A Coming False Flag Targeting The Unvaccinated As Terrorists?

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In Brief

  • The Facts:
    • The Swiss Federal Intelligence Agency has recently warned that terrorists may be planning to attack the vaccine pipeline.

    • The agency admits that no tangible evidence exists for such an event.

  • Reflect On:
    • How would such an event change the narrative around vaccine compliance?

    • Why would this be reported if there is no evidence for a looming attack?

    • Could a so-called "false flag" be in the making?

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“A false flag operation is an act committed with the intent of disguising the actual source of responsibility and pinning blame on another party.”

Personally, I believe that the majority of world events that have led to conflict were, in fact, false flags. This is the only sensible position to hold because to the vast majority of human beings, war is senseless. Nevertheless, our species has been in near constant conflict with itself for millenia.

Let’s go back in time a few centuries. If you were an average person living in Europe or Asia, you would have been a peasant, growing food on a piece of land owned by a much smaller class of people: the elite ruling class. Life would have been hard. Hunger and sickness would have been a regular threat. If that weren’t bad enough, the king would regularly send his tax collectors to your doorstep to extract what little wealth you possessed to fund the growth of an army. What interest would you have in building an army when your main concern would have been to feed yourself and your family? Very little, unless there was an imminent threat to your life.

Now let’s look at it from the king’s point of view. How can you force the poor and hungry to part with what little they have to help you consolidate your authority through an army loyal to you? You could demand payment at sword point, but that would probably lead to an uprising of angry farmers armed with pitchforks. If it didn’t, your popularity would certainly take a blow. How could you convince the population that a bigger army wasn’t just prudent but necessary? How about disguising a few dozen soldiers in the garb of a neighboring kingdom and setting fire to one of your villages? That would be brutal and manipulative but desperate times call for desperate measures, and what better way to create a threat when none exists?

Fast forward to modern day times. America entered WWI because the public was stirred into a frenzy over the sinking of the Lusitania by German U-boats. 195 American passengers were on board. Americans were not told that the ocean liner was carrying an enormous amount of munitions for England and France. Neither were they told that Germany attempted to warn American citizens that this was occurring and their lives were at risk if they booked passage by placing ads in dozens of newspapers. These ads were almost entirely blocked. We do know that at least one ad managed to penetrate the wall of control.

The events of the gulf of Tonkin have been publicly acknowledged by our own government to have been misrepresented. Years later, former Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara, admitted that North Vietnamese warships did NOT in fact conduct an unprovoked attack on the U.S.S. Maddox in the South China Sea that day. Nevertheless President Johnson used this event to justify escalating the U.S. presence in Vietnam due to that so-called attack on our ships.

The list goes on and on. Some are relatively minor, designed to blame a violent event on a peaceful uprising in a country so that the authority in place can wield more control or so a new regime can be installed with little international protest. Some are unimaginably big, making that possibility even harder to accept by a population that considers themselves to be free and protected from such deception by an independent press that would shine light on such shenanigans.

Today we are faced with a polarizing event, the SARS-COV2 pandemic. The solution, an experimental vaccine that has been pushed through the FDA approval process at a dizzying clip, seems to be readily accepted by most people. However the dissenters are a formidable minority. Forty to forty-five percent of Americans have declined the vaccination. They are facing growing pressure to comply. Vaccination status is rapidly becoming the deciding factor when our authorities dictate who can travel, who can attend educational institutions and who can remain employed. It doesn’t seem to be working for a number of reasons: data that demonstrates waning efficacy of the vaccine, the unprecedented number of vaccine injuries and the general distrust of a government that has enormous conflicts of interest, to name a few.

We seem to be at a stalemate. Tensions are running high and the attacks on the unvaccinated are coming from all sides using spurious logic, unsubstantiated claims and disingenuous reporting. Our society has become a powder keg ready to explode if a spark is introduced.

Last week, The Straits Times published this piece that reports that Switzerland’s Federal Intelligence Agency is warning us “of potential terrorist attacks on coronavirus vaccine infrastructure including vaccination centres, transport and manufacturing facilities…”

I find this to be deeply disturbing. Given the enormous amount of pressure on the unvaccinated to comply that has so far proven to be ineffective, this kind of “terrorist attack” would certainly change the tenor of the debate around vaccine hesitancy and health freedom. Do we honestly believe that health freedom advocates would attack vaccine centers and refrigerated trucks carrying vaccines? Or is this yet another opportunity for our authorities to use a centuries-old trick to sway public opinion into more extreme positions? Note that the agency admits that “there are no tangible indications of planned attacks…” On what then are they basing this warning? If there are no tangible indications, what is their purpose in warning us?

There is little that the public can do after a false-flag operation is conducted, especially a public that is unaware that such deceptions have been used repeatedly in their own history. Our only means to combat such ploys is to be aware that such an event is likely to be staged to begin with. Could this obscure article be a tip that forces are conspiring to fabricate another reason to regard the unvaccinated as not only irresponsible, misinformed and an infectious threat but now a violent faction that will stop at nothing in the name of their distorted form of freedom?

One often overlooked aspect of false-flag operations is the forewarning of the event to prejudice the public into accepting the scripted explanation that will be immediately offered afterwards. Typically it is offered in this very manner. The warning comes from a random source, and once the event occurs, the authorities play ignorant and blame their own incompetence in not covering all the bases.

Credit will be given to Switzerland’s Federal Intelligence Agency for their “prescience” and arguments will be made to portray the perpetrators as agile criminals that were able to strike with impunity. Not only are the “anti-vaxxers” unaware of “the science”, they are prone to irrational violence. The only solution to preventing such attacks in the future will be, of course, more security, more heightened awareness and less tolerance of dissenting opinions. Can there be a more elegant solution to the impasse around vaccine compliance?

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