Climate Change: Why Moving Beyond The CO2 Narrative Is Critical

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To solve many of the challenges we have on earth right now, what will it take? Do we throw policy at it? Technology? Regulation? Do we ban ideas? Or perhaps do we need to take a bit of a new approach? Something that isn’t based solely on the underlying economic driven ideas of today that drastically limit our choices?

I’ve been researching the topic of climate change for over 10 years, and the one thing I can honestly tell you, no matter what political side you are on or what you think the science says: the topic is very dizzying. No, it’s not as simple as the oil companies are faking science to show dangers to our climate are not as bad. No, it’s not as simple as lowering CO2 emissions to save the earth, in fact, that is an incredibly misleading narrative. What I, and many others who don’t get media air time, feel we have to do is much different than that.

One thing I will say is this, many of the current propositions we see from governments, companies, and mainstream media are designed to work within our existing economy. This may seem to make total sense, after all the economy drives progress right? Yet by believing this idea we choose to limit incredible solutions that are available to us today, in favor of keeping our outdated economic culture going. What happens to our creativity and innovation in this model? We limit it. “That idea is not good enough if you cannot make it profitable or if it disrupts the economy too much.” In essence, we slow down progress in favor of our current beliefs about how global economies must function.

As a result of this very material and clinical approach to human living, we as huamans are not culturally urged to question our relationship with things like nature, money, life, who we are and why we are even here. Instead we’re encouraged to maintain the status quo. For that reason, the ideas we create and offer to society are often linear, mechanical ideas that disregard the true nature of the earth and the environment.

Those who have dove deeply into the subject of climate change see this very quickly: you cannot simply solve our climate woes by planting more trees or lowering CO2 emissions, as you are just looking at one TINY aspect to the puzzle. This direction won’t truly help us solve the problems, it will only make us think we are doing that.

Coming to these realizations over the last 10 years is what inspired me to create a film that seeks to unite people. It’s a film that doesn’t argue about who’s to blame, what the causes of climate change are and so forth, it’s instead a film that looks at the core of the issue, and how we can actually create the changes that are needed at this time.

In short, the biggest challenge we face right now is that we live in a mindset and paradigm of disconnection and linear, mechanical thinking. This has led to the creation of a world culture that takes only individual parts of sacred things into consideration, and not the whole.

This thinking provides the experience of what it looks like to create from disconnected and destructive points of view. Sifting out of this thinking and state of being, into one of connection, is the challenge before us. When we do this, it will begin to reshape policy, choices, actions and creations that influence our world, way of living and how we relate to the earth.

Check out the film below.

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