COVID: Where We Are After 18 Months

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When our trusted news services have been corrupted, we have to draw on many sources to make sense of what we see.

Over the last 18 months, I have put aside some of my aging research to devote about half time to reading and writing about COVID. This essay summarizes what I have learned, including some speculation trying to come to terms with a greater evil than I ever imagined might be found in our world.

The story that bombards us from government and mainstream news 24/7 is that a virus jumped from bats to infect humans, and that it is uniquely dangerous, requiring extraordinary public health measures such as have never been used in past epidemics. This is untrue in many ways.

The outline of the story I will tell begins with the observation that democracy is an impediment for those whose agenda is global domination, or the New World Order. It is unclear who these people are, but we might infer their agenda from their actions. COVID was developed as a bioweapon, the purpose of which is to instill fear and make people confused and isolated, easier to dominate. The “public health” measures that have nominally been deployed to slow spread of the disease are actually intended to destroy communities, weaken cultural institutions, and break up families, making us individually vulnerable to manipulation. The vaccines are part of this agenda, as we infer from the all-court press for universal vaccination; but to what end? The long-term effect of the vaccines is hard to know, and there is some evidence that different batches of the vaccines may contain undisclosed ingredients that have nothing to do with COVID. I will support these broad claims wih evidence below.

An effective, traditional approach to the virus was outlined early in the pandemic by Dr David Katz, a well-known Yale epidemiologist.

·       Protect the elderly and other vulnerable people from exposure.

·       Quarantine those who are sick with COVID

·       Allow the young, healthy people who are at little risk for hospitalization and death to circulate freely until herd immunity is established.

This approach might have ended the pandemic in a few months’ time, like many respiratory viruses in the past. Lockdowns have prolonged the pandemic, while vaccines have created opportunities for the virus to evolve.


Everything must be viewed in the light of the JFK assassination and 9/11. The first was a test of who has the upper hand, the President or the CIA. The CIA won. The coup almost didn’t work, and it relied heavily on the Eastern Liberal Press to report the Warren Commission’s version of events without question. JFK and the Unspeakable The second, also orchestrated by our CIA and DoD, was an excuse to curtail civil liberties that Americans take for granted, like habeas corpus and Fourth Amendment freedom from search without a warrant. The Patriot Act changed that. Again, the Liberal Press played a deep facilitating role, ignoring obvious physical evidence that 110-storey buildings don’t collapse suddenly and symmetrically to the ground without extensive preparation for controlled demolition. Architects and Engineers

I believe, but based on indirect evidence, that the first SARS epidemic (2003) and the Swine Flu epidemic (2009) were engineered bioweapon attacks, probably aimed at China. It may be that the swine flu was an earlier, failed attempt to create and market a global pandemic.

There were several simulation meetings when people from the Gates Foundation and World Health Organization and Johns Hopkins University got together to plan response to a pandemic. The simulations didn’t focus on developing treatments or getting them out to those who needed them, but rather were centered on the need to control the press and suppress discussion and dissent from the party line about the pandemic and how to respond. The most recent simulation, Event 201, occurred in October, 2019 in New York, the same week that the virus was being delivered to Wuhan. Even the economic stimulus provided by our Federal Reserve starting April, 2020 “in response” to the pandemic was actually proposed and prepared back in August, 2019. (Listen to the entire link just mentioned if you are interested in the economic motives for the pandemic; they may turn out to be central to our understanding.)


There was analysis already in February, 2020, based on genetic evidence, that SARS-CoV2 came from a laboratory. Now we have Dr Fauci’s emails, confirming that he knew this and sought to cover it up. Dr Fauci had a hand in creating SARS-CoV2 and other bioweapons. He is not at the pinnacle of power, but he is an important figure in channeling money to pharma companies and especially in presenting as “science” policies designed to prolong the epidemic and disintegrate our social fabric.

I’m convinced that COVID-19 was developed as a bioweapon and deliberately released, but I don’t have a coherent story about how or why. The best story I have is that it was brought to China during the Wuhan Military Olympics in October, 2019. Wuhan was chosen because in case it became obvious that it was a bioweapon, it would be natural to blame the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Maybe it was targeted at China and not intended to be a global pandemic. This story fits with a story out of Canada’s only bioweapons lab (Winnipeg) about creating viruses targeted to the genome of people of Han Chinese descent. It doesn’t fit with news from the summer of 2019 about leaks from Maryland’s Fort Detrick bioweapons lab, and a spate of nursing home deaths in surrounding areas of Maryland. It doesn’t fit with a study of American Red Cross donated blood samples that season, indicating that 1½ % of Americans had already been exposed to COVID-19 by the end of 2019. 

