Whistleblower Claims Pfizer Falsified Data From Their Clinical Trials

Maski, India – Nov 12,2020 : Doctor holding Pfizer Biontech vaccine and syringe to protect against coronavirus COVID-19 disease

In Brief

  • The Facts:
    • A former regional manager overseeing Pfizer clinical trials claims data falsified, poor lab conditions and a lack of accountability.

    • This person's story has been published in a peer reviewed medical article.

    • This person was fired after bringing their concerns to the FDA.

  • Reflect On:
    • What kind of confidence can we have in the vaccine trials when those put in positions of power to oversee the quality of them are fired for questioning the standards?

    • How can we trust the vaccine data if there has been malpractice overlooked?

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A newly released peer reviewed medical article is exposing malpractices, questionable data and a lack of accountability during the Pfizer clinical trials.

The article published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) featured an interview with former regional manager, Brook Jackson, who worked for Ventavia, one of the companies contracted to perform vaccine trials for Pfizer. She claims that data was falsified, patients were unblinded, and employees were not adequately trained for vaccine admissionation. 

Jackson, a trained clinical trial auditor and former operations director was hired by Ventavia in September 2020. With over 20 years of research experience Jackson began to spot problems instantly. After attempts to have issues rectified with management without any success, she began to collect documents, take pictures and record conversations to keep track of her concerns.

On September 25, 2020 after calling the FDA to report the issues taking place and request further investigation, she was fired by Ventavia, being told she was “not a good fit” for the company. It may be important to note Jackson has never been fired from a job in her 20 years of research experience.

Jackson claims participants were placed in the hallway and not monitored accurately after injections. Furthermore there was a lack of follow-up with patients who experienced adverse reactions. Malpractice in the lab included specimens being mislabeled, vaccines not kept at proper temperatures and protocol deviations not reported.

In a recorded conversation with her superiors her concerns were acknowledged.

It was not just Jackson that had complaints with the Ventavia clinic either. ICON, a contract research organization, had to follow up on the lab’s ability to keep up with data queries. 

Other former employees that wish to remain anonymous shared information that supports Jackson’s claims. One explained that at times there were not enough swabs to test participants with Covid symptoms for the infection, concluding that the data is a mess.

Out of the 153 Pfizer clinical trial sites, the FDA inspected nine of them. None of which included the Ventavia labs, which accounted for three of the clinics. Pfizer has contracted Ventavia again for upcoming vaccine trials expanding to four clinics.

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