How The Lab Leak Theory Impacts Millennials & Future Generations

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The average millennial is roughly 33 years old, give or take a few years. You’ve experienced three world-changing events in your lifetime, with the most recent being the housing crash of 2008 and currently, the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.

In 2008, you were either a college student or entering the workforce. Now, in 2021, you’re a full-fledged adult, and unlike the previous crises, this event impacted you someway, somehow. Whether you had to work from home, lost your job, or couldn’t pay rent, this crisis directly touched you. In the others, you were a child.

You’ve probably seen The Big Short and know that the crash could’ve been prevented. The banks were greedy and loaned more money than needed. Greed-fueled policies by the banks caused the housing crash of 2008. And what happened? The banks got off — as a matter of fact, they got paid, bailed out. Sure we hate the banks, but no one was punished.

You were young. You couldn’t do anything.

Now, you’re in this crisis. If you listen closely enough, you hear that this too could’ve gone differently. The pandemic, which led to the global shutdown, mask wearing, and vaccination, could have been prevented. If the virus never escaped, maybe 2020 wouldn’t have happened.

And so the question comes up: if there’s a possibility that someone’s at fault, will the millennials let them get away? Will they be bailed out like the bankers, or will a different story be told?

Here’s where we are currently in that story.

A Real Life Documentary

The movie, The Big Short, chronicles the ’08 crash and explains how it happened. The takeaway is that banks gave out loans to people who couldn’t afford to pay back those loans. It was a lucrative business. The banks got more money based on the loans they gave. Who wouldn’t give out more?

The problem is that it created a bubble that eventually crashed — hence the Housing Crash. Jobs eliminated, families torn, and Americans lost their homes. The country was rocked to its knees, financially speaking.

But no one was punished. Instead, the banks received the largest bailout (at the time) in American history. Those who destroyed the economy made even more money from it.

Your generation would never let that happen. Except, one could make the argument that this exact scenario is happening right now.

During the greatest pandemic in human history, the rich are getting richer. The same exact story as the Housing crash; this time, the players are different. Instead of the banking industry, you have the health and technology industries. By now, you’ve heard how the world’s richest grew their money during the pandemic.

The mainstream media paints this as individuals who saw an opportunity, and since they’re already rich, took advantage of the opportunity. That’s plausible and somehow minimizes what’s really happening. How you see money determines if this is a big deal or not. Money or wealth, like energy, isn’t created or destroyed — it’s transferred.

When you understand that, then the lightbulb starts to turn on.

Catch the Robbers

Currently, our “bankers” are getting away. If you haven’t noticed, the world’s wealthiest gained trillions of dollars while the rest of the population lost trillions. Remember, you don’t create wealth — you transfer it.

All this happened while you were on lockdown in your home. Speaking of homes, we saw the price of homes increase. Traditionally, the house has been the first venue for wealth creation for young adults and families. Currently, that wealth creation is being removed from your hands.

“Investors are depleting the inventory of the precise houses that might otherwise be obtainable for younger, working- and middle-class households, in the cities where those workers can easily find good-paying jobs”

You would think your senators and policymakers would stop these practices from happening, especially during a pandemic. Well, if those senators aren’t busy getting money themselves, they’re busy handling the country’s racial tensions. For the past year, that’s been the number one issue.

In one year, the world as we knew it has changed. Wealth moved from the majority, the millennial, — to the corporation. Just like that, it became more difficult for you to achieve wealth.

All this happened right under your nose.

What Happens Next?

Dr. Michael Burry, ironically banned from Twitter, warned against the housing crisis before 2008. Today, individuals are warning us to look at the possible, true nature of the pandemic.

It’s important to remember that there have been warnings against a global pandemic. Bill Gates, who’s disappeared, and Dr. Fauci have warned about a pandemic to come. But the question that needs to be asked is, “Was this that pandemic that was warned about?”

If this pandemic is accidental, then those fortune tellers were wrong, and someone needs to be held accountable.

Not someone measly, like a lab technician — but governments, politicians, corporations, and more. Those who made decisions without thinking things through. The millennial can’t afford another crisis where no one is held accountable or, worse, bailed out. By doing so, they only continue the cycle.

But in reality, that’s what’s going to happen. No one discusses the leak anymore. It’s not a conspiracy theory, but the mainstream media (MSM) has chosen not to focus on it anymore. And since the MSM has silenced the story, as with everything else, the generation forgets.


For Gen X, the parents of millennials, they’ve had their share of crisis. At this point, they’re tired, exhausted, and ready to “roll up their sleeves” so they can get back to normal. Their time is almost up, and that’s okay — perfectly understandable. They’ve lived a hard life.

With that, they pass the baton of the country to the millennials. And with that, the Millennials have a choice. Discover the truth for themselves and live by that truth, or accept what the authorities tell them. If millennials chose the MSM narrative, then the system will save the day. However, if they decide to discover the truth, they realize:

  • History favors the rich.
  • Big Banks and Corporations prevail.
  • The little guy will always, always, get stepped on.

It’s not an easy decision, but their generation becomes the first generation to truly understand how the world works. With this wisdom, they can impact real world change.

The lab leak isn’t important because it tells us how the pandemic started. It’s important because it’s the first step for a generation to remove the covers over their eyes and to truly understand how their money, governments, and corporations, work.

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