In February, 2020, Dr Fauci was telling us Americans not to worry. He said, truthfully, that asymptomatic persons were not the driver of any previous epidemic, and that masks don’t prevent spread of respiratory viruses. Maybe he thought the virus would stay in China. This and other blunders suggest to me that for the authors of this pandemic, things are not going according to plan. So many people are dying within days of vaccination that the evidence is becoming difficult to hide. Censorship of public intellectuals, includig well-respected doctors, lawyers and pundits, has become a game of whack-a-mole. I think they have been forced to shut down our free, democratic institutions faster than they can get away with.

Assault on our freedoms

In March, 2020, policies shifted abruptly. Someone decided to create a global pandemic, part reality and part propaganda, but 100% useful toward furthering the shutdown of democracy that began on 9/11/2001.

Every announced measure was contrary to a century of experience with epidemics and standard public health practice. It is well-established medical science that containment of an epidemic can only work at the very beginning, when there are at most a few hundred cases, so that it’s feasible to count and isolate every infected individual. But isolation measures were not begun until the US had hundreds of thousands of cases. The isolation and distancing led to greatly prolonging the pandemic, while vaccines promoted viral mutations that continued the crisis.

Every policy served two purposes: to prolong and exacerbate the pandemic, and to attack the psychological and social fabric of our national community.

·       The myth of the “asymptomatic carrier” contradicted medical experience and also the words of Dr Fauci just a few weeks earlier. It served to make everyone fearful of everyone else. Lifelong friends and family members, all perfectly healthy, were anxious about being in the same room together.

·       Lockdowns prevented the spread of the disease through the 70% of the population that is young, healthy, and at low risk for complications. These people could have provided herd immunity for all of us within a few months, except that they were “protected” from exposure to the virus. Of course, lockdowns also kept people from talking to each other, singing together and going to concerts and theatre, praying together and socializing at church. Isolation makes people crazy.

·       Masks encumbered communication and blocked non-verbal cues that help people understand and feel close to one another. Masking did nothing to slow spread of the virus, but made many people ill from re-breathed air in dirty masks that became breeding grounds for bacteria.

·       Closing down small stores and restaurants while keeping the Walmarts and Targets fully open was a frontal assault on the small business owners who are the strength of America’s economy. Wealth was transferred to the billionaires, but they already had plenty – the important thing was to impoverish the middle class and make us dependent, to help break our ability to organize and resist.

·       Effective treatments appeared early. (I don’t think the authors of COVID were ready for this.) Many, especially in China, remembered that hydroxychloroquine had been an effective treatment for the 2003 SARS, and it was discovered that HCQ also works well against COVID, especially in the early stages. Studies were then set up to fail, by giving extra-high, toxic doses and by waiting until patients were hospitalized to begin treatment. They ridiculed HCQ by association with ‘The Donald’, and by promulgating stories about people drinking aquarium cleaner. Still, they couldn’t kill HCQ because it worked so damn well. So in May, a huge study of 100,000 patients was concocted out of thin air, presented to some prestigious doctors for their “authorship”, and submitted on a fast track to Britain’s most prestigious medical journal. The results seemed to show that HCQ was killing patients, and that was enough to shut down dozens of small studies around the world. When it came out a month later that the 100,000 patients never existed, the damage had already been done. (Details of this story here.) Ivermectin and other very effective treatment protocols have been suppressed or outright forbidden by FDA.

The disease COVID-19 is harmless in most people, a minor flu-like illness in many more. But for the elderly and diabetic and people low in vitamin D, the virus can cause asphyxiation, as well as other symptoms not associated with respiratory viruses. Untreated, it will kill a fraction of 1% of all people who are exposed. Treated, the fatality rate can be reduced to 1/10 of that. These are not alarming numbers, but the press and the government have teamed up to create an environment of fear which has paralyzed a large portion of the population and has shut down their ability to think clearly.   

Communal adaptations to disease

[My “day job” is in evolutionary biology. This story comes not from my COVID research but from my study of evolution on a community level.]

It is only in the last decade that biologists are learning about the existence of extracellular vesicles (EVs), including exosomes. These are packets of biological information, including hormones, cytokines, and other proteins, also snippets of genetic information including DNA and RNA. They are wrapped in a lipid membrane, like a miniature cell wall and released by cells to talk to other cells.

