Canadian Ethics Professor Dismissed For Refusing COVID Vaccine: A Powerful Message

A screenshot of Dr. Julie Ponesse, a professor of Ethics at the University of Western Ontario. Canadian Covid Care Alliance.

In Brief

  • The Facts:
    • Julie Ponesse, a Professor of Ethics at the University of Western, Ontario, has been fired because she chose not to take the COVID vaccine.

    • She has posted multiple thought provoking videos that outline the direction our society is heading when it comes to ethics.

  • Reflect On:
    • Is the vaccine truly a necessary medical intervention for all people?

    • Why does government and most media continue to ignore and censor the calls of doctors and scientists who present information that call into question the measures taken to combat the pandemic?

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We’ve been told time and time again here in Canada that ‘all citizens will always have a right to choose whether or not they want to participate in COVID vaccination.’ Despite the fact that this may be true, citizens are, in many cases, being forced and coerced into taking the jab in order to keep their jobs. Not only this, various public and private spaces like gyms, restaurants, sporting venues, and theaters now require citizens to show proof of vaccination. This is happening in many parts of the world.

Many have referred to this as coercion, and it has arrived very quickly. It wasn’t long ago when the idea of “vaccine passports” was considered far fetched, yet now they are required for people to have access to a society they helped build.

We’ve been encouraged to empathize with those who might have lost a loved one to COVID, but have we been encouraged to consider the immense collateral damage millions have experienced as a result of COVID measures? What about the lives lost as a result of these measures?

Imagine how somebody might feel who is let go from their job they effectively worked for 20 years, simply because they wanted to hold their desire to choose whether or not they are going to take a medical intervention. This recently happened to Dr. Julie Ponesse, a professor of Ethics at the University of Western Ontario, and member of the Canadian Covid Care Alliance (CCCA).

Julie has worked day in, day out, for 20 years to the satisfaction of her employer. Helping to teach our youth the important skills of critical thinking, ethics and questioning. But on September 7th, 2021, she was dismissed from her job by the University of Western Ontario because she did not abide by their threats. The University of Western Ontario gave Julie an ultimatum: take the COVID vaccine or lose your job.

As a professor, Julie has utilized her expertise and connections to explore medical journals, observations from doctors treating their patients, and more. This information helped her make an informed decision about the vaccine. She came to feel it was a treatment that was unnecessary for her, which science suggests may be correct for many.

The CCCA is a group of more than one hundred Canadian medical doctors, scientists, professors and healthcare workers who are doing their best to raise awareness about COVID related issues and solutions. They are looking to have a more complete, scientific, and balanced discussion around COVID in comparison to what government and mainstream media are offering.

The CCAA posted a video yesterday about Dr. Julie’s dismissal from her job that was very powerful. In the video you can sense her felt emotion of sadness and devastation as she faced losing a job she loved.

“This is my first and potentially last lesson of the year. Ethics 101: in the spirit of Socrates, who was executed for asking questions, this lesson will consist of only one question, the answer is multiple choice, please listen carefully. When a person has done the same job to the satisfaction of her employer for 20 years, is it right or is it wrong for them to submit to an unnecessary medical procedure in order to keep their job. In this case the procedure is an injection of a substance that has not been fully tested for safety. It has not yet been shown to be effective. It has been designed to prevent an illness that poses little threat to the employee. The employee is not allowed to ask questions, she may only submit to the procedure or be fired. To my first year students, is this right or is this wrong? I already know the answer.”

Dr Julie Ponesse

She is by no means a rarity, millions have been faced with this same dilemma. Some have lost their jobs, others are waiting to see if they are terminated, while others took the jab because they simply could not afford not to. Is this right? Is this the world we want to live in?

Dr Julie Ponesse was featured in another video (posted below) that was uploaded to the CCCA YouTube channel three days ago regarding vaccine mandates and passports in the context of our existing informed consent laws and commitments to privacy and bioethics.

What is happening today truly begs the question, do we really live in a democracy? How can so many citizens and experts in the field be completely ignored and ridiculed? Should the citizenry give government the powers they have to completely change the way society works at will? What is going on here?

All of the measures taken by government health authorities, including mask mandates and lockdowns, have come under intense scrutiny by countless doctors, scientists, professors and healthcare workers around the world for various reasons. These are the people who should have a say during the pandemic, but all the citizenry is receiving are the views of professionals who agree with and promote the ‘official’ narrative, while others have been caught in intentional or dragnet of censorship campaigns.

It’s ok to disagree, but when conversation and information is completely censored and shut down, we have a big problem on our hands. This is a shadow in our society that needs facing. It’s an aspect of us that is asking us to think deeply about what we’re doing, how this happens, and whether it’s time to come into action and course correct.

Or perhaps you agree with all of these measures. If so, the question is, have you done the research these scientists have done? They are grounded, yet strong in their belief of what they are looking at, why is that? Have you looked at quality media outside of the mainstream narrative often?

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