There’s Evidence “Our Government Is Concealing Physical Proof of Alien Tech” – Ex Defense Official

A photo of a UFO taken by Canadian Air Force pilots above Macleod, Alberta in 1956

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    Ex US Defense official Christopher Mellon suggests that a recent book about UFO crash retrievals provides a "fresh" reason to believe the US government is hiding information about crashed and recovered extraterrestrial craft.

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    In the last 70 years, what have governments around the world discovered about these unidentified flying objects? Have they identified them?

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The US intelligence community recently released an unclassified report to Congress regarding unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), aka UFOs. The report acknowledged the reality of strange objects performing maneuvers and travelling at speeds that no known man-made piece of machinery can, but this information is nothing new.

Despite the fact that the US government has not only completely denied the existence of these objects, evidence suggests that there has been a deliberate campaign to ridicule the subject, prior to the release of this reprt, through various forms of propaganda so the masses might believe the subject was simply a “conspiracy theory.”

This, however, seems to have changed quite rapidly in recent years. That said, many long time UFO researchers have criticized the recent report for “not really saying much.”

A classified version of the report was also released, obviously not for public viewing. Long time and well respected UFO researcher and historian Richard Dolan, claims to have stumbled across a leaked portion of it. Dolan shared a screenshot of what he received from an unnamed source and it mentions “ET technology.”

‘Leak’ Richard Dolan received from classified UAP report.

The unclassified report neither confirms nor denies the possibility that these objects originate from some sort of non-human intelligence. In fact, the report doesn’t really say much at all. It seems to be a confirmation that the phenomenon is real, but that’s about it.

The belief that we are dealing with ET technology is not new among UFO researchers, and there are many ‘credible’ people who have expressed their opinion and knowledge that some of these objects do indeed originate from non-human intelligence. Take Christopher Mellon, for example. Mellon is the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense or Intelligence under the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush Administration.

He wrote the following comment about a recently published book by long time scientist and UFO researcher Dr. Jacques Valée and Paola Harris called ‘Trinity: The Best-Kept Secret.

Thanks to the quiet, meticulous research of Dr. Jacques Vallée and Paola Harris, there is a fresh reason to believe that our government is concealing physical proof of alien technology. Read the book, and if persuaded, join the millions of other Americans seeking a straight answer.

The book covers a very intriguing story of a supposed crashed UFO in San Antonio, Texas that took place in 1945. It was allegedly retrieved by the US Army. Those new to this subject may not know that the famous “Roswell” incident of 1947 was not the only alleged crash retrieval incident. There are several dozen intriguing stories with evidence suggesting that the crashed craft phenomenon is indeed real.

What’s interesting about the San Antonio story is that it takes place during the time of atomic weapons testing. According to Colonel Ross Dedrickson of the US Air Force, who is now deceased, this type of weapon was responsible for some of these incidents due to the pollution of Earth’s atmosphere as a result of this testing.

This was one of the things that the extraterrestrials later I learned were highly concerned about because it affected our ionosphere and in fact, spacecraft were unable to operate because of the pollution in the magnetic field in the magnetic field, which they depended upon.


Talk of retrieved UFOs has also leaked out into the mainstream a little bit. For example, Eric W. Davis, a renowned astrophysicist who worked with the Pentagon UFO program stated that he gave a classified briefing to a Defense Department Agency, as recently as March 2020 about retrievals from “off-world vehicles not made on this Earth.” Mellon also confirmed that he was present at this briefing.

Dr. David Clarke, an investigative journalist, reader and lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University who was also the curator for The National Archives UFO Project from 2008–2013, came across some interesting documents suggesting that the UK was desperate to capture UFO technology. 

So, ask yourself: If not only the US government, but multiple governments have come into possession of crafts that do not originate on our planet, what did they discover and what have they discovered since? Were there bodies inside of these crafts? Were they living? Were they able to communicate with the entities? Were the able to reverse engineer these crafts? If they were able to communicate, what sort of information and discoveries were made regarding the nature of our reality? And if all of this is true, why have we been lied to about it for more than 70 years?

Furthermore, one must ponder whether or not governments can be trusted to provide full disclosure as we move forward. There is a growing global lack of trust for both government and mainstream media due to the fact that so many people believe they’ve misled the public when it comes to important issues, will we see the same thing with the UFO phenomenon?

So far, it’s quite clear that there is a lot of information that is still being concealed from the public, and it’s highly questionable whether or not we will ever get truth. But perhaps this is the starting of a change in their tune?

Should we constantly be looking towards government to provide us with disclosure, or is this something we should simply start exploring for ourselves? Will they try and paint an inaccurate perception of the phenomenon?

So much of this secrecy stems around the claim that it is done for “national security.” Has this become a term used to keep secrets? Something that allows for coporate and government interests to thrive? Or are they really trying to protect the citizenry?

These are important questions to ask.

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