Biology has begun to recognize the ways in which EVs are essential to communication among the cells of a plant or animal. More speculative, but clear to me because of my background, is the role of EVs in educating a community about a spreading disease.

EVs are emitted in our breath, like pheromones but far more complex, containing more information. They are essential to communal adaptation so that an animal or plant community can coordinate response to a spreading disease. When we block spread of a virus with isolation measures, we also block the community’s ability to prepare itself by sharing EVs.

(Once again: this is supported by my personal work as an evolutionary biologist, and not offered on anyone else’s scientific authority.)

The Spike Protein

The spike protein is the part of the virus that has been heavily engineered and weaponized. Normally the spike protein is just a way for the virus to attach to a host cell and try to get inside, but in the case of SARS-CoV2, the spike protein has additional functions, and they are primarily responsible for toxicity of the virus.  The spike protein

·       Causes blood clots

·       Attacks arterial walls

·       Accumulates in the gonads, leading to infertility in both sexes

·       Crosses the blood/brain barrier, with potential for neuronal damage

There are dozens of spike proteins on the surface of the virus, and they readily break off and float free in the bloodstream. This is because of another engineered feature, called a “furin cleavage site”. At the base of the spike protein is a signal that invites our own bodies to send an enzyme (furin) that snips the protein and frees it to do its damage.


Given what we know about the spike protein, it is alarming and scandalous that all of the vaccines actually deliver the spike protein to the patient’s body. The vaccine is just supposed to give the immune system a way to recognize the virus, and any part of the virus could be used for this purpose. Why do all the vaccines use the spike protein? They are delivering to the body of each vaccinated person the toxic payload that was designed into the virus.

The vast majority of biochemists and engineers who worked on these vaccines were innocently playing their parts. But some people at the top must have known that the vaccines were being designed around the very toxin that causes COVID-19 to be so serious for a small number of patients.

I have heard rumors that some batches of the vaccine have extraneous, unauthorized ingredients. These include graphene and active parasites. Internet videos show people whose arms become magnetic after vaccination. I have personal experience with this phenomenon in two friends. The Japanese agency Nikkei Asia recalled over a million doses of mRNA vaccine that were found to be magnetic. I am taking these reports more seriously after reading research from Pepe Escobar.

The vaccines were tested in a caricature of a clinical trial. Normal vaccine testing takes about a decade; the mRNA vaccines were tested in a few weeks. They were rushed through FDA hearings in a heavily politicized process, authorized for emergency use in December, 2020, and fully approved beginning August, 2021. In between, hundreds of millions of doses were delivered in America, causing the worst reports of death and disease of any vaccine in history, by far. In fact, the number of deaths attributed to the COVID vaccines in the first 8 months was more than twice as high as the sum total of all vaccine-related deaths in the 30-year time frame when these deaths were being tracked. None of this record came to light, and the Pfizer vaccine was approved in a short, closed-door session of the FDA without the public hearings that are required by law.

Never has there been a more aggressive marketing campaign to coerce people to be vaccinated, without the “informed consent” that would include disclosure of the above risks and complications. And never has there been a vaccine less deserving of our trust in efficacy and safety than the present COVID vaccines. The vaccines are being promoted as a kind of civic duty, not for you but for your friends and family. But in fact, testing the vaccinated to see if they are less likely to transmit infection than the unvaccinated was not part of the original clinical trials nor part of the data collected during mass distribution of the vaccines. There is no evidence that these vaccines are effective against transmission and there is some preliminary evidence to the contrary. Vaccinated people can carry a high viral load without showing symptoms, so they go about their normal lives spreading the virus to others.

COVID vaccines were promoted as the solution to all our woes even before they existed, and while real, safe and effective treatments were being suppressed. Clearly the vaccines are part of the agenda being promoted by those who brought us the pandemic. Why? It may be any or all of the following:

·       The vaccines make billions of dollars for the pharma industry, and some of that is siphoned off to Dr Fauci & co at the NIAID

·       The vaccines are designed to kill people slowly

·       The vaccines are designed to cause infertility, drastically halting the expansion of human population

·       The vaccines are part of a social control agenda, with vaccine passports morphing into a full-fledged social credit system, so that people who dissent can be blocked from commercial transactions and excluded from travel and public events.

