Psychic Devices & Sentient Beings — An Illuminating Look at AATIP’s Technical Reports

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In Brief

  • The Facts:
    • A security compromise happened on a website maintained by Christopher Mellon, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.

    • The leaked slides revealed AATIP technical reports and the researchers who wrote them.

    • The majority of the technical papers were about human cognition research.

  • Reflect On:

    Why is a group in charge of investigating abnormalities in the country's airspace researching into human cognitive capacities and sophisticated space propulsion?

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Editors Note: This article is a concise overview of The Mind Sublime’s study and essay. Read the full essay here.

On August 7, 2018, a security breach occurred on a website managed by former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, Christopher Mellon. These materials contained an interview with one of the pilots involved in the Nimitz incident, as well as a set of “briefing slides” about the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP).

Those who have studied The Phenomenon thoroughly are aware of the controversial “Slide 9,” but a deeper look into the research commissioned by AATIP is fairly illuminating regarding a major chunk of the program’s emphasis.

Although former AATIP Director Luis Elizondo insists that the program was exclusively focused on the “nuts and bolts” of the observed occurrences, the leaked slides portray an entirely different image.

One of the slides labeled “Contract Focus” expressly indicates that AATIP was in charge of investigating the validity of “currently observable phenomena,” omitting any mention of sophisticated planes or vehicles. It then goes on to detail AATIP’s technological research, which is divided into areas such as human interface and human impacts.

Slide 9 plainly says that the science exists for an adversary of the United States to control physical and cognitive surroundings to access U.S. facilities, influence decision-makers, and jeopardize national security.

A committed researcher is known as “THE MIND SUBLIME” has done excellent work digging deep into a handful of the studies commissioned by AATIP and those who performed them. The findings are astounding.


There are two AATIP studies linked with a researcher named Dr. George Hathaway. Although the study and research Dr. Hathaway conducted for AATIP directly is classified, it’s not difficult to trace his background and areas of expertise. This is where it gets very interesting. One of science’s most odd and contentious discoveries is attributed to a Canadian inventor called John Hutchison. It is defined as a “very abnormal electromagnetic phenomenon that produces metal jellification, spontaneous levitation of ordinary material, and other phenomena.” The Hutchison Effect, or H-Effect for short, is the name given to this phenomenon.

What the H-Effect is supposed to achieve is nothing short of miraculous. It is believed to resist gravity, causing the metal to spontaneously fracture, fuse incompatible materials (such as metal and wood), and create other odd occurrences. Hutchison claims to have recorded the phenomenon on camera several times and to have proven it to experts from US Army intelligence. Dr. George Hathaway is featured in several of these videos.

What’s so intriguing about this is that it’s evident that George Hathaway, a man hired by the US government to work on their blatant UFO program, has been fascinated by the strange for at least the previous 40 years. This piqued curiosity may still be seen today. Given that The Pentagon contracted out work to Hathaway, it’s apparent that some inside the intelligence services believe abnormal mental and physical consequences are linked to the UFO phenomena, even if only in a tangential way.

Hathaway Research International

The picture gets a little bit more clear when looking into a related company, Hathaway Research International. First of all, the website directly states Dr. George Hathaway is a consultant on novel and exotic materials, energy production, and propulsion concepts. A project that is currently being worked on is referred to as “rTMPS Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation” and describes a device that can “enhance certain human cognitive facilities’’. There is also a related patent of the company’s own magnetic coil design titled “Magnetic Stimulation Probe”

When looking into a connected firm, Hathaway Research International, the picture becomes a little clearer. To begin with, the website claims unequivocally that Dr. George Hathaway is a consultant on innovative and exotic materials, energy generation, and propulsion technologies. A recent project is known as “rTMPS Repetitive Transcranial Stimulation,” and it outlines a gadget that can “improve some human cognitive capacities.” A companion patent for the company’s own magnetic coil design, dubbed “Magnetic Stimulation Probe,” is also available.

These brain-attached devices use a pulsed magnetic field to activate different regions of the brain. Researchers at the University of Sudbury in Ontario, Canada, discovered that electromagnetic induction into the brain might result in mystical and altered experiences. The electromagnetic energies that produce or are strongly associated with altered states of consciousness do not necessitate the activation of large currents. “There are at least two ways to open a door. You may either kick it open or use a key to open it. The latter takes far less energy but requires particular access to the necessary temporal-spatial structure.

According to this study, the majority of normal participants in the research, who also used an rTMS system, reported a “sensed presence from a sentient being” in close vicinity. According to the paper, these perceived presences are most likely generated by the two brain hemispheres interacting unusually as a result of the magnetic stimulation perhaps generating some separation between them. It also suggests that these brain connections might explain why some individuals claim to have had contacts with gods, goddesses, and “other dimensional” entities.

Hathaway Research International’s website also claims to have a “big double electrically isolated anechoic chamber.” Nikola Tesla utilized similar chambers and claimed to have extrasensory awareness as well. Given that we now have two devices, a room that isolates people from electrical interference and a device that improves brain function by magnetically stimulating it, you have to wonder if these devices could be used in tandem on patients who already have significant and unique abilities to increase their ESP function to previously unheard-of levels. Perhaps something for Dr. Garry Nolan and Dr. Kit Greene to think about for their present work with experiencers.

In 2011, Hathaway co-authored another research titled Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence via Entanglement with Dr. Hal Putoff’s colleague Michael Ibison. The study essentially refers to quantum entanglement as a way of communicating with extraterrestrials. It implies that a non-human intelligence may have a communication strategy that differs from the typical spoken or auditory methods used by humans and that some sort of contact with extraterrestrials can be accomplished utilizing ideas and visualization techniques. It also refers to the Defense Intelligence Agency’s StarGate remote viewing program, which was used in the late twentieth century. Again, referring to Dr. Harold Puthoff’s study.

Anyone who has read Dr. Diana Pasulka’s book American Cosmic will be familiar with the concept of people being able to communicate directly with ET, as she was in contact with a NASA employee who claimed to be able to make these types of communications and even created patents and tools as a result of them. This individual, who went by the nickname Tyler, also stated that individuals in possession of anomalous materials, allegedly from a UFO crash site, were able to get knowledge from the material in an unusual manner. Given Tyler’s claim that only “certain people” can detect these abnormal transmissions. One has to question if this is related to the unique patient population being examined by Green and Nolan. In any case, it’s quite simple to connect Hathaway’s various pieces of study and discover some potential additional research that’s perhaps less public into ET or abnormal communications.

We may have access to all information, but those outside of typical memories and perceptions are more difficult to comprehend since we have no direct link to the source. As a result, we risk rejecting them. Once we comprehend and accept that knowledge, we may be better equipped to receive messages that aren’t directly related to ourselves.

The more one examines the scientists hired by the US government, the more one discovers clear links between them and their research. Surprisingly, the bulk of these articles and reports are about psychic research, contact with non-human intelligence, apparent implanted gadgets, and interplanetary propulsion methods.

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