15,000 Protest In Romania Against Vaccine Mandates “Freedom Without Certificates”

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In Brief

  • The Facts:
    • Over 15,000 demonstrators took to the streets in Bucharest, Romania to oppose new COVID measures & vaccine mandates.

    • The government's new measures come into effect Sunday, and include capacity limits and rewards only for the vaccinated.

    • The Romanian government is seeking to protect ICU's during a rise in cases.

  • Reflect On:
    • What is the scientific logic behind vaccine mandates if vaccinated people can be just as infectious and spread COVID as the unvaccinated?

    • If the masses were told the entire set of facts around COVID, would less people support these government measures?

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Local media in Bucharest, Romania’s capital, estimated weekend protests to be in the realm of 15,000 demonstrators. Citizens were showing their lack of support for new measures the Romanian government recently announced with regards to vaccine mandates and certificates.

Demonstrators could be seen waving Romanian flags and shouting: “Freedom, freedom without certificates,” and “Down with the government.”

The Romanian government laid out some familiar and unique restrictions to “combat COVID-19.” The government made masks mandatory for indoor and outdoor public spaces where case incidence exceeds 6 per 1,000 people. This does not apply to schools however. Romania seeks to keep schools open and will subject staff and students to regular, non-invasive testing.

Access to restaurants, gyms, theatres, cinemas and other indoor spaces will go down to half capacity and will only be available for vaccinated people or those who have already been infected.

Weekend curfews will be introduced for those who are not vaccinated.

The new measures are due to take effect on Sunday.

The measures come as Romania, home to 19 million people, sees a spike in new COVID-19 infections and remains the second lowest for vaccination uptake in the EU at 28%. As with many other countries, those in power worry about ICU capacity, leading them to institute these measures.

Meanwhile in France, 48,000 people took to the streets for the ninth consecutive weekend to protest vaccine mandates and certificates there as well.

Perhaps most interesting about countries continuing to reward citizens for being vaccinated is the lack of scientific backing for vaccine passports. As the mainstream narrative goes, if the vaccinated can be just as infectious as the unvaccinated, and could spread disease asymptomatically, without testing every vaccinated person before they enter a restaurant, how do you know they are COVID free? How would you know an unvaccinated person has COVID?

These paradoxes have kept many questioning the real motivations behind asking citizens to get a vaccine that is only effective for about 6 months.

One promising thing happening in Europe that has yet to make its way to North America is the recognition that natural immunity should count for something. After all, much of the science says it offers better protection than the vaccines.

Finally, censorship has been a very big issue during this pandemic, leaving many people not fully informed about what’s happening with COVID.

With COVID, the mainstream media has done well to keep only a small subset of facts in the public eye – for illustration sake, perhaps 10% of the facts. These facts make COVID look terrifying and justify the governments actions through and through. These facts are presented by a cherry picked group of “experts” and scientists, and it makes it appear that there is a professional consensus around the mainstream narrative.

The truth is, if the masses were told the other 90% of facts available, and heard from the mass of doctors and scientists who have different perspectives than the cherrypicked and spotlighted ones MSM uses, the public would have a completely different perception of what’s going on.

One might ask, is the media sitting there lying and not providing facts? Well, not quite. But if they were truly doing their jobs as journalists, the masses would not be limited to a tiny set of facts that builds an incomplete perspective around COVID.

The impact of this? People are not making decisions based on reality, and in many cases are supporting measures that have not been well thought out.

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