Why We Can’t Dismiss VAERS Data

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During COVID, there has been a huge increase in vaccine injury and death reporting. In fact, approximately 50% of serious vaccine injuries reported in the last 30 years are from COVID shots alone.

This data is taken from VAERS, a vaccine adverse events reporting system managed by the Centers For Disease Control (CDC.) Unfortunately, the CDC does not validate, verify or follow up on any of these reports. But this doesn’t mean they are not real.

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Regardless, many fact checkers have made their stance clear, we can’t use the data to say anything. FactCheck.org has stated with regards to VAERS data,

“Social media posts repeatedly misuse unverified data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System to falsely claim that COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous, and even lethal. But the government database is not designed to determine if vaccines cause health problems.”


As you can tell, this is a lazy journalistic approach to invalidating data that is designed to be taken seriously but isn’t by governing bodies. So while we can say the data is unverified, the fact that other journalists are not holding the CDC accountable for not taking injuries and deaths seriously is concerning.

Below, check out our latest Setty Report episode looking at the VAERS data, how it aligns with the CDCs data and UK’s Yellow Card reporting system. Dr. Madhava Setty lays out the reasons why we should take this data seriously, and how other reporting systems corroborate some of the data.


CDC Table: Deaths by Age

UK Yellow Card Reporting

CDC Vaccine Rates By Status

Mass General Real World Study

Factcheck.org Piece

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