To donate to the Freedom Convoy fighting for the freedom of all Canadians, you can use their crypto options here. They have raised $351,000 USD so far.

We are seeing desperation on the part of the Ontario and Canadian Federal government to shut down this peaceful protest at all costs. Instead of sitting down and speaking with organizers as they have kindly requested, governments continue to use force. Where is the leadership?

Unfounded claims of foreign money funding this campaign is just one of many ways government and media propaganda has been used to misconstrue what this movement is and who supports it.

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