Neil deGrasse Tyson Shows Lack Of Knowledge While Commenting on UFOs

In Brief

  • The Facts:
    • Neil deGrasse Tyson believes Navy UFO videos could just be camera malfunctions.

    • These videos involve situations where multiple pilots and ground radar also tracked these objects.

    • Basic research into declassified government knowledge on UFOs rules out this hypothesis very quickly.

  • Reflect On:

    Has Tyson done any meaningful research on the UFO subject? If not, why is he being considered an expert by mainstream news sources?

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Neil deGrasse Tyson has made multiple appearances on media networks, like CNN and MSNBC for example, attempting to provide a “scientific” explanation for multiple videos of UFOs that have been released by the United States Navy, and confirmed as real by the Pentagon.

Despite the fact that these objects are constantly seen by “credible” observers, performing maneuvers and travelling at speeds that no known aircraft can, Tyson maintains that this does not necessarily equate to the conclusion that they are extraterrestrial. He’s right about that. But he also doesn’t seem to think that, whatever these objects may be, are actually real.

One of his main arguments is that the objects in question that appear on military camera could be a malfunction of the hardware, and what people are seeing may not actually be there. But this doesn’t take into consideration that many pilots are witnessing these objects with their naked eye as well. It’s here that Tyson seems to lack knowledge regarding the phenomenon itself. So why is CNN and MSNBC going to Tyson as ‘an expert?’

There are two possibilities here, either Tyson has not looked into the issue enough, or he is well aware of the phenomenon and is using his influence to debunk it, for whatever reason.

Throughout the decades, a common theme within ufology has been the presence of, as the very first director of the Central Intelligence Agency once said, “an official campaign of secrecy and ridicule.” In this quote, he is referring to utilizing the media to ridicule the subject and mislead the public purposefully.

When Tyson shares the idea that the NAVY videos of these unidentified objects could be a result of a camera malfunction, he fails to realize that the pilots filming the objects, as well as the object that was filmed from a Navy vessel, were also seen by multiple military personnel simultaneously. Furthermore, not only were they seen by people while being filmed, they were also tracked on both ground and air radar.

Is it really possible that all the cameras were malfunctioning while, at the same time, the people who saw these objects were hallucinating? Is it possible that the radar systems were malfunctioning by showing an object on the screen that actually wasn’t there at the same time the cameras were malfunctioning and the military personnel were hallucinating?

I think not. Military encounters with UFOs, as well as with civilians, is something that has been happening for decades. There are millions of pages of declassified documents pointing to thousands of military encounters of these objects doing “impossible” things.

Sure, the extraterrestrial hypothesis can be questioned, but the reality of the phenomenon cannot, and it’s quite odd that Mr. Tyson does not recognize and acknowledge this. This type of attitude is far from skepticism, it’s ignorance, be it innocent or not.

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