It’s “Very Clear” That COVID Vaccine Protection Wanes Over Time – CDC

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A new campaign in the US has booster shots being rolled out and recommended to the entire United States population, starting with the most vulnerable people. This follows news from The Centres For Disease Control (CDC) where director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, said in a statement that their plan is to “protect the American people, to stay ahead of this virus.”

This was in response to the recent discovery that vaccine effectiveness has been waning over time. In a recent Setty report, our team at The Pulse investigated the data regarding waning immunity of the Pfizer vaccine based on Israel’s data.

This new booster shot campaign in the US is not agreed upon by all scientists. According to Dr. Céline Gounder, an infectious disease specialist at Bellevue Hospital Center and a former adviser on the pandemic to the administration,

“These data support giving additional doses of vaccine to highly immunocompromised persons and nursing home residents, not to the general public,”

Dr. Ellie Murray, an epidemiologist at Boston University stated,

“Those numbers are actually very good. [Referring to vaccine efficacy] The only group that these data would suggest boosters for, to me, is the immunocompromised.”

The US is beginning rollout of boosters for those they claim are most in need, and then moving down to the general population.

If immunity wanes, what will happen a year after the third shot? Will there be a fourth shot, and then one every single year after that? Will these be required to update ones “vaccine passport”? As far as a shot every year, that’s where we seem to be heading for those who are willing to do it. We will see what happens.

Unfortunately, the science behind natural immunity, which can reduce the severity of disease and even protect against it, has been completely ignored. There is quite a growing amount of science regarding strong immunity from natural COVID infection, as well as some degree of protection from variants as well. This isn’t anything new and it’s how the body responds to many viruses, even previous coronaviruses.

While natural immunity isn’t always effective, it should at least be included in the conversation and health policy should be updated to reflect the reality of it as we learn more.

So, I ask again as I’ve done so many times, why is healthy policy not reflecting this? Why has the vaccine been made out to be the only solution? Those who do not take it are not allowed access to certain rights and freedoms as they were before, like employment in some cases. Why do asymptomatic people have to take a PCR test given all of the issues that have been raised with it? Why have the reasons that people are so hesitant to take the vaccine been completely unacknowledged?

Should we be giving governments the power to put measures into place that restrict the rights and freedoms of people? Why does mainstream media and government continually present all things COVID as if they are black and white, while important facts continue to be ignored? This is concerning, especially given the fact that a large majority of the population relies on big media for information.

As vaccine pressure mounts for the unvaccinated. Right now it feels like mainstream media has begun taking aim at the unvaccinated, attempting to, what seems like, turn others on the unvaccinated and blame them for variants even when the vaccinated could be created variants as well.

Below is a deeper discussion regarding this between Joe Martino and Richard Garner, the host of A Third Way Podcast.

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