Watch: Joe Rogan Confronts Dr. Sanjay Gupta After CNN Lies About Horse De-Wormer

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Joe Rogan recently welcomed Dr. Sanjay Gupta onto his podcast to discuss many things related to COVID, including the fact that CNN falsely claimed that Joe Rogan had taken a livestock de-wormer when he came down with COVID.

This was a story we covered in detail through a video we put out on YouTube. In our video, I discussed how CNN had misled its audience about Rogan taking a ‘horse de-wormer’, and that it was dishonest for CNN to edit Joe Rogan’s Instagram video to make him look sick.

I also went on to discuss the logical, science based pathway in which people were deciding to explore whether Ivermectin could be used as a treatment for COVID. To put it simply, I was being a real, balanced journalist in my exploration of this story, yet youTube promptly deleted my video and claimed it was spreading ‘medical misinformation’ – which it objectively was not.

Now, we provide an update to the entire story as we analyze the exchange between Rogan and Gupta.

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