Trudeau Isolating For 5 Days As Trucker Freedom Convoy Nears Ottawa

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In Brief

  • The Facts:
    • When the trucker Freedom Convoy arrives in Ottawa, Justin Trudeau will be isolating for 5 days after an alleged exposure to COVID.

    • Trudeau claims he came in contact with COVID during Wednesday's news conference.

    • He currently has no symptoms and has tested negative.

    • If he did come it contact with COVID, it would have been through a fully vaccinated person currently infected with COVID.

  • Reflect On:
    • Is this a political ploy to buy time from having to answer to thousands of protesters entering Ottawa against vaccine mandates?

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After a press conference on Wednesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau allegedly came in contact with someone with COVID-19 and will now be isolating for 5 days. His antigen test has come back negative and he is currently not symptomatic.

“I feel fine and will be working from home,” Trudeau tweeted. “Stay safe, everyone — and please get vaccinated.”

No government sources were authorized to speak on the record about the incident, but claimed he was exposed after the Parliament Hill news conference. If he was indeed exposed, this would mean it was through a fully vaccinated individual with COVID.

News of Trudeau’s isolation comes as the Trucker Freedom Convoy on its way to Ottawa is just one day away from arrival. The convoy is headed to Ottawa to demand the Trudeau government lift ALL vaccine mandates in Canada. It’s not a stretch to call his recent isolation ‘convenient’ given the oncoming events which are surely a challenge for the Trudeau government to deal with.

Trudeau will effectively be in isolation for 4 days after the convoy arrives. If Trudeau is found to have COVID, he may be in isolation even longer.

The Freedom Convoy began in British Colombia and has been gathering up more truckers and citizen support as it makes its way across Canada. Some say the number of vehicles involved in this convoy is anywhere from 11,000 to 35,000. A number that has been hard to pin down accurately. Nonetheless, video footage indicates the support is huge.

Trudeau had some choice words about the Freedom Convoy at Wednesday’s news conference. Calling the convoy a “fringe” and small group of people who don’t align with the rest of Canadians. He also claimed their views were unacceptable. Trudeau also made a number of false and misleading statements about Canada’s vaccination numbers and the convoy itself. (More in video below.)

Will this stop Trudeau from having to answer to the many Canadians who oppose vaccine mandates? Will this give him and his government time to formulate a plan to deal with the demands of this convoy?

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