Governments Don’t Want You To Know ALL The Facts

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Through 2020 & 2021, governments and media have focused on keeping messaging around the pandemic too simple and have avoided telling the whole story. Media has in turn done the same, swapping out journalism for straight reporting from ‘health authorities’ like governments, the CDC, and The World Health Organization.

Perhaps they can make the case that this has been the best approach – simple, and straight to the point during a crisis. But what if it’s actually causing more harm than good because it doesn’t allow for nuance? What if the average citizen who can see holes in the narratives being presented now loses even more trust in a government that doesn’t seem to acknowledge facts?

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Then again, perhaps their approach isn’t just about being simple, but part of a greater culture of censoring differing opinions for a more conspiratorial reason. Something as simple as the lobbying pressures of Big Pharma.

Check out our brief discussion below.

Sources: Grey Bruce Town Hall Meeting

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