Canadian Truckers Making History Protesting Vaccine Mandates

In Brief

  • The Facts:
    • Truckers from all over North America are heading to Ottawa to protest vaccine mandates.

    • Over 5 million dollars has been raised to support this movement.

    • The GoFundMe account that has the money has been frozen and funds not available to protest organizers.

  • Reflect On:
    • Take a minute to consider why mainstream media and government authorities are downplaying this historical movement.

    • Also, think about why a convoy of huge trucks driving across Canada to stand up for our freedoms is making impact across the world.

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A historical event in the making. The Truckers Freedom Convoy started on the West Coast of Canada and is headed to the country’s capital city of Ottawa to protest against COVID vaccine mandates. The main convoy of trucks is rumoured to have broken the Guinness book of records for longest convoy. There are varying reports across social media that it stretches between 70 to 100 kilometres long, with around 11 thousand trucks.

This movement is more widespread than the main convoy. Truckers from all over North America are heading to Ottawa where they will converge on January 29, 2022 to support this movement. It is unknown how many trucks will be in the Canadian capital, some estimates are as high as 100 thousand, while others guess around 35 thousand.

Originally this convoy was started to protest the mandated legislation on January 15, 2022 that made the COVID vaccine mandatory for truckers crossing the border between the US and Canada.

That being said, there are truckers like Chris Barber that say the goal is not just about getting mandates for truckers removed.

“End all mandates. We are leaving when the mandates are lifted. When we [Canada] do what Great Britain did. They lifted mandates, they are doing okay over there, we are getting into more curfews and more lockdowns and stuff. The government doesn’t want to relinquish control, so we will stay until they finish it.

Chris Barber

In response to the convoy Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said,

“The small fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa who are holding unacceptable views, that they are expressing, do not represent the views of Canadians who have been there for each other. Who know that following the science and stepping up to protect each other is the best way to continue to ensure our freedoms, our rights, our values as a country.”

This “small fringe minority of people’ has raised over 5 million dollars to support those on the trip in a very short time. Plus, there have been thousands of people lining the streets, and overpasses cheering these truckers on throughout the entire trip.

Unfortunately the official GoFundMe account set up by organizers, Canada Unity,  is frozen and no money has been able to be withdrawn. 

In an email to the Toronto Star GoFundMe a spokesperson said:

“We require that fundraisers be transparent about the flow of funds and have a clear plan for how those funds will be spent. In this case, we are in touch with the organizer to verify that information,”

Rachel Hollis, a spokeswoman for the crowdfunding platform.

A major reason the money has been collected is to pay for the cost of fuel which can be around $1000 a day for each truck. Since they can not access the funds from the GoFundMe, the organizers  have had to set up new ways to collect support.

Two ways include: 

To send money via etransfer that goes directly to those on the ground, use this email address,

Another option to help support is to ‘adopt a trucker’ at this website: 

This is for people who can offer food, accommodations, showers, and other necessities. There have been amazing accounts of Hutterite colonies making food for the truckers in support and other ways people have helped along this journey.

Myself, I am headed out on the road starting Jan. 27, 2021 to Ottawa to report on what is taking place and have eyes and ears on the ground.

You can follow that journey on our Pulse instagram @thepulse_one and/or my personal instagram @nicolesmurphy

Update Jan 27th 2022: GoFundMe has agreed to release $1 million of the funds raised.

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