Dr. John Campbell Compares Pfizer’s New Antiviral & Ivermectin

In Brief

  • The Facts:
    • Pfizer's new COVID drug (PF-07321332) is shockingly similar to Ivermectin in how it stops viral replication (not about similar ingredients).

    • According to Dr John Campbell, Ivermectin might actually be better in treating COVID for multiple reasons, including that it's less likely to cause the virus to evolve.

  • Reflect On:

    Is it possible Ivermectin was disarmed through media propaganda so pharmaceutical companies could make new and highly profitable drugs since Ivermectin can be produced by anyone?

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In a new video Dr. John Campbell explores a pharmacological analysis comparing Ivermectin and Pfizer’s new anti-viral drug (PF-07321332).

Pfizer’s new drug is meant to be used during COVID infection to help reduce severity of disease, very similar to what Ivermectin has been used for over the course of the pandemic. A comparison of these drugs shows that they are shockingly similar with regards to how they stop viral replication.

To be clear, this comparison is not being made on the ingredients of the drugs, but their effects.

Campbell says that PF-07321332 only focuses on one biochemical modality of viral replication, yet, Ivermectin works against multiple biochemical modalities of replication. Campbell believes the use of Pfizer’s drug could cause the virus to evolve and be resistant more easily. This process would follow basically evolutionary biology tenets.

Ivermectin is a long standing anti-viral drug that many doctors and scientists claim has been working to reduce time of infection in patients with COVID. It’s a cheap drug that anyone can manufacture as no one owns the patents for it. But Ivermectin has been controversial, with much of the mainstream media alleging that Ivermectin is simply a horse de-wormer and should not be used to treat COVID-19.

It’s to be noted that it’s unclear whether mainstream journalists have spent any time truly looking into the benefits of Ivermectin, instead it appears they are in lockstep with statements coming from places like the World Health Organization.

FactCheck.org, a “fact checking organization” claims these products are not similar based on some of their ingredients, but the pharmacological outcome is incredibly similar.

With Ivermectin smeared as ‘useless’ within public discourse, Pfizer and Merck have created new and highly profitable drugs in its place.

Update Nov 9, 8:00 PM: further clarity added in writing around the comparison of effect, (in case readers did not watch video.)

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