Historical context of pharmaceuticals and vaccines

The pharmaceutical industry is America’s most profitable. This is the result of 70 years’ effort by the industry to control information at every level. Beginning in the 1950s, the Sackler family developed a strategy of spending lavishly until  all who research, write about, and regulate their industry were dependent on Big Pharma money [book review]

·       Medical school researchers depend on funding from Big Pharma

·       Medical journals depend on advertising from Big Pharma

·       Mainstream press, both print and broadcast, get more ad revenue from Big Pharma than any other source

·       FDA regulators are rewarded with cushy sinecures on Big Pharma boards when they leave office

·       Even astroturf “patient advocacy groups” are funded by Big Pharma

There is dishonesty everywhere along the chain of drug development, testing and licensing. The whole system is riddled with corruption.

And within this cesspool, vaccines stand out as a special case, with even more egregious information management. Dozens of vaccines are required by law before children can enter school, and vaccine manufacturers are shielded from lawsuits when children are injured by vaccines. All motivation for safety and for honesty has been removed.

Today, an “anti-vaxxer” is anyone who asks for more safety measures or more transparency in the process of testing and approving vaccines. And “anti-vaxxers” are subject to more derision than the Flat Earth Society.

Catch 22 in the Pfizer vaccine approval 

In August, the FDA short-circuited all hearings and evaluation procedures to grant full approval to the Pfizer mRNA vaccine. But the vaccine that was approved is called Comirnaty and you can’t get it, no matter how hard you try. There are “insufficient stocks”.

The reason for this is a crucial legal footnote. If the vaccine is “emergency authorized”, manufacturers are shielded from tort liability for damage done to patients. But if the vaccine is fully approved, the manufacturer is on the hook for any and all lawsuits. The consequence of this situation is that Pfizer is continuing to distribute the version labeled as “Pfizer-BioNtech”, which only has emergency authorization, as they hope people don’t notice. They will not make Comirnaty available until they can lobby Congress to provide a blanket shield from liability.

Who are they and what do they want?

I don’t know and I don’t know.

Bill Gates, Dr Fauci, Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum are all visible fronts for the conspiracy, but I suspect that there are people who are even richer and more powerful who are keeping out of the public eye. They seem to have a tight hold on both political parties; what little dissent there is in the mainstream comes from the right, e.g., Rand Paul and Tucker Carlson

Catherine Austin Fitts calls them “Mr. Global”, and she has more definite ideas than I have. The big picture is that Mr. Global has tight control over all the sources of news that we used to rely on, and that he wants top-down control over every aspect of our lives. Our freedom of movement, freedom of association, and free speech are under assault.

It’s unlikely that Mr. Global is a monolithic entity. Megalomaniacs seldom get on well with other megalomaniacs. We may surmise that there is vicious infighting and blame exchange behind closed doors when things don’t go according to plan, and this global power grab shows every sign of not going according to plan. The execution is rushed, and as the lies get bigger, the perps must be panicked that they will lose control of the narrative. A recent Rasmussen poll revealed that 58% of the American people view the news media as “the enemy of the people.” Our world is in a highly unstable position, likely to be a historic turning point.

I can see the pandemic as part of a long-term plan to shut down democracy and bring the entire world under centralized control. Is it control for control’s sake? If they ever succeeded, would they know how to manage the great, diverse masses of humanity from the top down? Do they have a plan for restoring the world’s natural ecology, or do they want to turn the Earth into a global farm with a few dozen crops planted in neat rows and drive another million species to extinction? It may be that a much-reduced world population is part of their vision.

It seems to me that the lies are becoming bigger, the control measures more ham-fisted, and their manipulations will soon be exposed for all the world to see. There are major demonstrations in European cities. There are healthcare professionals who see with their own eyes that the reality on the ground is very different from what they read in the newspaper, and some of them are organizing opposition movements.

Should Mr Global succeed in their aim of corporate-type, top-down control, I am certain that they will not have the competence to make it work, so another kind of collapse will ensue.

Either way, we are due for a sharp reversal of the central, authoritarian control that has characterized the last 40 years. The world that emerges from this era will be less integrated, because of all the trade and supply routes that are being disrupted. This should restore some of the diversity and community autonomy that we have lost.

I don’t know where the world is headed, but I know that we will choose our collective future by our intentions and by the connections we make to others. My hope is that we do that from a well-informed position.

If you are reading this, you have a role in transforming an elitist terror attack on the world into a global people’s movement.

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