Abductions & Car Vandalism – Startling Australian UFO Report Unclassified

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An uncovered Australian report performed by their Department of Defence. “Scientific Intelligence — General — Unidentified Flying Objects” is trending again. Those who have done extensive research on UFOs will find the Australian version of disclosure to be far more intellectually honest than the American version. Albeit it was conducted decades ago.

According to ex-US intelligence official Luis Elizondo, the Defense Department’s Inspector General is presently conducting three reviews. The inquiries vary from the Department of Defense’s handling of UFO claims to Elizondo’s alleged whistleblower retribution. The open IG cases are crucial to Australia’s report because they establish beyond a shadow of a doubt that the US Department of Defense is being dishonest and shady when it comes to the UFO subject. For decades, Australia has been a loyal friend of the United States. Within Australia’s boundaries, they share a military installation (Pine Gap). When a close defense ally’s intelligence agencies determined that the US was not being intellectually honest in its approach, perhaps it is reasonable to conclude that there is more to the tale than the 144 incidents studied since 2004 by the UAPTF.

The CIA became alarmed at the overloading of military communications during the mass sightings of 1952 and considered the possibility that the USSR may take advantage of such a situation.

Australian UFO study.

According to the summary, OSI, acting through the Robertson-Panel, encouraged the USAF to use Project Blue Book to publicly “debunk” UFOs. In a tragic twist of fate, when Australian authorities sought explanations from the US Air Force, the allegation was debunked. The authors of the study were depicted as conspiratorial and even crazy by the US Air Force. Ross Coulthart reported this, and it may be heard in a recent Project Unity interview. Courthart is an award-winning investigative journalist who is drawn to forbidden subjects. He also stated on the same podcast that a senior US Navy official identified as Nat Kobitz told him that the US had been in the midst of reverse-engineering numerous non-human craft. According to his obituary, Mr. Kobitz was a former Director of Research and Development at Naval Sea Systems Command.

The study examines data derived from a list of 1000 accounts of landings or near-landings compiled by Jacque Vallee, a physicist involved in computer research who collaborates with Professor Hynek, the USAF consultant on UFOs at North Western, Illinois.
The circumstantial evidence of their work indicates purposeful usage, but primarily in a defensive capacity. According to several stories, a lone automobile was pursued at night and, after being stopped by a beam, some type of interaction ensued between the car passengers and the occupants of the landing object.

In contrast to the American version of the study, which was issued in June, information on lingering impacts on the surroundings of landing craft is included in the Australian edition. At this time, it is these lingering effects that provide the most potential benefit for scientific research.

“Witness, already under partial hypnosis, approaches a man in overalls and helmet, who is holding a metal rod and has a light projector on his chest. The man had appeared suddenly at a 30ft. distance near a floating dome. Witness felt paralyzed, as also 7 others. Man and soon after the craft vanished. Paralysis leaves. Witness had insomnia, headaches, loss of appetite for about a week.”

A startling encounter uncovered in the Australian UFO study.

The Australian UFO study is given as a historical record with an atmosphere of credibility that will be welcomed by independent UFO researchers, from examples of halted engines to visible accompanying beams.

The general impression acquired from these incidents is that the craft’s occupants intentionally interrupted the ignition systems, and the failure is not just a precautionary step owing to an unintentional close approach of a vehicle to a craft while it is going about its usual activity. Data suggests that the phenomenon is not just a side effect of any propulsion system, but this is a possibility for extremely near approaches and high power take-offs.

The study argues that if Australia were to follow the United States’ lead, it would be preferable to follow the CIA role of concentrating on acquiring information of the power sources involved rather than the public USAF stance. It’s worth noting that, in the decades after the study, Australia opted to follow in the footsteps of the US Air Force and deny virtually anything related to UFOs. Whatever the reason for the secrecy, it appears to be worth keeping.

The report demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that by erecting a mockery facade, the United States hoped to allay public concern, reduce the possibility of the Soviet Union exploiting UFO mass sightings for either psychological or actual warfare purposes, and serve as a cover for the real United States program of developing vehicles that mimic UFO performances. It goes on to criticize the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force), as well as many other nations across the world, for giving credibility exclusively to the public facade of the USAF and appearing to have naively accepted the accompanying facts.

The most damaging element of the entire study is Australian intelligence services proposing that it may be desirable to act independently of the US and begin a scientifically sound and intellectually honest effort to solve the UFO mystery.

Australian UFO study.

For whatever reason, they appear to have opted to go in a different route from that advised by their own intelligence services.

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