New Poll: More Than 20 Million Canadians (54%) Want All COVID Restrictions To End Now

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In Brief

  • The Facts:
    • A new poll conducted by the Angus Reid Institute shows that the majority (54%) of Canadians now say they want all COVID restrictions to end.

    • This is an increase of 15-points since early January.

    • Multiple countries are now lifting COVID restrictions.

    • Many vaccinated and unvaccinated people are standing together on this.

  • Reflect On:

    Should we give governments the authority to make decisions that take away the livelihoods of many, contribute to death, and remove basic human rights and freedoms of people? Why do we as a citizenry allow this? Why do we constantly ask governments for change? Is it time to find another way?

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A new poll conducted by the Angus Reid Institute shows that the majority of Canadians want all COVID restrictions lifted. The institute points out that many Canadians now feel that they want to manage their own level of risk instead of having government do it for them.

The results of the poll also indicate that there’s been an increase of 15 percentage points with regards to this sentiment since the question was asked in early January.

This sentiment comes amidst the Freedom Convoy protests taking place in the nation’s capital of Ottawa, initiated by Canadian truckers. Despite being a very peaceful demonstration by both vaccinated and unvaccinated Canadians, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other politicians have labelled the movement and people who support it as “racist and misogynistic” extremists who represent a “fringe minority” with “unacceptable views.” This is clearly not the case, at all. And this recent poll further proves that point.

The Pulse has been on the scene the the majority of the time, and 99.9 percent of what’s happening is extremely peaceful, heart-warming and positive. You can view some of our coverage here on our YouTube channel, here on our Instagram page, and here on our Facebook page.

Legacy media painting a false perception of big events is no surprise, it’s something that’s happened throughout history. They’ve always used enormous amounts of propaganda in an attempt to shape and influence the perception of the masses. Many people, as a result, have been completely misinformed about basic COVID facts.

It seems government health regulatory agencies have done the same. For example, COVID “hospitalizations” haven’t really represented the number of people who are in hospitals as a result of COVID.

During this pandemic specifically, legacy media has completely ignored, censored and even ridiculed scientists and other experts in the field who have opposed government measures put in place to combat COVID. These measures, like mandates and lockdowns, for example, have harmed more people than the virus.

Many people have lost their ability to put food on the table, and measures like lockdowns have killed more people than COVID, while being completely ineffective at having any sort of effect on COVID mortality.

Other reasons for Canadians wanting COVID restrictions lifted may include the fact that COVID vaccines do not stop the transmission of the virus, the underreported COVID vaccine injuries, the high survival rates from the virus and low chance of hospitalization. Don’t forget about the basic right to body autonomy and the science that’s emerged regarding the power of natural immunity.

This recent poll from Angus Reid correlates with multiple others. Not only in Canada, but people around the globe are growing tired of COVID restrictions. Multiple countries, like England, Czech Republic, and Denmark have all dropped COVID restrictions. Saskatchewan, Canada will do the same at the end of February.

Unfortunately, big media is still not acknowledging the sentiments of the people, and tend to praise government measures as the reason why measures can now be lifted.

It’s become clear that it’s time for governments to start listening to the people. Given recent events, it’s questionable whether or not the citizenry should continue to give government the ability to enact such measures that clearly obstruct the rights and freedoms of people.

Governments have also had a tremendous amount of resources to disseminate massive amounts of propaganda and censor scientists who have been opposing these measures from the beginning. This has effectively stopped citizens from having access to information that would likely give them a more balanced understanding of what’s going on.

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